Carvin VL2100 LEGACY II
Carvin VL2100 LEGACY II
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Christopher M. McBurney 08/06/2019

Carvin VL2100 LEGACY II : Christopher M. McBurney's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Advanced Users
Vai, Ben Fargen, & Carvin deserve credit for delivering boutique tones at production prices. Ive had Soldanos, Bogners (still have my Ecstacy), Carvins, Peaveys, Marshalls, etc, and the Legacy 2 is a legit big league amp with boutique tones. It does EQ differently than many amps, but you are rewarded with very impressive tones. Its a very warm and organic feeling amp. A beautiful warm clean channel, a richly overdriven "dirty clean" channel (up to tweed overdrive in general), and a very unique, true boutique caliber lead channel. Into a Legacy 4x12 w/V30s, it sings beautifully. For the $1200 to $1300 a Legacy 2 half stack usually commands (with true boutique brand half stacks would be triple the cost used), it's a ridiculuously good value. If you cant make the Legacy 2 sound good, you dont know how to play. Damn nice amp.