Carvin MTS3200  Head
Carvin MTS3200 Head
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MGR/ william robert 12/25/2002

Carvin MTS3200 Head : MGR/ william robert's user review

"Carvin MST3200 w/ 412 metal cab"

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about $900.00 brand new... affordable compared to new marshalls, mesa boogie, and peavey 5150.

the amp is incredible. i plugged it in and was ready to go play. i have had a line 6 before and when i got this amp there was one thing i went for bass. when i played through line 6 and other models it got muddy, ringy, and cringing. when i bought this amp i knew the ultimate test was volume, maybe its like every other amp it sounds good at low levels lets crank it. I blasted it and cranked a palmed riff, the basss rung my heart, popped it right out my back, but left the sound almost untouchable. i heard every note of the chord without the unwanted ring or dirt, and it didnt make me cringe. The amp has awesome feature. Two channels thats all you need with this amp, this amp can drive your sound to new heights with it behind you. Get this amp it blows other amps away.
Did I mention an amazing OUTPUT, ask if your marshall 412 can do that.

i noticed that playing through clean channel with reverb up till half level but switched off by foot switch makes a whipping sound after the chord your palying. barely noticeable.

hand made to your perfection... they took time to its appearance and yes even its long lasting new smell.

awesome amp. get one. get one now. trade in that new marshall, they dont make them like they used to any more. there are no more tubes. Can't afford a mesa, this is thrown right out at ya. pick it up and play it. buy it!

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