Jackson PS6T Kelly
Jackson PS6T Kelly

PS6T Kelly, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the Performer series.

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 4 reviews )
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 1 user review25 %
 1 user review25 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Johnny.Blackout's review"Great rocking guitar ! !"

Jackson PS6T Kelly
My Jackson PS6T Kelly is transparent red, made in Japan, bolt on 24 fret neck with dots, a Jackson licenced Floyd Rose, EMG 81/85 set.
IMO the Performer series Kelly's are better than the Professional series Kelly's. These guitars had great quality control in manufacturing. Much better than the new JS series. The finish is beautiful, the Jackson tremolo is one of the better licenced FR out there only second to a gotoh.
One volume knob and a 3 position switch is all I need, no tone knob. The switch gets tempermental now and again but flicking the switch again in a frenzy is a quick fix.
The neck stays straight and feels great, the action can be set very low and harmonics, hammer ons, tapping, etc. is easily achieved.


The Kelly explore body is not too heavy but weighted enough for good sustain. Balance is a bit off but still comfortable.
There is no problem accessing all frets. The strap mount is at the back of the guitar, so the neck leans away from your body a bit, I prefer this over a strat style where the guitar is parallel with your chest.
It hangs like a flying V in comparison making it easier on your hand so you do not have to bend your wrist as much. In my coventional body style guitars where the strap mount is on the tip of the top horn, I remove it and screw it into the back of the body like the Kelly and Flying V. This is a good tip for anyone that may have tendonitis or carpal tunnel to make playing more comfortable.


The Jackson pickups are the worst pickups I have ever played through. Jackson excells in build quality, finish, necks, and tremolos but fail miserably with their pickups (total junk).
An easy fix is a quality replacement. I prefer an X2N, JB, EMG 81, or Invader in the bridge position. Any of these pups will bring this guitar to a perfect rocking machine. Neck pups can be any DiMarzio or Seymour Duncan as an upgrade. I play through Hughes & Kettner amps and cabs. Mostly hard rock and metal.
My Kelly is my go to axe for most band practices and most live gigs.


I like everything about this guitar, no flaws at all once the pickups are changed.
Great value and quality for the price.
I have played many body styles and the Kelly has been my shape for a few years now, replacing the Flying V.
The Jackson Performer Series Kelly is a comfortable, easy to play, great looking rocking guitar that I recommend to everyone.
It was originally replaced by the Professional Series, then the KE3, and now the JS Series.
Since Fender bought out Jackson and started building the JS Series in India, I feel the quality has dropped significantly and to me is a disappointment to the Jackson name which always meant quality. Seek out the Performer series Kelly. The KE3 is a good alternative and may be easier to find used.

MGR/Aeneus's review"Jackson Performer PS-6T"

Jackson PS6T Kelly
I ordered this guitar from Guitar Center, because I knew that they would have it in stock. Also, Guitar Center offered a fairly competitive price for it ($480). It was $30 extra for the nice transparent red finish.

This is the ultimate "step-up" guitar for someone who wants a bright, contemporary sound. Though it can't even be compared to my Ibanez JEM-7V, it is extremely nice for the money you pay. The finishes are great, because Jackson offers transparent finishes on flamed maple. Most of the woods are pretty standard (alder body; maple neck; rosewood fingerboard). The alder body has a very versatile tone. The pickups are versatile as well. They are not too hot for jazz, yet not too mellow for metal. This guitar is for someone who is dedicated to their instrument but can't afford an expensive custom shop Jackson. Also, the shape is that famous, yet modern Kelly style much like the Gibson Explorer.

What I don't like is Jackson's Tech Support. Unfortunately, the hole in the bridge for the whammy bar became stripped, so I could not keep it in. I called Guitar Center who gave me the number for Jackson. Then, I found out that there was no such phone number. I called directory assistance for Jackson's phone number (Fort Worth, Texas), and was informed that there were no listings for Jackson there. Later I E-mailed them, and they never replied back. My Floyd Rose remains messed up (though I have developed a neat whammy technique using my hand to add vibrato to chords). Also, it is hard to balance the instrument standing up, and the end ends up getting chipped (the end of mine is bare, red wood now). To add to this, my pickup selector is sort of broken. There is an art to changing pickups
Another thing that makes me sad is that this guitar has been discontinued, but I'm sure that it is readily available somewhere (if you buy this used for under $250, then it is a steal).

The construction is great (besides the fact that the bridge and the pickup selector fell apart). Okay, maybe the comstruction isn't that great, but fortunately, the tone is worth your money. This guitar can seriously squeel. The strings that come on it aren't that bad either, but it sounds great for Funk when you put some Elixirs on this thing.

If you are on a tight budget, and you don't want a piece of firewood like a Squire or and Epiphone, BUY THIS GUITAR!!!

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tanador's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson PS6T Kelly
24 frets, 2 double original jackson, replaced with emg 81 and 89.
licensed floyd jackson
a tone, a 3-position selector
end round, flat, wide asssez.


Handle very nice! access to a treble a bit difficult from the 22 th but used it to pass.
not too heavy compared to other guitars (I think of home LTD viper with which I have compared it), form very pleasing to the eye ^ ^ and not a problem for the game up, which is facilitated by the weight. a guitar so comfortable on stage.

I have not tested the microphones home, I got it with my EMG, so the sound is just EXCELLENT, a good violin.


METAL rules so yeah no worries with the EMG.
I play on a peavey bandit 112
for his démerder you, it's a good Personal!

but overall the sound is flawless real, probably thanks to emg again.


I use it for a year
I like its shape, color, sound, ect .... its handle but I do not like: its FLOYD! bah so even if he holds the tuning nikel I do not like Floyd's physics! So although I've never had a problem with the floyd, I want to change scraper (try the section in buy / sell!

very good value given the price qualitée Argis ridiculous!
yes I would do because it's still a very good scratch, but I would ask Jackson to give me the same but floyd ^ ^

knafel95's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson PS6T Kelly
Made in Japan in the 90
Licensed floyd is well accodage
jackson run fairly late type with 24 frets
2 humbuckers with 3 position selector and one volume. Tone'll have a more better now t


The handle is enjoyable trs, trs the taping goes well and the acute CHAC is good enough.
ergonomics is not bad but the shape is not trs balance. it is still quite heavy so prvoir strap quite comfortable. the game is enjoyable as it sat is calle trs well.

Sound is average with the original microphone. in addition to the two mine has unleashed two months of interval.
with 2 seymour sh6n TB6 and its sounds great.


Before my seymour duncan, the note shall have t 5 / 10. Now it will be rather 9 / 10, the lute is not bad for the price (250 used). I play a Peavey ValveKing 112 since last August, before I played on a marshall MG15CDR. I have a microphone with it its edge, perfect for the thrash is the same black.
Split my micro j'obtient clear sound not too bad, but hey it's not too much dommaine action.


Its been 2 years that I have, I cracked on the shape and price. 2 rels default, the lack of reliability of micro and Tone absent.
I test some ltd, ibanez, before I had an Epiphone Les Paul LP100.
Now that I have, I think not to resell one day. unless I can afford to spend on a kelly more upscale (for example, KE2)