Mesa Boogie Quad Preamp
Mesa Boogie Quad Preamp

Quad Preamp, Tube Guitar Preamp from Mesa Boogie.

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 8 reviews )
 5 reviews63 %
 3 reviews38 %
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Audiofanzine FR03/09/2009

Audiofanzine FR's review

Mesa Boogie Quad Preamp
(Originally written by aliascross/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
Guitar preamp with eight 12AX7 tubes.

Two channels and six modes that can be used simultaneously!

Non-switchable FX loop

Main and Rec stereo outputs


The settings could be finer... especially the volume knobs!

Channel 2 is not so loud (volume) as channel 1! (it's enervating...)


Like the previews review, I find this preamp works best when used directly with a mixer. The sound is really nice (better than a POD2, XT or X3) and very authentic. I compared this application with an amp + cabinet + mic setup and the sound is very similar.

It's obviously possible to get better results in the second application but you'll have to use several mics and fine tune their position.

This preamp gives rather average results with a power amp (VHT BB) + cabinets (NOS v30 and G12h100)... To be compared with a CAE 3+SE, which sounds much better in this configuration).

I give it a 10 when connected directly to a mixer and a 6 with an amp.


I recommend you to connect it directly to a mixer! In such a setup the sound is much better than with a CAA 3+SE plus a Palmer PGA-05. On the contrary, when connected to a power amp the 3+SE is great compared to the Quad...

So I give it a 10 when directly connected to a mixer and 6 with an amp.
Audiofanzine FR12/14/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Mesa Boogie Quad Preamp
(Originally written by aliascross/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
Guitar preamp with eight 12AX7 tubes.

2 channels / 6 modes that can be used at the same time!

Non-switchable FX loop

Main and Rec stereo outputs


I find the settings could be finer... especially the volume knobs!

Channel 2 is not so loud (when it comes to volume) as channel 1! (it's annoying...)


I find this preamp's MAIN advantage is when you use it directly with a mixer. The results sound really nice (better than a POD2, XT or X3) and quite believable. I did a comparison between the DI application and a setup with an amp + cabinet + mic, and the results are very similar.

You can surely get better results but you'll have to use several mics and adjust their position.

This preamp gives rather average results with a power amp (VHT BB) + cabinets (NOS v30 and G12h100)... Compared to a CAE 3+SE which sounds much better in this configuration).

I give it a 10 when directly connected to a mixer and 6 with an amp.


I recommend it for direct connection to a mixer! In this configuration, the sound is much better than with a 3+SE or a Palmer PGA-05 for example. On the contrary, the 3+SE is great with a power amp + cabinets.

So I give it a 10 when directly connected to a mixer and 6 with an amp.

ben_musique's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mesa Boogie Quad Preamp
I'll just talk about the recording output, which I think is the main strength of this preamp.

By connecting any transistor amplifier (sound system, hi-fi, etc ...)
I get the same sound that my combo mesa, so no need to light amplification with a bored (I sold the combo):

1) a very low volume sounds trs, not like an amp so light
2) you can connect the sound system in concert live
3) recording without microphone

I've never seen another Systm that does not sound synthetic tube without amplification.


Lots of buttons looks like me 14 years


It is an old Mesa Boogie, not at all a correction. For me it's not a prampli "high gain" and even a guitar will be a hard bourricaut him out of distos standards. Trs should say good for playing the heavy old metallica / megadeth no more.


I use it for 2 years.
Another default: it is not reliable trs (see forum) and difficult rpar (a specialist in lectronicien tube amps tried to explain why a story ... 'octocouple ... I understood nothing). Once a channel is stuck another it does not turn ... I must say that lugs around a lot! By contrast against an amp, almost no wear of the lamps. On mine I still have the old Telefunken with more than 20 years and still sounds as well.

I am sr other preamp are better than my quad, but it suits me so what good dpenser more money? Small deficits default I did not enlvent its wide range of his output and his magical recording!

djux405's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mesa Boogie Quad Preamp
Pramp all lamps
very powerful
connectors are everywhere including the footswitch
1 Din 7-pin socket for the main switch
jack and switch for all channels and quasi rverbe sparmment
EX: you can pair a clear and saturated at the same time.
the rglages: push / pull on volume, the treble, bass, mdum, master gain
This should widen the head.

rverbe a planner has to make a monkey wrench!


The config is not simple due to the push / pull knobs on
time to devote to his Search.
(No manual bought OCCAZ)


I play hardcore thrash metal!
I use it with a powerful power amp Marshall EL 34 100/100 intelflex a Rocktron hush for the (well known in rocktron mr) and a DiMarzio IBZ 2550 + up a ltd ex 400 black EMG 81 mounts.
Ibanez with no sound I can not do everything (amp and scratches) is very polivalent.mais my style is the main mtal and so good, I want a sound like, gain larsn standard without the bass is very clean, I commend mdium amazing full-on as my old stuff they taient outlawed, the very flexible agus even without the hush of the Rocktron. is a raproche of msa (no kidding)
I use clean sounds are not really of great quality, or very fat as clinquents asked


I've had two months and my life has changed!
it is no longer sold so we have the gifts that OCCAZ resonable price.
it is not easy to tame but I do it again this choice without hsiter.

DrGang's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mesa Boogie Quad Preamp
2 pramplis lamps (8 12AX7/ECC83 in all) in a same case. At the rear, 2 outputs indpendant volume, an effects loop, direct output, 6 jacks pdalier 6.35 for MIDI, a specially made for pdalier that goes with it (FU -2) and one between instrument.
There is a reverb common to two sub-pramps. 7 buttons including a master clear, and its saturated qualisation a 5-band graphic sub-pramp.
The pdalier that goes with it can zap between channels of the bte 4, namely a clear, bright 2, saturated and a saturated 2. It also activate the qualisation for each channel separately. Two switches on the unit allow to apply the qualisation that one of the two channels of each sub-pramp.
Is that clear?
At the versatile possibilities of rglages, you have an account, well.
The quality is likely to go since it is handmade in the United States. Mine is 20 years old, I got it secondhand and it works without fuss.


L is complicated. The rglages are far from being intuitive. In fact, the buttons like "treble" or "bass" are not exactly the desired effect, has changed over the grain of his that are frquences booster. For a, you really count on qualisation, it is not the nothing. The possibilities are many trs in terms of sound, you can do many things but with be clearly read the instructions and patches on offer from it.
I understand everything is someone who tries to find the store and sucks. The first master all right on the two channels is in fact a pre-gain. The gain is the lead channel gain saturated. For the distortion, the two have to push up, 2. What has to be known.
I put 5 because despite the quality of the sound, it is difficult to master the craft.


Personally, I'd say all the sounds that are not saturated trs trs are good, really good trs. I am unable to play again carrment through my multi-effects digitech RP6. If one tries to saturate the bazaar background can be a bit of, I think a lack of a rhythm scrounch mtal if you know what I mean. However, for the solos, I feel that there is a small compression using the notes and dtachent well. It is always a background of the original sound of the guitar even with the gain to the cleat, which makes it a Quad INTERESTED and changes greatly from other distos I've heard.
I will see a boost overdrive to see if we can play with Fear Factory.
Specially mentioned for his clear, that is really clear trs. The rverb is just as pretty as rglage but the max is not enough. A 10 rverb, I expect to float to the bottom of the Ocan me!
I put 9 because you can not do everything but if you are not looking forcment the distortion of Dimebag, then this is pramp 10.


I pay 500 for the Quad. The seller assured me that the lamps (brand Mesa Boogie) taient rcentes. Go figure ...
I've had one month, I rgulirement discovering stuff and I'm happy. The thing is, it is connected to a Crate combo of quality average, TFW not what it takes to get the most. Before long, I produced a 2 * 12 with a power amplifier hifi trs of good quality and I will have the heart net.
Now that I have a pramp lamp, plug in my chain j'hsite effect any pedals, for fear of losing the purity of sound, it has the worst TFW: has become an arms race that ds has good hardware, the rest must follow.
One last thing: the Quad is an ugly consumes any typical 80. It's a bit like seeing the dashboard of the Enterprise in Star Trek, first generation.
Looking back, I tell myself that taking a MP1 carrment mtal done for a beautiful collection of pedals for the same price, it's not stupid either, but the Quad has its own quality and worse a slap to say that is fitted Mesa Boogie!

Drsynoc's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mesa Boogie Quad Preamp
Lol! Since the beginning dreamtheater be known, did a lot of google searches with the word-cl "+ dreamtheater mesaboogie" and shoo those are terrified of the race stuff that dbarquent here and ask questions. .. that's what drives me to publish a notice of our answer rather than individually, and I'll try to stay comprhensible:

The Quad is a 2 channel prampli lamps for 4 modes (2 "rhythm" and two "lead"). And not just any lights lamps because they are "new" but "old" is to say long ago by factories telefunken but never used.

Bte t makes with the hand you have the stuff neat and HEAVY! (Like all amps and prampli lamps, it weighs the weight of a death does ...).

It connects top jack sr good, and pdalier mesa / boogie that goes with the "FU-2", possde its own cable with its own entrance. Good to know, the "on-off" are controlled by jack and outputs are prvues the rear of the vehicle if you are not blessed with the FU-2. And of course the bazaar can also fly through the afternoon.


This prampli can be plugged into a guitar amp or a PA system (mixer line out). (I'm simplifying, eh, sorry purists).

It has its own rverbe (which passes through the lamp), a graphic qualiseur per channel, a send and return two of the rear end, and a pdalier which has 6 buttons on / off.

0 button: (no lighter: no sound out! - Laugh out loud but true)
Button 1: 1 rhythm channel
Button 2: lead channel 1
Button 3: Rhythm Channel 2
Button 4: lead channel 2
Button 5: 1 qualiseur activation of the active channel
Button 6: qualiseur 2 activation on the active channel

The qualiseurs can be turned on / simultanment shots every two or separately.

As DJ said, the quad could be called the Boeing or Airbus ...

It does not look like a, with its row of buttons aligned, .... but you have to turn the channel 7 buttons (14 buttons) and some of euxpeuvent also be "dbrays" (like "turbo ")...

If we add the qualiseurs ...

Good news: the volume pots and rverb you embtez not put any background. The rglages are primarily the gain. (But hey you free ...).

I would like to thank the previous ones "testers" who left a notice here and thanks to my super interesting sites Discoveries (pierremortez and zorglub28) and especially the record!

Anyway, it's easy to use "wholesale", and if you want to sculpt your sound, you have the perfect machine: it is sensitive, rustic lamps and thanks I would almost say "living "!


Well I'm not the m'tendre on CHARACTERISTICS sounds.
The quad is versatile, and you can type in the mtal, progressive, rock, blues, ....
It's all lights, so not have to look 24:14 am, the palette is huge!

For my part, I tried a lot of guitars on it (high medium and low end), everything sounds beautifully.


I've had two years in the studio, and he does on branch circuits, lamps, and it is live in the mixer.

Concrtement, the Quad can: plug the guitar and have it output in Stereo, a saturated or a clean, beautiful, level line. (Wink personal who will recognize).

And when I say beautiful, given the maniac that I am ....

What I like most: when the lights are hot, and I have this feeling of omnipotence mdiator barely moving! or when the low round tite snatch a tear in drummer ;-)
What I like least: 8 lamps have the change? I was not arrivbr /> qualitprix Report: absolutely excellent.
Exprience with, is what I would do this choice?
Ben ptain if I had known I would have bought more tt much less junk before and I could play as a dj bte!!

zorglub28's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mesa Boogie Quad Preamp
Go j'me launches. CHARACTERISTICS for I have not much to add from a Previous Notice, except that it is a prampli 3 units, so a prvoir FLy consquent.


Oula, the gate has to. J'tais used to a simple config with my ultra 112, Bass middle and treble gain vroom c'tait party. But then, with all the push-pull, 5-band EQ, 4 channels, we get it soon anything (well I'm talking to myself). If j'tais rest on my first try in the store, never bought j'l'aurais bah! Even when I put 6 months (roughly) to get a sound I like. I'm either polio or I'm difficult.

It's best to get the instructions on the site of mesa, and presets from the base to get good sound. APRS is refined ...


I put a notice now that the sound I like, but if I put a notice when I bought the note would not have t trs good.

So the sound of Clear Channel rythm1 trs is good, it can be done by increasing the cruncher SETTING THE volume. Depending on the rglages Rythm1, you can get a good crunch blues distortion or a large (but not the clearer rythm1) on channel Lead1.

Channel 2 is not for clean sounds, I did not get a Russian, even turning down the volume button (not the master attention).

With time, I get a good Russian with a big distortion *** could gain on channel Lead2 and clear sound super clear channel Rythm1.

The channel serves me Lead1 for me to type trips blues, and the channel Rythm2 actually the same as his lead2 but gain less.

In short, and it sounds pretty good!!


I have been using The beginning of the year (a little too prs I know), and y'est I love it!
This is a super versatile preamp, and cleans trs clean and a nice little gain that can be used for the metal.

I pay 885 with a mesa 50/50 and has a fly 6u the era, so I think I could make a business *** (I wanted to change, and I believe that I 'well I do).

To all those who intend to buy one, try the long, but long before then to make you a bad opinion!

PierreMortez's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mesa Boogie Quad Preamp
Then the quad is actually a preamp lamps (8 ECC83) with 2 * 2 channels. It's basically two preamps in one!
Each "section" has a rhythm and a lead sound.
It features an instrument input and two outputs jack 6.35, A and B, independent, each of which are proportional knob.
The quad also has a nice reverb, with only one control: the volume. And it's good for a preamp, because all the preamps do not have a good reverb!
PLus an effects loop: a send and return 2.
There is a fiddle with buttons, with push / pull! it looks like a texas instrument!
+ A 5-band graphic equalizer for Series 2 channels, whose frequencies are very well chosen !!!!! This is the formidable weapon!
It can be controlled by the pedal or fu-2 pm (all versions are not midi ...).


As usual, the configuration in mesa is not very intuitive! But that's also why we have a lot of possibilities! To find her among all the knobs, the psh / pull and the graphic eq ... Enjoy! It is best to leave the presets basic instructions (available hard mesa site). They are vriment well. After you change a few things depending on the guitar, the style, ... the taste!


My style is rock, rock California (Lukather, Landau, foo ...) but I like having all kinds of sounds! And it's true that the quad in this style is SUPER!
The sounds are clean .... CLEAN! you can also get pretty good crunch sounds and distos are simply .... majestic!! It can range from U2's enough medium to its hard with a lot more than medium and boost bass and treble ... Sounds!


I use it for about 2 years I love the sound of all channels, especially the clean and the Lead 2. Before I had a rocktron Gainiac .... nothing to do!
This rating preamp used about 750 euros (and yes, obviously, it does makes more ...)
I would not hesitate remake that choice.
For more info, check out this site: all the schemas of the quad and lots of other preamps: