Epiphone Explorer
Epiphone Explorer

Explorer, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the Explorer series.

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All user reviews for the Epiphone Explorer

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 8 reviews )
 7 reviews88 %
 1 user review13 %
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tjon901's review"Budget Explorer"

Epiphone Explorer
Epiphone is Gibsons affordable guitar line. These guitars have almost exactly the same specifications that Gibsons do except they are not made in America. Since they are officially licensed the shapes are exactly the same as you would get on a Gibson. Some foreign copies have to change the shape to avoid copyright infringement, Epiphone does not have to worry about this. This Epiphone is a copy of the 1976 reissue of the Gibson Explorer. This Epiphone model is made from the mahogany wood. It has a 22 fret mahogany neck with a rosewood fretboard. Two humbucking pickups which are a Epiphones own alnico humbuckers. Two volume and one master tone control with a 3 way toggle switch pickup selector.


This Explorer has the Gibson 60s profile neck. Gibson changed the neck profile in the 60s to make the guitars easier to play. The 50s necks were very large and some people found them hard to play. The 60s Gibson neck profile is one of their most popular. The upper frets are easy to reach because of the Explorers design. The radical shape actually gives the guitar a perfect balance for playing while standing up. When playing an Explorer you forget about the radical shape because the guitar is so comfortable. The shape gives the guitar perfect balance.


This Epiphone gets the warm tones you would normally expect from a Gibson guitar but at a much lower price. The guitars large shape means that there is a ton of wood. The more wood a guitar has the better it typically sounds. With this much mahogany the guitar has awesome resonance. The Explorers pickups come from the factory with the covers removed. Guitarists in the 70s found that if you removed the covers from humbuckers you could get a little more bite in your sound so Gibson decided to do it from the factory for the players. These pickups match well with the wood. The nice high end bite they give balances out the warm tones from the mahogany.


This is as close as you are going to get to a Gibson Explorer without paying Gibson prices. Being an official copy means that all the specs are correct and the shape measures up the same. Head to head soundwise this guitar does not sound much different than the Gibson version. And that sound is good. A lot of Les Pauls are being chambered for weight now. This means that some of the wood inside them is removed to make them lighter. This hurts the tone a little bit. The real Gibson tone comes from the wood and this Explorer has plenty of wood. If you want the Gibson tone for Epiphone prices you should check this guitar out.

moosers's review

Epiphone Explorer
The Epiphone Explorer is an electric guitar that I believe is made in Korea.  The guitar has dueling pick ups with volume and tone controls for each, as well as a standard pick up switch.  I'm not sure about what types of wood the guitar is made from, but overall it has quite a sturdy build and is pretty heavy for a guitar.  I've only played the guitar few times, so I don't know all of the details relating to it's characteristics, but Epiphone's site should give you everything that you need to know.


Playing the Epiphone Explorer is overall a real pleasure.  The neck has a good feel to it as I felt I was able to play easily up and down the neck.  The body is the classic Explorer shape and it is generally a rather large guitar.  Getting a nice sound from the guitar isn't a hard thing to do in my opinion, as the two pick ups allow more than enough control over your sound.


The sound of the Epiphone Explorer can be described as thick and meaty.  It's great for playing both lead and rhythm guitar parts, as it has a full bodied sound no matter where you are playing.  I've used the guitar in tandem with a Vox AC30 and a few different effects like a Tube Screamer and some reverb and delay, and I found it was quite easy to get the sound that I wanted out of the guitar.  Flipping between the pick ups will give you a variety of tones that are pretty versatile and is perfect for switching back and forth between playing rhythm and lead parts.  While the guitar is generally associated with heavier rock music, I think that it is suitable for any type of music where you would want a thick guitar tone.


While Gibson's version of the Explorer is certainly a bit more refined, the Epiphone Explorer surprisingly stands up quite well.  I really don't have too many complaints about the guitar as it has a killer look and the tone to match.  The guitar is definitely reasonably priced, and is perfect for those who don't want to spend the big bucks on the Gibson Explorer but still want a high quality guitar.  If you're into the Explorer look and sound, Epiphone's version is definitely a guitar worth trying out.
MGR/marc hennessy 06/20/2004

MGR/marc hennessy 's review"Epiphone Explorer"

Epiphone Explorer
i baught my explorer from a shop in newcastle called sound control. i paid 340 quid fore it.

the guitar is very well manufactured. it has an excelent aggresive look to it and sounds like a bomb going off when u crank the volume up to full. this guitar is by far the best i've played and i recomend every metal loving head banger to buy one.

the guitar is a little hard to play sitting down because of the shape. but it can still be played if you have quite a bit of space. my hand started to cramp up a little bit after playing sitting down. on the tone switch i get a little bit of crunching when ajusting it but other than that its wickid

quality wise, this guitar comes as good as it gets for its price. designed by gibson you can expect it to be good and it lives up to the name stamped on te top of it. epiphone have made a great job on the construction and theres no problems from whati can see.

overall this guitar is awsome. i recomend every metal lover to get 1. it has a great sound even through small amps and i have tried it through a 200 watt stage amp and it blows the windows out. go out and buy 1 and find out fore yourself what im talking about.

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CPS 202008/14/2011

CPS 2020's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Beautiful beast!"

Epiphone Explorer
It is a Korean production of good quality. Despite the size of the guitar, it does not weigh too heavy. The varnish is good, but not great (light fitting trace).

The handle is very late for Gibson (Gibson or copy). Perfect for the rhythm, but probably less easy for the solos, while it seems rather cut out for this.


Usage is very agréable.La back shape of the guitar allows to put his arms as an armrest. So we can play long enough without a problem.

THE guitar has the same problem as the SG. She has a tendency to lean forward, but with the usual, this is not a problem.

Access to acute cases is a real treat. It can grow without problems in a corner this guitar.


This guitar is made for its saturated. Just plug it into a small Marshall (not even lights!) To be immediately saturated sound good rhythm. The transition between the neck pickup alone, and the dip is not super sensitive.
As against acute position allows her to have another well defined and "clean" very well defined.

In his clear, we find pleasure precise and clear sound on which to apply effects without losing accuracy.

This guitar has a sound so good at it ....


I've had 15 days. I cracked on the form, because it is a legendary guitar and it amused me to have in my collection. But I was surprised to see that this guitar was excellent and perfectly complemented the other models sounds (TV, Strato, SG, Les Paul.

Excellent chois given the price. Do not hesitate if you want to please you.
One tip though, given the size of the thing and its sharp angles, buy the Epiphone flycase hard, rather than a cover, this will let you keep the beautiful as the first day!

spinko's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Explorer
Bought in 2002 for 630 euros. At this price the Epiphone starts Seriously compete with Gibson.
This is not a simple copy of an original model but Gibson thought for hard rock and metal, it will appeal to soloists particulirement thanks to its ultra-fast neck, van halen fan of satriani, this guitar is for you.
- Manufactured in the custom shop Coren Epiphone
- Solid mahogany body (I made mine sand to blow up the black painted)
- Handle screwed in maple with rosewood fretboard that allows playing a phenomenal speed
- Floyd rose revolution MGM (we thread the strings behind like a classic vibrato)
- Micro di Marzio (sound is the strong point of this guitar)

8 years did not handle the candles in Floyd allows zero use, you can ask the palm above without moving. This guitar is in playing comfort and sonority guitars rated triple.


I'm solo so I particulirement appreciates the rapidity of the handle and finish worthy of a guitar 2000 euros.
The guitar had its effect on stage (I had bought for a base) but it is very comfortable and allows any game techniques. From blues to Mtal.
THE vibrato is very easy to use and allows a lot of madness, I use it constantly, and when I relche, it remains stable, I can put my hand on it.

The use is very wide in large part thanks to the quality of the microphones.


On the clean channel, we get a beautiful sound, very ample and warm. It almost sounds as well as a fender.
On the saturated channel guitar is a real killer, the output level is downright twice my jackson Mount Seymour Duncan.
The notes seem out of hell as cannonballs. The sound is trsdfini for power chord ultra saturated.
In short, the guitar is gnial and really sounds like a guitar 2000 euros!


A handle and special microphones, great shape, everything for 630 euros. I possd until thirty guitars, it really is breathtaking, the price-quality ratio is unbeatable, it is much better than many guitars much more than I could have .dropoff window
Explore the current manufactured by Epiphone are completely largues Finishers and sonority.

lindse's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Explorer
High-end model of the series of the era Epiphone purchased new for about 650 euros (the era in 1998, c'tait frank about 4500 francs)

- Guitar assembles hand Core, controlle Nashville in the US (it is on the rear plate)
- Solid mahogany body
- Maple neck rather thin, ideal for playing fast
- Di Marzio pickups tone zone
- Pink Floyd evolution can go underneath the strings giving the sustain of a fixed bridge.
- String block and mcaniques oil bath
Superior finishing some USA, especially the handle.

The big strength of this guitar is its sound, very close to a Lespaul but also dfini.


The handle is a rgal, it is infinitely Superior that of my Stratocaster and my SG. We quickly himself a virtuoso as the game is easy.
Ergonomics and what is therefore exploring the desti- nations most recently boxes is reached without problem
To not get a nice sound, you really have a rotten amp because a Marshall guitar sends heavy!
Floyd is very simple and uses possde a zero position that raises hands on it.


The sound is standard notes last for hours ... In clean, the Di Marzio are both jazzy or crystalline according rglages: nothing to do with sound without me for a BC RICH or Ibanez RG Chinese style.
Good locks when the distortion, we quickly realized that the guitar is made to have the harmonics are dmoniaques, bass vibrate the walls. You can get a very beautiful sound the Santant or more furious echoes the Megadeath.
In its ultra saturated well dfinies remains bends notes and screaming death.
The best sound I've ever saturated obtained 10/10.


Now how would such a guitar, I tried a lot of model rcent, Jackson, LTD, Ibanez but their sound is cold, without scale.
This guitar is a gem for fans of Hard blues / punk / Mtal / trash, but I use it mostly for my solos and play the blues. A rare and compelling guitar.

b-slayer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Explorer
Manufacturing Corenne surely, but the finish laminate is honorable
Bolt pitch fender 22 boxes (look for the error)
Licensed Floyd Rose bridge with string locks on the head
Tone volume one a 3-position toggle switch
the handle is plutt in a standard "Fender-ien" level thickness / width
Fully guitar is black, including hardware, no shield
double micro style "ZBRA" with a coil and a black crme
Note that the photo above is not the right, as my MODEL smaller in body


The handle is enjoyable without being a highway, Access in acute is good enough if indeed one does not take into account the large bead that comes gcher the fte was from the 17th hut
ergonomics is good because you can play sitting or standing problem, has noted that the guitar tends to bite the head
the sound is average for a guitar c'tait manufacturing mid-range, replacement of the microphones are almost mandatory on pain of Feedback of all kinds under heavy distortion type mtal area and others (which is why it has t Designed I think beginners 90s, PERIOD mtallica black album, you draw a picture)


This guitar is now over me "laboratory" as the main instrument
t handle a chang mics too, and it is always Fidler to the post, it is much agreement, the sound is "pass" or transparent
the visual record: the mtal
its register sound: a notch below the mtal because the original pickups that are a little "hair hair"


I possde this shovel since 1996 (pfff. dj ... ..) and what I prfre is its look, what j'apprcie the least: the fact that '... it is laminate, micro rotten
I do it again this choice because it was my guitar Premire "mtaleux" and just to see the head of my friends when I left her bag the very first time ... "c 'What is that thing "
a worthwhile

psykkoma's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Explorer
MODEL I explore the old type 2 Gibson Explorer, which dates from about 10 years ... it has no plate, it noite with silver logo on the head, a vibrato like pink floyd, a rope blocks (useful when you are in agreement so drop like me)
Only 2 knobs unlike The series follows, tone and volume, and the wood is also DIFFERENT ...
a 3-position selector for the pickups but also a face that the new series of Difference ... one dtail trs ugly in my opinion, the pickups black and yellow! but good with black hoods ca the fact !;)


I also have a jackson ps 2 and I prfre the handle of the Jackson, faster ... but explore it to enter in the register of metal's heaviest genre or no doom metal c impressive one feels the influence of gibson! it seems to crasis notes, plant them as a bass player can do and even in standart tuning so I deprecated the soloists even if ACCESS is acute bon.Donc I think it is not versatile at the touch but it's really for mtalleux a try! I love it! If the vibrato is effective even if I n 'm not used to playing with a vibrato which button rglages affect some hand-palm mute lol! a habit.


The claque! I got it for 200 euros supposedly unmarketable as fresh and I f an excellent deal! Lezs sounds are very clear and very large saturax spend much more powerful than Jackson, even the serious Submitted by standart well but it may be due to oxidation of the microphones because it even when more than 10 years and I had to kiss a notch of the gain v amp so it has potato in good saturmais kan even though I am tempted to put emg pickups on it and put the double Acute jackson ... J'tais interested in a 7 string but a drop in exploring such ca Preska as hard as g carrment banished my bass on my compos! but the clean sounds are very nice and can easily fairesdes arpges crystalline or parts crunchy blues pretty clean.


A great guitar! Geule less than that explored the Gothic but for 200 euros it's worth it! Besides, I think I'll customize! I agree for large parts mtal greasy and heavy but are touched only make it less polyvalente.ls pickups are really nice even if both volume thoroughly she spits ptetre too lol! gain a background rcupre feedback and it is saturating my poor little park 15 watts by inflating both in the grave! With the v amp is a wonder I tried it on a valve and vodoo c'tait really nice!