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All user reviews for the Sovtek MIG 50

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 7 reviews )
 4 reviews57 %
 3 reviews43 %
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yoTrakkz's review"a great practice amp"

Sovtek MIG 50
The Sovtek MIG 50 is a 50 watt tube amp with a solid state rectifier. It has two tubes: a 12AX7 . There is one input, one volume knob and one on/off switch and that’s all. It has jacks for a 4,8, or 16 ohm speaker configuration. The construction of the cabinet is unusually solid and inspires extra respect for the amp. Even though the amp is extremely minimalist in terms of features I'm ranking it high because that’s what’s attractive about it i.e. its simplicity.


The amp could not be easier to use obviously. As you turn up the volume the sound goes from clean to dirty. At full volume the amp is surprisingly loud which is not a plus because the purpose of a low wattage amp is to make overdriven sound at low volume levels.


This amp is most suitable for recording and practice at home. I use mine with a Weber attenuator to keep the volume down when turning up. I play mine through a single cabinet with a 12 inch Celestion G12H30 speaker. The amp produces an immediate somewhat brittle type of sound that I rightly or wrongly associate with class A amps. The Sovtek can get the job done believe me.


This amp is more suitable as a second amp to practice through or use to add variety to your recordings. These amps can be bought new for only for really cheap and that’s part of the attraction. I believe they have been big sellers and now other companies are offering alternatives in the same wattage and price range. The amp is cool and will probably maintain its market value over time but for me its too brittle sounding to be something I can fully love but from what I can tell many other people love them. For price and quality, I say this is a steal.
MGR/Bryan Hunt03/24/2004

MGR/Bryan Hunt's review"Sovtek Mig 50"

Sovtek MIG 50
I first read about this amp in Guitar Player Mag, and then found one in a music store for $180, and have never looked back.

I've got many amps, and this is not the one I enjoy playing quietly--it's 'quiet' (wife-friendly) tone sounds a bit flat. However, when you connect it to a 2x12 with Vintage 30s, crank it up at least half way, and run a quality humbucker-equipped quitar into it, you are in sonic heaven. This thing absolutely smokes! It really is inspiring--great tight bass, incredible crunch, more balls than a bowling alley--and only $180. The thing breaths fire when you turn it up.

Like I said, it sounds a bit flat when played quietly. Almost like a "cardboard" tone, if cardboard could have a tone. Granted, this is compared to my other amps, which include a MusicMan HD 130 (another great loud amp, but clean), a Fender Vibro King, and a Fender Bassman reissue which are tone Gods when played below ear-spliting volume. But when cranked, the Sovtek takes the tone throne. I am always truely impressed with it.

Tough as nails.

Great bang for the buck. Doesn't do much, but if you want to Grunge-out like Neil Young at a big volume, this is a super amp.

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MGR/Casey's review"Sovtek Mig 50"

Sovtek MIG 50
I bought this 50 watt tube amp from musician's friend 3 years ago after my old amp was fried. I paid about $225 for it.

I love the simplicity of this amp.
It's basically a one channel clean head, but does have a non-switchable high gain channel.
It has point to point wiring and a very basic eq section. I absolutely love the tone of this amp. It reminds me of a '59 bassman but with a bit more punch. It's very warm sounding. 100% tube lovelyness.

The only thing I do not like about this amp is that it wont switch between high gain and low gain. I even dried an a/b box, but when both inputs have signal to them, the amp will not perform.

I do alot of recording and touring, so I just use my effects and use the low gain input exclusively unless i record a dirty track.

Built like a tank. No big problems.
Some folks have a problem with the unit having plastic power switches, but my amp has performed flawlessly.

Great amp, you can't buy them new anymore,
but if you can get one from ebay or somewhere else, do it. Best bang for the buck.....seeing how it's 100% tube.

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jokoboz's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sovtek MIG 50
Amp 50W lamps mounted in a well 6L6 Rican,
Between two: one normal and one bright
A master volume and between each of rglage treeble, bass, middle and common presence of two entrances,
Connections 4, 8 or 16 Homs
Possibility to plug into 110 or 230 volts depending on the country where we play,
The head is small and lightweight but It was set up really well and beautiful,
I bought for OCCAZ CHRE not in a state impeccable
I always come back no ....


Usage is very simple
I use a attnuateur for crunchy sounds low volume (thank you Lionel for attnuateur);
the presence of rglage is very useful, just before it acquired his former posseceur had changed the volume pot (they really work on the sound)
The rglage frequency drives is comparable to that of current high-end amp (mesa, marshall)
The volume rglage DDI allows each channel by an A / B to have a boxing channel saturated (with the combination of a pedal) and a clicking sound in brilliant fashion with any two a slection volume DIFFERENT, trs intressant the type of game
I plug it on or celestion G12T I hte to couple an electro voice ...
But I have to buy a cabinet with 2X12 and 1X15 randall while the eminence legend, and it really sends a very balanced has not blur is very clean.


I try a little while, but I love the blues to funk, heavy metal and trash,
I play the blues with the attenuator to be full of harmonic crunch for the funk I play clean or crunch trslger for the heavy I used my silver dragon from Rocktron mode AWAKEN for the trash I opt for the mode of the silver dragon slayer.
Mtal for the MT2 will also very much dedicated I assure playing on Frequencies of the pedal and the amp.
With the silver dragon I can play the TDCA, the ledzep in the channel slayer j'atteind very heavy just the big fat ditto that spot.
Mt2 with a ditto I compress very own style and metallica.
The clean channel is DIFFERENT from a Marshall or Fender, it is rounder than a marshall,
the lack of reverb brotherhoods him a little less depth compared a fender reverb mode,
However, this latter may be overcome by adding a pedal as Ibanez UE 300
The channel is very bright for slamming funk Hendryxien, love ... hummmm

-The sound is a clean vraimant typ Excellent in both normal and shiny
it is used with an amp pedal to have his own sound, a sound .... From Manir very very good stuff


I use it for 4 months, I try to try as much as possible amp for me as the Ides mesa, marshall, fender, laney, crate, HG ....
The sound is a matter of taste,
If you want to sound like blues junior, bought it and continue your way on the Sovtek,
but if you test the OCCAZ because its too hard, especially master lev?
If you want your sound, get a distortion pedal for that long you have chosen, a wah pedal as the other, while the analog and the sound is okay ....

alexmar's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sovtek MIG 50
50w-channel all-tube head.
Two input-normal-and-bright-
HP three outputs; 4.8 and 16 ohm.

Volume for each channel, bass, mid, treble and presence.

Trs simple, efficient trs!


Ultra simple rules, it does everything in the middle and ON to small small, equalization is not a MODEL of efficiency but is more than enough thanks to the presence control that is essential for me.
The manual? ha ha!


I play heavy blues and rock that spot with a sound of Jimmy Page, it's perfect, although you will not forget sr they add a distortion of good quality because it does a crunch times volume to half which is very strong!
So I spend a Tubescreamer and Tonebone classic, great, fat and warm, vibrant trs.
I plugged into a 4x12 in our outdoor jensen that corresponds perfectly to the info j'atomise duxieme guitarist of my band playing on a jcm 900 + 4x12 ...


It must be three or four months that I fell over and I'm in love, it is lightweight, powerful, well ... it sounds monstueusement a point where I sell my F50 head mesa / boogie because I'm using it more!
I am a fool amp, and I e jou dozens, marshall vintage HIWATT, Fender (vintage too!), Vox ac 30, mesa / boogie...Celui particulirement is interesting and darn convenient transportation, we could carry around in bike!
I pay 220 on ebay, the case of the year! No way that I sell, I seek a same deuxime ...

orphee11's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sovtek MIG 50
Any single channel amp 50w lamps (very very sturdy!) Equipped with two 5881 power
and three 12AX7 in Pramp.
I bought the used mine and it seems to date from the 90s but without certainty.
We are in the rustic:
2 not among "high" and "low" as one might think, but in fact "normal" and "brilliant" like a Vox AC30.
a basic qualisation
3 4,8,16 ohm speaker input for what is seen, and that's it ...
rverbe no, no master volume or anything else, is in rustic!
Finishing outside sometimes a little "not chre" gender ratchets "on" and "standby" white plastic that have yellowed with time ... not terrible, however the interior seems solidly built a few passable welds.


As a rustic amp has rgle is easily the 50w are simply monstrous and must quickly temprer the beast lest the glares of other group members and incidentally to finish deaf. And that is the bottom lies: there is no master volume so you have to mount the volume knob to operate the lights and then it is really very strong! A Marshall JCM900 100w can largely go get dressed.
I remdie this gap using my Boss LS2 as mixer: I lower the volume knob on the pedal and I get it on the amp, I and operates the lamps of the amp. I'm not finding that the two volume knobs was interdpendant as stated below.
5 August 2007. EDIT: finally the knobs are interactive and play the role contour ...


I have read several times on the net that this amp was the replica of the Soviet JCM800 2203 (on which I played): I see no relation between the two, no common share that they are both "single-channel"
This is actually the replica (as mentioned below) of Hiwatt Custom 50 (of which I have also played this allows me to compare). To me, this is a striking experience to play on an amp or Marshall or Fender typ ... it's Hiwatt, or rather the Sovtek: English design, Russian military construction.
Let the sound: the crunch Mig 50 does not at all with the origins lamps, it switches to channel "normal" bourr of fishing, a slamming, outstanding dynamics and bass vibrating the walls! This is also my prfr.
The "bright" channel is equally dynamic but is much more slamming (normal say to me for a bright channel) but sacrifices a little low and can rvler a little too bright. I like less.
I play a Gibson Les Paul Studio guitar, I go through a marshall Shredmaster for heavy sounds and then by a DOD Grunge for sounds that tear, and a tear! which seemed a little winded on a JCM900 survitamin becomes the mig and Marshall cabinet on the same basic! When I plug in my cabinet is 2x12 house, I get great sound clear as saturated I put 10 without hsiter


This amp is really incredible. I had a veritable love with this amp, I nevertheless bought the blind, and I do not sulk my pleasure to possder a somewhat unusual with this amp sound so amazing.
It can be criticized rustic ct time effects and simulation hp or bundled, but not me GNE.
The only unknown for me is the reliability of the beast, follow.
The price quality ratio is exceptional, I pay 400E, but it may rvler against catastrophic in case of bad surprise. Mine is 100% original and I'm lucky to be fallen on him.
I purchased a gold 12AX7 Tung ground to see if I can do a little cruncher the beast but I do not know what was going to give, j'diterai to tell a.

imrryr's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sovtek MIG 50
50 watt all-tube head (three 12AX7 power pramp 2x5881)
2 input: one normal and one "bright"!!
3 4/8/16 ohms mono output.
One for each volume between (2), qualisation classical low / mid / treble and prsence.
it is a copy of the Soviet line near kustom 50 watt hi-!!!!!! except that there are only 2 entries! (4 for kustom I think).
no effects loop or between pramp, my only regret!


Childish, given the short rglages and single channel!!
no manual, anyway, it's a super-clean amp and dynamic, or only the fingers and the quality of upstream effects will make the diffrence!


I play the mtal EXCLUSIVELY (plutt trash), I banche an ibanez saber up in Seymour / Duncan TB6 a distortion filter metalzone boss (Robert Keeley modified), and it just happiness!
all purring with pleasure as "jectquot; engl 2x12 cabinet with my vintage 30!
big sound! metalzone taking the full scope of the Global Warming and the clarity of this wonderful little amp head hyper ffective and reliable! lamps (I have the most accurate head ref) are mounted to provide, in my case, the sound as clean and dpouvu saturation metalzone forces, but have little to do a good trs head with capacity of distortion (rock, not mtal) based lamps in place!
the 50 watts are damn good and more than enough for the group play, sincrement, I find it a shame not to see that majority of the heads 100/150 watt lamps! trs we play hard, I do not Exceeds half my volume knob !!!!! and again, I'm more of 4 on 5!
ngatif the only point is the absence of prampli because I would have one of these devices connct style or JMP1 engl 530 but I read everywhere that it is not trs recommended for quality filtering bancher these wonders in between classic amp!


Voil a year now that I possde, and frankly, it is happiness in terms of power as heat to bring my sound distortion! it is seen that the mtalzone is not as rotten as some would have us believe!
if you see one of these heads in a shop (unfortunately only on occasion), go for it!
you do not rcolterez lada ;) ))))
I changed my mind about the Soviets, and if they called me r-head with this one between pramp, I take my party card! lol!

ADDITION OF 24/09/2005:

I learned that the two guitar input, have their volume knob "interactive"!
concrtement, the sound changes (like a contour) if you turn the knob of the two volumes even if there is a branch scratching!! Moreover, by putting a cable in "y" in the 2 inputs and playing on two volumes so (always a single scratch) we obtain a cannal "overdrive" well heavy! Beware, it is the overdrive eh, not the saturated msa !!!!!!
I say magic, magic!
I just change the distortion, I pass the vox bulldog for a change!
Boudiou big big JCM I possde now!
a damn good head!