Dean Guitars Dave Mustaine VMNT Angel of Deth

Dean Guitars Dave Mustaine VMNT Angel of Deth

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Dave Mustaine VMNT Angel of Deth, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Dean Guitars in the Mustaine VMNT series.

4 user reviews
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Dean Guitars Dave Mustaine VMNT Angel of Deth tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Dean Guitars
  • Model: Dave Mustaine VMNT Angel of Deth
  • Series: Mustaine VMNT
  • Category: V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitars
  • Added in our database on: 04/23/2008

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Dean Guitars Dave Mustaine VMNT Angel of Deth user reviews

Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 4 reviews )
 2 reviews50 %
 1 user review25 %
 1 user review25 %
heads on fire01/30/2012

heads on fire's review"Nice V axe!"

Dean Guitars Dave Mustaine VMNT Angel of Deth
Mahogany Top/Body
25.5" scale
Dave Mustaine Special Mahogany "D-Shaped" Neck
Ebony Fingerboard
Pearl Sharks Tooth Inlay
Grover Tuners
Black Hardware
TonePros Bridge
Dave Mustaine Duncan Live Wire Pickups
Case included
Angel of Deth custom graphic


This is a metal axe, bar none. The shape SCREAMs metal - a V, with very pointy tips, and a 6-in line pointy headstock. Then the graphic jumps out at you - bloody angel wings! There is no denying the aggressive look in this guitar, and the pickups, neck, and hardware go with that. The neck is ridiculously playable - complex and fast chording riffs and solos were done almost without thinking. The workmanship on the guitar is very nice, and she sure sounds good, too.


I'm a big fan of the sounds on this. Of course, the guitar was designed for metal, but in a studio setting, one could get away with playing nearly anything, even jazz on this. I wouldn't recommend doing it live, unless you're an extremely against-the-grain type person, as the brazen cosmetics wouldn't get one invited back. In a hard rock and metal context, however, this axe will draw stares, drools, and many conversations! The sustain is out of this world, and the bridge pickup would cut through an aircraft carrier hull. The neck is one of those smooth, lyrical lead guitar sounds that someone like Slash would enjoy using.


Overall, this is a real winner of a guitar. Dean has outdone themselves in creating an iconic world-class metal axe worthy of a truly original guitar hero like Dave Mustaine. If you have a chance and love playing crushing riffs and righteous over-the-mountaintop solos, this guitar is right up your alley. Playability is off the charts, sound is great, and the looks are very distinctive. 9 of 10.

tjon901's review"Daves new Dean"

Dean Guitars Dave Mustaine VMNT Angel of Deth
The newer Dave Mustaine Angel of Deth guitar is one of his new signature model. It has a crazy angel paintjob that looks like something out of Assassins Creed or Constantine. The specs on this guitar are pretty similar to his ESP signature V before this and the old Jackson King V before that. It has a mahogany body with a neck through mahogany neck. The neck has an ebony fretboard with 24 jumbo frets and the strange sharkfin and dot inlays. Up top on the headstock there are Grover tuners and the bridge is Tonepros locking unit. The guitar comes stock with straplocks which are cool. The pickups in this guitar are Daves signature Seymour Duncan pickups. They are Seymour Duncan Livewire Dave Mustaine pickups. The controls are two volumes with a master tone and a 3 way toggle switch.


These King V style V guitars are huge. You dont really realize how big and broad they are. The neck shape is pretty cool. It has a very soft V profile to the neck that comes from the Dean DNA. Factory straplocks are cool. Thats an even rarer thing than locking tuners and locking bridges nowadays. With the factory straplocks this guitar is really gig ready out of the box. The Tonepros locking bridge is one of the best tune-o-matics on the market. It is locked in place so it isnt held on by string tension so when you take the strings off it stays on and it also gives you less wiggle and more sustain. The only problem with these bridges is that you need an allen wrench to unlock them. Epiphone has a clip and spring system so you do not need any tools to unlock their bridges but it is not that big of a problem since you use the same tools for the rest of the guitar.


The Dave Mustaine livewire pickups were some of the first active pickups Seymour Duncan made. They are super hot. To me they are hotter than EMG's or Blackouts. These pickups retain the basic feel and quality of the JB/Jazz setup and adds a clarity and high gain composure to the sound. The bridge pickup is like a JB with more bite. It cuts even better than the passive JB does. The pickups are super clear and everything you play will come out, the good and the bad. The neck pickup is like a Jazz with a similar treatment. The Jazz was already a clear sounding pickup and now it has even more clarity. You can get a lot of different lead tones from the neck position by using the tone and volume control. If you are a big fan of the classic JB/Jazz setup but the passive set isnt quite cutting it for the type of music you are playing.


The paintjob on this guitar is pretty much what makes it special. Dave is a super Christian guy so recently he has begun putting Christian and Angel stuff on his guitars. Some people may like that but I think only the hardcore Mustaine fans will want a guitar like this over a plain black or white model. Other than that this is a good solid guitar. It has the unique active Dave Mustaine pickups which are like no other active pickups on the market. This guitar also has straplocks from the factory which makes it ready to gig right out of the box.

roguewillot63's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Public Enemy N1"

Dean Guitars Dave Mustaine VMNT Angel of Deth
Manufacturing Corenne

Mahogany body
Channel 24 cases al mahogany, profile D
Button bne
Inlaid mother of pearl shark teeth + points
Medium jumbo frets
Tune-O-Matic, strings-through body

Active Electronics: 2 Seymour Duncan humbuckers with 2 volume + 1 Tone + 3-Way Switch

Strap locks

Graphic "Angel of Death" super well done and pretty! It has severe mouth as they say!

CV simple and complete


The handle is qu'agrable, it is simply gnial. For me anyway! Trs is subjective forcment, but I like it because my profile D is what I prfre: fine, flat, fast but with a good grip all the same. It's not a bread board Jackson, it is more PRS Ibanez sleeves but rounder. The frets are thinner than XL jumbos like the LTD / ESP, but suddenly there is no need to insist on normment every note that was sounded.
The Difference? The width and thickness of the handle are constants Silet up its presence on the body. We must get used to, but in the end it was a net gain fast! Handle size to play Megadeth! Access in irrprochable is acute.

In Manir overall ergonomics is suitable trs. Everything is under control. The instrument is balanced and does not sting the nose, the body is not too bulky for a king V. The implementation of the jack is standard and not pose a problem.
The location of the straps is unusual, especially ct round! Personally, I have not had to play a solo drang into the boxes most acute. Just do not have a strap that is 40cm wide.

For the rest, simply connect ^ ^


I will not deny I play mostly rock and mtal, especially heavy-thrash and speed!
H well it fits well for more than a, t cr as it has for one of the patriarchs of modern mtal what Dave Mustaine.
I play on an ENGL Fireball 100W amp retube branch in Orange V30 cab. Well, a balance dry!
The VMNT does not have the original pickups, I mount the SD Blackouts AHB-1. It's less fat and more aggressive again.
One branch has rings. And hard!
This is the kind of shovel that achte to redo the living room.
We are in the classic mtal: clear the handle ultra efficient. Warm, round and super singing. In distal sleeve is joyful flute and legato. Clear slamming his easel and crunchy. In disto was a gain of ill and decide the lumberjack's ax.
Baston! Pure Fucking Metal Sound!


I for a week (yeah I know is little, but I'm used to test the guitar so I do a quick opinion. This is my 8th guitar and I tried so much more ...).
I also possde an ESP Ninja LTD KH602 an Ibanez Xiphos and. In terms of its quality and I place derrire the Ninja (DCON should not ...).
What I like least? That there even when strange things at 2-3 finish like strap locks I vir to replace them. There is a pice of espce mtallique intermdiaire screws into the body, I have not understood what it was for ... In short xD

In any case, with Blackouts is the right plan. All the benefits of electronic active high gain in a good quality guitar with a great look.
A Horseshoe kick in your ass!

Stingray5's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Dean Guitars Dave Mustaine VMNT Angel of Deth
In which country was it made?

Guitar made ​​in Korea comes with flight case Dean

How many frets, what kind of microphone and their configuration?

24 frets (see comment use!), 2 Seymour Duncan ACTIVE signatures of small red Range (SH2/SH4 customized version of the combo and made ​​active). The pickups are under a cover "black nickel", the cover can be removed

What type of bridge?

Tune-o-matic with strings through-

What are the settings?

3 position selector classic round / duo / bridge. 3 knobs: 2 volume and 1 for the general tone

What kind of stick?

A special sleeve at the request of D. Mustaine: Very fine (similar to the speed at Jackson necks of those found on King V and RR) with a small difference still a slight curve. (A flat handle and rounded at the same time, so if it exists, this guitar is proof). The shape of the handle is the same all along (like all speed necks for that matter).

So it's side finishing in large part what justifies my notes: Everything is uneven! On one side we GRAPHIC art is perfectly applied to the guitar, there's nothing wrong with the above. But as regards the handle, for example, hurt the bottom:
The binding was applied and painted in a hurry, many castings, unpleasant spots ...
To make matters worse, the key benchmarks have been done by a luthier half drunk ... The space carved out of touch is not always perfect and it feels playing on some boxes ...
The small valve that serves to hide the trussrod is threaded with a single screw ... who do not take up dutout! I had to find a system to keep it in place without access to condemn trussrod ==> unheard of, even on my first low-end guitar

To cite some good points (yes, if we remove the few flaws, this guitar is very well assembled):
Junction shaft / body is very well done, you can not see the connection, you'd almost think the guitar is a neck-thru (the handle is glued Reallite).
A trap is for the battery compartment, no need to unscrew anything.


The handle is it nice?

To form, yes! It's a treat, handle very fast but not as uncomfortable as the sleeves Ibanez serious small rounded is welcome to the bottom of the handle when playing chords. BUT how horrible these frets: Mustaine has found nothing better than putting freight on its handle mediums. For a guitar for metal, here is a very questionable choice. You do not realize right away is when you play a solo that you realize that some notes are not played well touojurs, normal, we must insist more on freight ... For the little we ale another guitar with jumbo frets in or Xjumbos is quickly disillusioned ...
Regarding the key, it says on the website ebony fingerboard and it is surprising therefore to see that she looks more like rosewood than anything else. By asking the question on their site we realize it's a Macassar ebony fingerboard uncoated (much less sweet than ebony is especially much more "granular")

Access to acute (last string) Is it easy?

It's a bit contradictory here! Access to higher frets is easy but the place was screwed or the attachment strap is too close to the neck! So that if no one buys a strap on the end refined, we miss his solos because of a hand strap blocks along the way ... I had to try several types of straps before finding something comfortable to the point of view. I have another guitar with the strap attached behind the body is found and I do not have that problem ...

Ergonomics is it good (in terms of shape, weight ...)?

Weight of the guitar ultra light! A mere 3 kg! So even standing for hours is not suffering from left shoulder. Once seated, we're not very comfortable, but this is due to the V-shape, it's not this particular model that makes. The guitar comes with Dunlop straplocks home. But they had the idea to dig the guitar to put the socket inside the body so that nothing protrudes at the guitar strap attachments. Practice? yes with regard to the standing position, the guitar does not go forward (as would a gibson SG for example) BUT, this explains in part the problem cited in the preceding paragraph (difficult access because too close to the handle strap) .. .
Otherwise the guitar is very well balanced, it can not let go she leaves to the left when standing

Do you get a good sound easy?

It depends on what one wants to play, I develop this point just below


Are they suitable for your style of music? What kind of sound you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "fat ",....) what are the sounds you prefer, you hate?

No one buys this guitar to play jazz (or else we avoid going on stage with ...). This guitar is the signature model is called high-end of a giant factory of thrash metal: Dave Mustaine. Knowing the man, it is expected that delivering a good guitar crunch with energetic warm and defined treble for solos. To begin with the clear sound of the handle is a warm, honeyed coming out, add a little chorus and a little reverb and you will easily find a clean sound very 80's metal.
Regarding the microphone is the acute I became disillusioned: no way to find my happiness, it was beautiful sets his amp in every way possible, we realize that the problem does not come from his gear. The sound is anything but powerful. Having another guitar equipped with EMG, I expected to have a sound that had some punch, but nothing like that, I had to increase again the volume of the amp to get the same volume as the other guitar with EMGs but he did not follow its so far, it was more like a poor microphone on which liability would be too forced on the gain ... I even thought the battery was damn (but obviously that was not it). No crunch dutout, feeble sound, (nothing to do with the traditional SH4), the distortion produced over a crésillement more than anything else and to top it off, the buzz caracteristics of passive pickups, so that those assets are ... Sound anything but metal!
Not to remain with this sound, I did install EMGs on this guitar (strange for a guitar with pickups signature signatures) and the sound has improved. The guitar has produced a good jug with a nice sound in the treble with an output level of income suddenly it would have been initially. This guitar produces a rather "hollow" nonetheless, I remain convinced that the wood used here (filled mahogany recess) is really too light, nothing to do with the "mahogany" for example in ESP. I've never been entirely happy with the sound that this guitar freed.
I know it's unrealistic to say that buying the guitar for X we will have a sound! But there is still some grain that is found with certain brands of guitars like ESP or Jackson (who I think is the best example) on albums by artists who use them. But anyway, this guitar does not deliver anything comparable with what can be heard on the album by Megadeth or is supposed to use it!

With what (s) amplifier (s) or effect (s) do you play?

I play on an all-tube Bogner amp, line6 effects and noise gate course, this is surely not my stuff that was the problem


For how long have you been using it? What thing do you like most/least about it?

I bought it early this year and I soon regretted my choice. I wanted a guitar shaped V quality without an exorbitant price opt for style King V USA but I would have done better to reflect on my purchase ...

Did you try many other models before getting this one?

Not just because this form there was not really 50 models for this price. It is never very comfortable in the store and saw that the guitar is equipped with 09-42 home given Eb ... we can not really judge it at its fair value at the store

What is your opinion about the value for the price?

So many good points finish on that bad ... The guitar is well built but finished in a hurry. It is still provided with a carrying case brand Dean (extremely large) perfect for this guitar quin'est not nothing

Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice?

Today, this guitar is no longer in my possession, I could at least recoup some of my investment, I am sure will be much better spent.
A choice I'm not ready to redo an instrument!

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