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Fender Bandmaster (Blackface)
Fender Bandmaster (Blackface)
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teachmemister teachmemister

«  Amp high quality »

Publié le 04/22/11 à 00:52
Tube amps of the 60 or 70, the old circuit (wiring by hand with high quality), 2 power tubes (45 watts), 2 channels with boost, 3 pots (volume, bass and treble), vibrato .


Use and simple setup. The sound is achieved very easily


The sound is round, warm, dynamic but still very cozy.
It does not crunch quickly because the turnaround is not light.
No channel distortion (or reverb on mine). Provide good effects pedals.

This amp is very versatile. He excels in all styles: Funk, Rock, Reggae ... And Jazz! It is not clear to come across a great jazz amp sounds to find the great masters (Burrell, Kessel, Hall, Benson ...) This amp does the job!
I play Ibanez RG with a basic (Micro Seymour) and an old George Benson 80 '. Anyway, this amp would sound a cow!


I use it for two months in rehearsal (practice, there is the head to carry) or apartment. Obviously it is better not to have neighbors if one really wants to exploit the grain of this amp.

I obviously try amps lately (Fender reissue 65 ... for example) to ring the UK and play jazz ... Nothing doing on that side.

In terms of sound quality and design, there is no denying the old Fender (silver and black) are still and always at the forefront of what is happening in the market, to be discussed with a few technicians. I would recommend this regard Tube Audio Service for revisions in the Paris suburbs, because the technician is a very serious and respectful of stuff. Yet for these amps certainly very robust, particularly where there is precious capacitors are no longer these days and that greatly affect the sound (Mallory molded), caution when looking for a technician!

The positive point is the quality
The downside: no reverb ... (But is that really matters?)

Choice I would do, of course ...
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