Epiphone 1967 Flying V
Epiphone 1967 Flying V

1967 Flying V, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the Flying V series.

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 3 reviews )
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Pauloscorps's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone 1967 Flying V
Characteristics have been said above.


Handle very nice, although it's not the highway, because there is almost no varnish.
Access to acute obviously is great with this V-shape
It stings the nose a lot, but with a good leather strap that hangs the clothes here goes. I find it very light compared to my Cort Zenox 42.
The sound, a disaster! See below


Purchased at the base to play the Hard-Rock (the skyscraper to Mr. Schenker anyway) I was terribly disappointed.
The pickups are really pathetic, as their aesthetics (black tape) by their sound. They are terribly rough, can not find something drinkable, though I play a very versatile amp, a Roland Cube 30.
If you buy it, you really predict a change of pickups Now, for my part, I turned to EMG, and there it sounds!


I use it for almost a year.

- Magnificent skyscraper a very good finish
- Access to acute
- The class xD

- The pickups definitely
- It stings the nose

Having tested a lot of guitars, I must admit I was very disappointed with the pickups, but after they change, we begin to love this beast with all our heart.

Value for money: 7 / 10 as many competitors are much better for the price (eg Cort).

I think I will take a few, yes, that was my little dream, but this time I would not wait nine months before changing the pickups.

triaccab's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone 1967 Flying V
- Flying V from Core. In any event, at ca epiphone is from China or corea affordable night it comes from USA, and it's a bit more! ^ ^
- 22frets handle, fixed bridge, black color paint
- 2micros selectioneur humbuckers with 3 positions ((bridge pickup, neck + bridge, neck) arranged a cot in pots, not as convenient to access on an LP, but even when it's going.
- 3 pots: 2 volumes, and one of tonalitbr /> - My neck and body of the guitar are one: yes, the handle is not screwed. Personally, I think of the violin making relatively good, although lgre (like SG).

Brief form is what I wanted to have, and at the same time no vibrato, for once, it feels good. It allowed me to test me other ways of tuning, as most in need of any reacorder ^ ^

In any event, a flying V for a flying s'achte in hand, otherwise, buy as many other models.


Channel a bit big for my taste the first time. J'tais used to the sleeves of my Start and my Ibanez. Not super enjoyable to manchers raids, even if I am not an expert for that. on the other hand for rhythmic, it's going ... The lead hand comes with time.
In terms of access to acute aps is a problem ... even when Flying V! The handle is a bit much to treble levels, but as I said above it comes with time.
it is far from being practical to play sitting down, but at the same time we bought a flying V not to play against in this manire.La head is a bit heavy, the blow when you loose the guirate it stings the nose. As long as the guard in hand no problem, but ... The downside is, because it is not practical to settle the pedals, take the microphone, partition or text on the desk, a beer or a cigarette between two pieces, etc ...

The sound when it was relatively even when full of mediums. The bridge pickup is pretty slammed, but lacks EHJV in serious when the neck pickup, it is relatively fat and quite heavy, and with good fat distortion is a pleasure for the riff, and agreements size for sound guibsons (Lenny Kravitz, Black Sabbath, ...). But I think change can be els microphones in his history of winning with.


I think it's adconseiller for those who want to make the handjob technique, but the AC is just personal opinion. Although with the fingers of Zakk Wylde, sound fat enough it may well prter.
I use it currently on a banti 112, a relatively neutral amp and lifeless, but until the sound suits me well reboost a little on the bass and midrange equalizer.
For vintage rock, fat, style Black Sabbath, Led Zep, zztop, etc ... it's perfect. ^ ^
For stoner-rock heavy enough, or droped in C #, the sound is also nice.


Dlaiss for nearly six months after the purchase I redcouvert from 6 months to a new project. I had too quickly in the catalog vintage rock, but by changing the tuning (the simplicity of simple bridges), I begin to love it, find my bearings, and to play droped or C #, it allows stand out from my other guitars.

I think just change the pickups (the Gibsons, PRS or Seymour, j'hsite) may have a history of more gain, and can be done again a few welds the indoor of the can (the slectionneur whims of a few positions in recent weeks), but for nearly 450, plus some investment, I think it's worth it. Anyway, I think I probably would do what the choices ...

Maolyn's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone 1967 Flying V
Made in Asia (China and Korea I do not know ... I removed the label)
22 frets, two double micros
A three position switch, three knobs (tone and volume)

The finish is excellent, except the species of black tape around the microphone, it's cheap, but hey, it will be crazy: it sounds.


The handle is very nice, very thin, probably not for large paws, and finally release it after playing a sound.
Suitable for both for rhythmic arpeggios that.

Access to acute is no problem, you saw fit.

To ergonomics, as most Gibson Epiphone and therefore, it looks to the head, and is quite heavy. Small but good accuracy is quite logical given the physics of the Beast (beautiful?): Sitting with the guitar playing is not great, but hey, it's really not made for that.

For its all relative, but two rounds of knobs I can get what I want.


The bridge pickup has a really good sound, good slam to play punk, funky stuff or even if your trip is nickel
The middle position is a real treat: Gibson bass and treble.
The microphone is serious ... how to say ... the sound is beautiful, no need to effect or anything, it sounds really.

I find it both very good dual microphones, especially for the price. I could compare the sound of a Gibson SG, it's really kif kif: /

The sounds of course it depends on taste, I love the sounds that I draw.

I do not put as 9, at recess when Gibson got to be better.


I own this guitar for almost 3 years and I do not regret my choice, but then not at all.

_The Weight

_The Sound
_The Finish
_The Handle very nice, do one blocked the above is a breeze
_Pareil For the transition to acute
_The Color (red and white candy for me)
_The Look

With experience, I do it again this choice without hesitation.
Even with more money for a guitar with a big sound, there is no better (though a ES335 Gibs ... but I said gold coins, not a fortune;)