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All user reviews for the Tascam US-428

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FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

Tascam US-428
I think if the sliders were automated that would be a great feature , i also wish the mute/solo tracks would have more of a studio feel (i mean click solo, and the track stays solo until you click it again) with the tascam you must hold the solo/mute buttons to make this happen..this can be tedious if your trying to do a few tracks at a time, its also missing a pan option on all 8 tracks that was really disappointing

$375 USD


Set up was a bit hard.. the drivers that came with the piece originally were not compatiable with win XP but updated drivers are available at www.tascam.com you just gotta dig around abit to find em...without the drivers the us-428 is a paperweight its horrible at straight audio routing (but of course its not designed for that either) but after a few sessions with it its a must have.


The name TASCAM speaks for itself the quality of the piece is top notch for what it is..i have even dropped mine (on accident in a studio move) and she still kickin..


The overall sound quality is good EXCEPT that theres is a hollow feedback sound when you use the line/mic inputs it takes a bit of tweaking to get your mic sounding right or what ever you route through 1 of the four 1/4" line/mic inputs. i use a art preamp with a AGK mic and it took a mic setting session to get it set up properly for sound, as far as MIDI goes its top notch the us-428 has midi in/out 1 and 2 which makes it ideal if your controlling a few things.

yup i love it..its the hub of my little studio.

Originally posted on FutureProducers.com
Posted by: SInister_Keys ( 6-, 2005)
FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

Tascam US-428
Please help me understand why Tascam has not offered a driver that would allow the user to disable the audio I/O And allow the user to use the US-428 or 224 as a surface controller only. That would make A good idea the best. and for the money It would as good or better deal than the higher priced controller offered by JL Copper/ cs-32 or even the3800 controller. I built a new computer a intel P-4 and upgraded to Win XP Pro and the 428 went south on untill I found a driver on the (not tascam) I think it was www.mix.com. I now have a ECHO GINA 24/96 and I love the sound But now I am back to mousing my mix. And really missing wonderful surface control of the US-428. When I tried to use both of them all hell broke loose . please Help me get them to work togather Thank You Very Much . e_parker@sbcglobal.net

Price paid



Once it was setup and tweaked it was easy and the manual could have given more information


Tascam is known for their robust transports and pro audio and the us-428 fell off that same tree


The sound was great once I found a driver that worked with Win XP-Pro

even though I now use the echo gina 24/96 I still have my 428 out in plain view pray that Someone offers a new driver allows me to use my 428 as a surface controller only in my home studio. and as the full deal audio card for the laptop system that I hope to have soon. Yea your right I Do want the best of both worlds, please help e_parker@sbcglobal.net

Originally posted on FutureProducers.com
Posted by: Unknown ( 4-, 2003)

sono-tone's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tascam US-428
As beginners in 2007, he appeared INTERESTED me to post a review on this machine that starts and seems to have a few years may be under Exceeds interfaces that are going out today .

The combo audio / midi interface RuNie in one I think is an asset indniable, including the use of a laptop. The machine is easily configured with software that anyone (especially cubase, protools, fruityloops but also can recognize the US-428 as a surface CONTRL). The connectors are particulirement compltes a product of this range: 2x2 audio inputs (jack), 2 midi in / out, digital entrsortie, LINE OUT (RCA) and headphone.


The installation of drivers is no problem. In terms of interactions with the Pc, it is important to Get You Started the machine before Systm (like most audio interfaces). The lighting is often random image hot. Unplug the machine or stain at a session of "work" done systmatiquement crash your software computer music.
ASIO drivers are compatible, and can choose RESOLUTION 16 to 24 bits.
It was also the choice of the latency goes up until 256 samples (8 ms) (provided you have the latest drivers). Not bad, but it is true that on this point the audio firewire down 1 ms. Personally, I do not impede too much, given that so many spend so low latency on a project (or live) ncessite Pc plutt a muscle at the CPU, which can quickly lose pedals if you have several VST / VSTi support. Attention, it is the same for the Tascam, a latency of 8 ms, it is better to have a PC with at least one rcent pentium 4. (Possdant a dual-core, no problem, no audio or dcrochage freeze on projects well supported)
The manual (in French) is well constructed, clear and can quickly understand the functionality of the device.


I have a US-428 bought used two years ago, it has acquired nine t in 2002. He trs well support the test of time: no knobs or dfectueux casss, diodes ok, impeccable audio ... Short, but if he does not necessarily air, it's solid under the condition of maintaining a minimum (in my case, it's really the bare minimum, a small time dcrassage faders another, that's all ...). I lugged a lot of time in collection's outdoor ... etc, so unlike a lot of stuff, it is well shot in the hard way.

At the grip interface noon, it goes from very easy (with cubase or protools for example) to see a little more complicated not very practical. This problem is linked to the protocols available with the Tascam drivers. In number 5, namely:
1 for cubase, protools for 1, 1 for the Native Instruments B4 (?!), and two alternative fate is even set up programs with the Tascam.
These two modes are INTERESTED to the extent that they offer four banks Controller quickly accessible, which is used to control 4x 8-track and assign a good plthore of Controller and notes. But beware, you quickly get lost in Mandres of banks (if same if they are shown not diodes) and its assignments if we do not take notes!
At this point, my big regret is the impossibility to program or even the values ​​of buttons / faders / knobs and their rponses "light" via the diodes, and so even its protocol is CRER (or preset) custom.


Despite appearances, the Tascam is a machine really trs complte for Monitoring software including Cubase, for which the US-428 is really powerful and practical trs.
Ag in six years, he began to show some "weaknesses" in the audio latency 8 ms maximum, and a Sampling of frquence Exceeds do not 48khz. Anyway, such a lag is almost imperceptible and function allows direct monitoring of the bypass for recording. frquence the Maximum Sampling is not what he does best today, but I personally have never worked 96khz (I possde an m-audio firewire audiophile these rising frquences, which is useful for recording, but for a live ...).
At the interface noon, the faders are enjoyable, but nothing special either.
Destiny fly squenceurs type cubase, it is certain that the machine direction plutt studio. But I used to live (with Live) and it filled trs out this task thanks to the preset notament "four bank" that allows a full CONTRL (24 tracks, launch of s quences, steering vst ...). At this level, the four knobs (virtually 20 per bank) of the facade are unfortunately notched, which is a bit Gnant CONTRL filters for example (a small PhatBoy or a MIDI keyboard with some knobs in addition can come fill this gap, considering the bargain price ...)
If you possdez machine hardware, the two ports MIDI I / O are really prcieux and allow good interaction between your PC and your machines. Tascam does not stingy, either for audio input is always helpful.

In my humble opinion, if you do not want the clutter of gear, single interface to connect a PC (especially if it's a laptop) to compose your songs or do some scne, and given the current argus is an excellent and advantageous solution trs.
Even if the US-428 is a little dated, no doubt there are still NEWS. I see no reason to trade against anything, even of trsrcent. To my taste, it still holds the road well trs, unless you really rev your demanding the frequencies and latency (albeit relatively correct)
In conclusion, a solution US-428 midi keyboard + laptop + can make many more happy, me included!

tedw@rigo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tascam US-428
MIDI controller and audio 16/24 bit USB port. Compatible with Mac and PC. The blue bomb in the words of Dr. Zicmu. It has 4 analog inputs (4 XLR jack and 2) between a digital (S / PDIF), 1 analog output / 2 digital and MIDI ports. Tlcommande understand the 8 fader level, 1 master, 3 auxiliary switches record, solo, mute, track selection, 4 EQ / pan, transport and jog.
Book with cubase brid 8 audio tracks and compatible with Logic, Cakewalk ... Tlcomande used with modules tlchargeables Tascam site.
Installation is simple (ASIO) and sound terrible. Ideal for a laptop (no PCI).
Manuel nickel.


The card keeps its promises. Cubase (limit 8 audio tracks) and is IDAL works perfectly for this card. She also works with Cubase and Pro Logic Pro and others. Just a little too long latency (8ms for me) into play live.


Used since 2001 is still NEWS. The faders are not very practical when you have more than 8 audio tracks. Otherwise, the 4 inputs with pre amps are cool live! A little CHRE (today), but the quality is l. Ideal if you are in OCCAZ!
What's more, it is like any mimi.


N / A

ehma's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tascam US-428
The box is pretty sduisant has it on, control surface + sound card + midi interface is a strong 32in/32out.
We can do things with.
Dja P400Mhz with 128MB of memory and can be already well advanced, a trial of 1G seems to be the threshold for a minimum of comfort. She seems better now run on Mac and PC (the USB audio is not top on the PC.
A phantom power supply and micro prampli ncessaires see are indispensable.


Installation can be gallre or heaven, sometimes it works sometimes it's heavy on its own.
The first Via chipset seem to be a problem, but the depui versio 2 is OK, for against the ACPI can cause trouble (interruption of the audio stream), but it's all typical USB audio card.

On the Mac, plug in and put yaka drivers.

It can dir the US-428 is a simplicity of thunder, the manual is clear enough (compared to pssibilitsdcrites) and Tascam does not have info on Avard product.

But the Service is of the sort, you've bought dbrouilles you.
on this, I recommend the www.us428.fr.st Manu or find Love on the tascam forum on this site.

For the rating, I put 9 To 5 for Mac and PC 7 so average.


The use can be fantastic as the worst nightmare.
The minimum latency is 12ms, but what price, but 48ms is gnralement usable.
On the Mac, the latency can thoriated go below 8ms.

I use my Cubase VST 5 and I think it's the tendem IDAL, island can do without the mouse for hours.
The control surface is part trs trs well think, oh if the faders had motoriss t (a aurra also cost double).

The hill ranges from 0 9 according to the config and set the time pass bte.
In my case it plutt 9, but I must admit that I had difficulties to get there.

I put 8 Go because I know that sometimes gellrer (unless your on a Mac).


I've had six months, I am very glad.
Hlas the audio is not a USB to PC and my Mac is old. But DS is that it works the best.

I went through a lot of audio hardware, Creative RME and we can say that it is valid, the converter are valid (much better than a SB Audigy).

For the price it's good enough. Obviously if I could afford ....

If c'tait again, I would take just a Mac (j'espre you understand me?).

In résumé is a good product with no real competitor and you can make trs trs own models.

See for yourself
Aleksss from Le 3610/29/2002

Aleksss from Le 36's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tascam US-428
Add nothing compared to the previous ones opinion, except that I wonder if the faders are solid trs (no problem until today, but they do not inspire me one fMeasure confidence).


I would add two things what has been said my little friends dj.

The US 428 has 4 banks of 8 faders. A handy feature when switching from one bank to another, can neutralize the faders, the time to reposition (console mmorise the position of the faders for each bank).

I regret that there are as few pots, even with four bank Controller.


For the dynamics of audio outputs, my only point of comparison silent the sound card's internal Mac. The there's no photo, it's much better.


This is my first purchase in this way. Previously, I had no Controller noon, or audio (other than the Mac, so much to say not much) or midi interface. I do not use dernire functionality (for now), but the other 2 run full capacity. For a home studio rcemment IDAL is constitutional because it combined economic and efficient.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tascam US-428
Ahh not too much blabla just to say to anyone ke ki want us s'autoproduire the 428 is really a bomb: g has a p3 500 192 meg of ram and AC running! 24-bit recording with a microphone 420 in an apex cab course! we say runway 24 properly because of a 2 or 3 plug per track only problem reinstal windows every 6 months




&%&%& % &% HHHH

bertrand2's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tascam US-428
See General Appreciation.


See General Appreciation.


See General Appreciation. So to explain what


bazard must go gradually:

1 ° It is USB, so it is external, and very portable. I use it on my computer and my laptop fixed.

2 is a 24-bit sound card, 44 100/48 000 Hz, 4 inputs and 2 outputs. + 2 and 2 midi in midi out (ie 2 x 16 MIDI channels)
3 is a controller. All buttons faders etc. ... are there to manage software environments cubase style.

It costs around the 4000 francs, with Cubase bonus. So knowing that it is USB, so that you can easily change your computer, this can be a very profitable acquisition in some cases (mine for example).

Short tour of the beast: no surprise, the USB is below its expectations. Although supposedly powered, tascam prefer to attach a power supply unit. Furthermore, although USB is supposed to allow you to chain multiple devices, Tascam does not recommend it. Finally, the VIA chipset (the Duron and Athlon) are not recommended. But no fault from TASCAM is the USB "fault". Knowing that, the quality on this unit.

Audio level, time is summer. The converters are good, and having an external sound card to your computer prevents lot of trouble. Some prefer the 32-bit 96 000 Hz, but my ears are not yet at that point aesthetes.

Just nothing more than small change for life: a headphone and line output with volume control!. For my part, now can not do without, and at this moment that we realize the outlier adjust headphone volume in software.

The monitoring is done directly via the map, or no latency, with the compromise of not having effects.

I have so far not encountered major problems with the registration. But tascam offers download new drivers. Only problem, we must completely uninstall the old for new. So I'm in no hurry ...

It has two XLR or jack inputs + 2 6.35 6.35. We can record 2 stereo tracks simultaneously. No phantom power. It is unfortunate, it requires a mixing desk in addition to the records.
Listed noon, no valves either, it works, and 2 x 16 channels quickly become indispensable. Nothing to add.
For the control surface, it has 8 faders and a series of buttons. It responds well and is very nice to mix with real faders in cubase. For panoramic and auxiliaries, is another story. I think there is too much running, you must do two laps of buttons for panning. Back to the mouse ...
Finally, the TASCAM US 428 is a good bike. The concept is to have an interface "but a" very portable, and excellent quality. It will find its place safely home studio, if the 24 Hz bits/48000 you enough. The defects are mostly put down to USB, Windows environment or VIA, and again, nothing phenomenal. The compatibility of the interface with other programs is underway. Flying a synth with this machine should be happy.