Carvin MTS3200  Head
Carvin MTS3200 Head
Christopher M. McBurney 07/18/2018

Carvin MTS3200 Head : Christopher M. McBurney's user review

"Great All-Around Tube Amp"

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
All of the other reviewers are correct, the MTS3200 is a great all-around amp. Great high gain (very high gain) tones but smooth and tasteful. Around the same time I bought my MTS3200, I picked up an original block letter 5150. I had the 5150 about a week and resold it online. Very high gain yes but it was very abrasive and course to me, had to unload it. The MTS3200 has a beautiful full and warm clean channel and a very high lead channel that is very balanced and very full on the bottom end. Very smooth tones even with the gain on 10. For the typical used price today of $400-ish, its a wonderful value. Excellent tones and excellent features.