Carvin MTS3200  Head
Carvin MTS3200 Head
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MGR/dourdeeds 11/02/2003

Carvin MTS3200 Head : MGR/dourdeeds's user review

"Carvin MTS-3200 50th Anniversary Model"

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This amp was bought used over E-Bay for $400.00. It was worth every penny and more. I played through Marshall, Peavey 5150's, Crate Blue-VooDoo's and Fenders. I chose the Carvin because of what it had to offer.

Massive volume potential. The 3200 has 100 watts but can be switched back to 50 watts in seconds. This is a brilliant feature as it turns off half of the stack of power tubes and lets you maintain the tione without the high volume. However, at 50 watts this thing will break glass from a block away. The 3200 has all the warmth and softness you'd want in a tube but can sparkle just as nicely. This amp had equal-to or better tone that any of the others amps I messed with. Much better than the 5150. It also is just as loud and is one road-worthy gigger. I don't even own a back-up amp and have done gigs with this Carvin. I'd sleep with the thing but my wife gets jealous.

I like everything about this amp.

Very stout and durable construction. This amp will due just fine sitting all nice and pretty in a studio or you can take it out on the road doing out-door gigs in Omaha, NE and let the whole world (literally) enjoy its magic.

Get a 3200 or you'll have paid way too much and gotten way too little out of your tube amp. Simply the best!

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