Edirol UA-25
Edirol UA-25

UA-25, USB audio interface from Edirol in the UA series.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Edirol UA-25

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Average Score:3.8( 3.8/5 based on 39 reviews )
 13 reviews33 %
 16 reviews41 %
 2 reviews5 %
 2 reviews5 %
 6 reviews15 %
FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

Edirol UA-25
The device offers direct monitoring, a very nice feature. Also, it allows a digital output to input bridge, allowing rewiring sounds into teh UA-25 without leaving the digital domain. It has two decent pre-amps, with phantom power on one and Hi-Z on the other. Less enticing is the fact that it cannot cope with 96 kHz play and record at once. To use 96 KHz, you have to flip a switch between playback and record, and -to make things worse- you have to unplug and reconnect the USB plug everytime you flip that play/rec switch. But the worse of all is that on my PC, everytime I disconnect the UA-25 and replug it in, my PC reports a new USB device, and apparently forgets where the driver is, forcing me to reinstall. A serious drawback, that has made me live with 48 kHz. If you are happy with 44.1 or 48 kHz, this isn't a big deal though.

Price paid: € 230


The interface is child easy. You have two inputs with sense potmeters, a Hi-Z and Phantom switch, digital in toggle, and direct monitor switch. It's all there, and easy to use.


A sturdy aluminium case, that can take some abuse. The buttons are long and thin, I would have preferred short and stubby. Overall it's just fine.


This budget interface delivers a very clear sound, with no audible noise unless you really crank it all the way up. As far as I can tell, it lives up to expectations.

Except for the fact that it has this driver issue, I am totally happy with it. Looks good, red and blue led, rounded corners, I like it a lot. It is in use every single day.

Originally posted on FutureProducers.com
Posted by: Pruneau ( 8-, 2005)

DaRox's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Swiss army knife handy"

Edirol UA-25
Very complete! I chose it for its special features (stereo input jack or XLR stereo output, midi, headphones, ...)


Used for recording on the fly, or when traveling (because it is very small and light). She has always fulfilled its role. I have stopped to use that when I bought a card with more inputs / outputs.


Archi simple and intuitive, I think I've never read the manual


This is a great little machine! It's quite simple: despite the fact that I no longer use, I can not get rid of it as may be convenient!

I recommend it to anyone looking for a small sound card (for recording guitar and voice, for example).

C13303's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol UA-25
Cheap, Portable USB, the limiter is nice in recording (nothing crazy but practical), the men 96khz I've never served, nor the mind, but otherwise everything is working normally now.
I'd rather robust because a lot trimbalée and after 4 years of using it fills all his part well.


I struggled at the time because of the small switch "advance" was set to ON under Windows ... Yes, I have not read the manual. Apart from that, she rarely spineless, drivers are opes.

Latency level we expect any miracles, of course, it is big enough for recording.




- Limiter
- The price after all not abused
- Robust
In this price range, I do not know what happens. In any case I regret this one too, okay. I have often accused it of breath but that was my connection was rotten :-) Today I have enregistrment nickel.

duckvp's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol UA-25
This is a card that supports audio and MIDI and is powered by the USB port, making it completely portable.
I wanted a config easy to move when I travel. I use it with my VAIO notebook (1.66 GHz, 2GB RAM, 120GB HD and 250GB external HD).


Installation is no problem. I'm running Vista Ultimate so I get the drivers due to the Edirol site. The configuration could not be simpler (2 inputs, 2 outputs). The flaw, which could hinder certain is the manual in English.


The drivers are stable, I have no problem. I have yet seen no updates since December.
I work mainly with Cubase SX3 and Nuendo 3 with latencies below 10ms.
It can only record two tracks simultaneously because it has only two entries. There is a slight hiss that disappears after 20 minutes (the time it heats!).


I use this card for 3 months now. What I like most is his next mobile and quality of the converter, the fewer the low whistle.
Before this card I try to Presonus Firebox, but it worked well with my laptop (bp chipset) and it needed an external power supply. I am very happy and it is worth more than € 190. Today I plan to buy an MK2 Motu usb2 to work when I'm home and use only 25 AU in my travels.
This choice I would do without hesitation.

kent35's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol UA-25
What characteristics have motivated your choice?

MIDI and audio on the same interface

For what purpose?

Registered my midi keyboard and my guitar occasionally a synth

What is your config (Motherboard / CPU / Ram / Hard ,...)?

Laptop with XP


The installation is done it without problems?

Impec '

Have you experienced any incompatibilities?


The general configuration is easy?

I'm out ...

The manual is clear and sufficient? ...

Impec 'I buy the card distrizic, and provided more manual in French if it is available sour PDF


The drivers are stable?

When I pull the card sounds a bit too long I have to reinstall not cool ...

They are often updated?

I c no

What software do you use most often?

Magix music studio deluxe 2007

What you get lag?

That slab, inaudible


I use it for a few months, I love the MIDI and audio at the same time, c the only model I tried, at a good price on thomann distrizic even better, yes I would do this choice!

I thank the people of the forum is helping me when I need U!
And if you have any questions jveut good answer!


Lgson's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol UA-25
Characteristics that motivated my choice is the 96 Khz and limiter.
Pro use to record on the fly a little concert on laptop.


Trouble free installation
Manuel does not exist in French except at Roland gasping hard, but the regulars did. Already on the battery Roland TD 20 I had the same problem.


Drivers stable.
No update to my knowledge
Software Cool Edit, Pro Tools
Stereo operation, I need a witness to the concert


I use it almost daily for 1 year.
The characteristic I like least is the lack of independent control of the headphone.
I also have M audio card 410, then no problem
Good value for the AU 25
But be careful, she just break after two successive cuts in the sector to a disjunction in an impromptu bathroom-related overuse in amperage. Ah the lighteux when they are getting into.
So now UPS to predict.
With the experience I remake that choice unless a manufacturer puts a product on the market more efficient at the same price.

chanmix51's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol UA-25
2 XLR phantom with the possibility to plug in jack. Possibility to plug a guitar directly into a 2. Test chantillonage in the 44 and 48Khz without worries.
Sound simulans full duplex on the two inputs with playback and back (only one exit).


I use Linux with Alsa, Jack. The peripherals are immediately DTECT. It is essential to use a core of low-latency avoid jumps. (Packages linux-lowlatency exist for Ubuntu).
Note that the level and SETTING THE chantillonage are made directly on the card potentiomtres (alsamixer will not work with this card). The change in switch some paramtres (chantillonage, full / half duplex) temperatures requiring reboot the sound card, fortunately, this does not happen often.


I use Ardour with no worries, the quality of sound is clean 48Khz trs. I use it for making guitar and vocals simultanment (2 entries) without any problem jumping. Return headset (1 single dose) is good trs. Damage any time you can not diffrencier out back. Monitoring can take the volume back rgler indpendemment output volume.


I use it for 6 months and I'm glad trs. It is a card idalie for those who want quick and clean records alone or in pairs. Given its small footprint trs, with a laptop that can carry a small studio anywhere! Pack up + computer + microphone + UA25 is in the cover of my guitar. In addition, it is fed directly from the PC USB.

Ideal for musicians on the go or for your personal records. Used with a squenceur you get a fast rsultat TRS good quality ... lower cost.

mavsoft's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol UA-25
A guitar, a microphone, a MIDI keyboard and a new laptop (P4 2.13 GHz, 1G of memory 100 GB HDD). Before I had a PIII 800 with a Maya 44. So I falait an external card with MIDI and low latency DXi or VSTi for. Firewire is not on my new laptop


Install nickel. I respect what it says in the doc. Two or three avrifier system settings before installing. In short you just read the installation page. Installation in 2 minutes flat. On the other cot so I informatitien this point did not make me scared


No problem until now. I set my ASIO in Sonar and "latency" is between 6.5 and 9 ms with full DXi. I have not had a test the "limit" but I have much less noise than my config Previous MT3X of a Yamaha mixer. I do not have the problem of ground noise not meet certain other users. No SIFL. Nickel


I have used two weeks. I love the simplicity. Once the level of rgl I do not touch at all. Lev is a bit in my opinion related quality aluminum housing prices but is reassuring.

nomorecelinedion's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol UA-25
Usb sound card, easy connection, transportable in the back pocket of jeans lol.
use home studio, recording guitar, bass, vocals, percussion ...
amd 2200 +, motherboard asrock k7s8x, 512 (or 768 I can not remember at the time of testing) of RAM, two 120GB hard drives and 80GB.


Deactivation in the bios of the 97 ac.
installation of drivers (Windows window warned that drivers are not ign by microsoft, who cares we continue), reboot.
branches of the map and hop it works.
opening of Cool Edit Pro 2, selection of the card and hop it works.


Drivers very stable (surprising for a USB card ... especially with my motherboard which apparently is not known for south and north b b SIS can screw up any time of the great problem asrock)
Software: Cool Edit Pro (ultra stable for audio), sonar and cubase sx 3 (which show a dead ca food all resources).
latency javais between 5 and 10 ms, jai not really trying to push real-time effects.
I reopened the old mini projects with 25 tracks ... frills while recording to see if it works and it works.


Test a weekend.
USB connection, cest nice enough.
I never tried Navais usb card, and frankly I am still on the ass. So I think u opt for 1000, because the firewire and pci, ca me severe swelling, there is always something that goes wrong, the nose more in programs and in the computer as his instrument.

report quality price: 235 euros .... ben the quality OK, but I do not know the price, I'll say "mitigquot;, ca 199 euro would do even more, because given the number of models that are ...
Finally cest already good for people who want good material with such ease of use ... If I only had a record two tracks I would have taken that card, but as a battery sound to jai ... I have to break the bank.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol UA-25
What motivated my choice was the simplicity and phantom power supply.


Trouble free installation.

The manual? where?


I use it for anything that works :-) that is mainly because the audio with the South, I have big problems of recognition.

I have a laptop OS X Software - Logic Express - Roland FP2 and small M-Audio.

When I connect via USB, the South is recognized, but with the Roland I have terrible problems of loops. Not yet found where it was coming, because the M-audio is OK, but the M-audio do not generate sounds, this explains that.

on the other hand, if I connect via cables noon, so there .... it nothing happens, no signal with any of the two keyboards. My system does nothing, no sound, even with sound internal logic.

I give up note for the moment (beeen no, it does not work not to note), until we have understood (it is still 3 to widen the head, including a sound engineer specialist Hard LOL).


The use since February 2005 I think. But it has meanwhile been changed by the supplier for the first time due to a malfunction.

I do not know if I would do this to understand why choices before twelve o'clock the wiring does not work, whether it comes from Edirol, a conflict or a configuration problem of soft.


Updated 29.10.2005
After making contact with the mail technical support Edirol France, I reloaded the new driver on the site that contains the "advance" because apparently the driver had not original.

Now the MIDI cabling works, I signal, hurray!

My contact at Edirol proved available, effective, fast and very courteous. Bravo!

I still have to solve the problem of loop ... that does not necessarily come from the Edirol, but the keyboard or the system.