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Fender Bandmaster (Blackface)
Fender Bandmaster (Blackface)
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iamqman iamqman

« Where is the stage? »

Publié le 12/31/11 à 11:53
These Fender amplifier's a really fun amplifiers. They have a great tone and a brilliant clean tone that is very inspiring and works quite well with whatever guitar or effects that you use in combination with it. These amps have a familiar tone that is been use on countless records and live recordings and he has been seen on many stages around the world. These are the kind amplifiers that take effects pedals quite well, so if you're using overdrive or distortion pedals or any type of effects modulation then you can get it really cool tone that will fit whatever the persons desired tonal needs are.


One of the things I really love about these old Fender amplifiers is your ability to really allow the person's unique style or whatever guitarist gives will be amplified in a way that will be complementing to their specific tonal needs. These are the kind amplifiers that really compliment a players dynamics and tone that sometimes they can cover up mistakes. So if you're a sloppy guitar player it could be beneficial to you in some aspects that it hides mistakes or bad technique. On the other hand that might not help you become as efficient or better as a guitar player. However it makes playing a little bit more fun. The set up of the amp is pretty self explanatory. Everything is laid out and labeled the way it describes. Even a monkey could probably figure out this amplifier was just a few twists of a few knobs.


These amps have a great sound and a great tone for most styles of music. They're highlighted in the clean section and can give you a really sparkly chimey type tone. They do not to give you a load of distortion and they're certainly not to give you that thick warm British tone that you would hear out of Hiwatt or Marshall amplifier's. This is a basic American Standard clean type tone that you need to use overdrive pedals or distortion pedals in conjunction with. These amplifiers take effects pedals very well and really highlight the nuances and feel of every panel let's look into it.


You can find these amplifiers pretty easily and most used classified sections and circulated throughout eBay from time to time. They're very common amplifiers and they're pretty much in overall generally a good amplifier for a type of guitarist. It's pretty much a amplifier that will be as common as you can get so that it really transcends most guitarists styles very easily. These are fun amplifiers that have a vintage tone. If you don't want the vintage thing then go with something more modern.