Numark PT01
Numark PT01

PT01, Turntable from Numark.

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AudioArtist 09/18/2012

Numark PT01 : AudioArtist's user review

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The thing that you simply have to admire about this unit is it's simplicity, functionality and mobility. If you go out to dig for some vinyl you just have to get one of these. You can easily listen to the records and determine quickly how well (or not) they have been cared for. Also it's super-handy for getting a quick listen to records you may not have been looking for but simply must have once you hear what it's all about.
Value vs. Price - Well, honestly I wouldn't pay more than $50(us) for one of these. The quality and durability are there, and the outputs do indeed have pretty clean sound. If you're not a stickler for as high-fi as you can get turntables, you could easily use this model as your daily player.
First thing, you'll want to replace the needle whether you buy this new or used. Trust me, you will thank me later.
Aside from being portable and super-handy while on the hunt, the sound quality is actually really good. If you come across a record that you really would like to have to listen to from time to time but conversely have no need to actually own the vinyl, well with this guy paired up with a decent portable CD, MP3, or other recorder, you can copy the record and have it forever without even having to buy it. The quality of the outputs is certainly good enough to make a quick copy.
The first time I saw my buddy's PT01 I almost laughed myself to death. After I sufficiently insulted the player and him, I recall fisher-price being used alot, I actually sat down and listened to a record on it and was sufficiently impressed. My buddy had already replaced the cartidge and needle just so you know.
Given the price that you can buy one of these new or used, I would definitely suggest picking one up. Especially if you are a flea market, yard sale, travelling searcher, or private collection buyer of vintage and new records.