Jackson RR5 Randy Rhoads
Jackson RR5 Randy Rhoads

RR5 Randy Rhoads, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the Pro series.

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All user reviews for the Jackson RR5 Randy Rhoads

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 12 reviews )
 10 reviews83 %
 2 reviews17 %
Value For Money : Excellent

tjon901's review"Good midlevel RR"

Jackson RR5 Randy Rhoads
The RR5 is a good midlevel guitar in the RR line. Randy Rhodes was an iconic guitar player for many people and the RR series of guitars is a lasting tribute to him. The RR5 is pretty close to what he last played. It has some high end features of the RR1 with some simple features that increase simplicity and reliabilty. The RR5 has an alder body with a neck though maple neck. The guitar is a hard tail so you get 6 normal tuners up top and a tune-o-matic bridge. The bridge has a string through stop tail that increases sustain. The pickups are a classic set of Seymour Duncans. The bridge pickup is a Duncan JB with a Duncan Jazz in the neck position. The controls are pretty typical with two volumes and a master tone with a 3 way toggle.


The playability is pretty good and is increased by the hard tail setup. Upper fret access is pretty decent. Only having 22 frets helps this because the V shape is pretty broad and with 24 frets they may get hard to reach. The rosewood fretboard feels good under your fingers. The neck through design means there is no heel so that is good too. Jacksons at these levels come with compound radius necks. This means that on the higher frets the radius is flatter making it easy to bend but on the low frets its more curved making chords more comfortable. The hardtail bridge means you have excellent tuning stability and the string through hard tail increases sustain.


The alder body with the maple neck give you the classic shred guitar tone. Not many companies put after market pickups in their guitars but Jackson does. Jackson knows if you are paying more than 1000 dollars for a guitar you should not have to change the pickups right after you get it. The JB and the Jazz is a good set if you are playing heavier music. The JB is a great bridge pickup when combined with the right wood guitar. In a mahogany guitar like this it is perfect. The low end is tight but not djent tight. It has a nice about of sag to it. It has good midrange and high end to it. It cuts really well and does not get muddy. The Jazz in the neck is clear and tight. The Jazz is like a more modern sounding 59 pickup. It is as smooth as the 59 but it has a bit more top end so it so it does not get as muddy as the 59 when you are playing with high gain. The sound matches the classic metal vibe of this guitar.


If you are looking for a Jackson RR but dont like tremolos this is a great deal. RR1T's are pretty rare and cost just as much as a normal RR1. This guitar has all the same features of an RR1T for like 1/2 the price. This guitar has great aftermarket pickups and great Jackson playability. What more could you need.

nickname009's review

Jackson RR5 Randy Rhoads
Made in Japan jackson RR5. I've owned 2 versions, one in the black with gold and one in white both of which are amazing and identical in specs.

Alder body (with flame maple veneer on trans finishes), maple neck (through body), compound radius rosewood fingerboard, Seymour Duncan JB humbucking pickups, adjustable string-through-body bridge and gold hardware. 1 vol 1 tone and a 3 way switch.

There are so many variations of this guitar but this one is basically the simplest and highest quality! It's a hard tail and it's made in japan. Best combination for an awesome guitar!!


Very nice playing guitar, the neck is I believe, jackson's compound radius neck which get flatter as you go up the frets for shredability.

The seymour duncan pickups are JBs I believe in both positions which are decent. I've owned two of these and one of which I kept the stock pickups in the other I changed to the EMG 60 and 81.

Both sound great!!

It is not ergonomically shaped of course. It's shaped for the look and it looks great, but if you wanna sit down with it you might have to get used to how to position it properly (having your right knee in between the 2 wings) propping it in a sort of classical guitar position. This is the love or hate part of the guitar. And for me, it made no difference.


For this review I will be judging the guitar based on the stock pickups, which are the duncan JBs. They sound great of course. They're a bit on the edgier side and can be known to be sharp sounding and bitey. Which is good for anything that involves high gain. The JB pickups are famously known for rock and high gain applications. Nobody talks about Duncan pickups without talking about the JB.

The distortion is tight, and bitey/edgy. Tweak the amp to compensate if it's too bright for you but generally the pickup is very workable. Leads are very prominent and come out strong!

The cleans are ok. On the neck pickup it is better but a bit too thick for general use. But the leads sound great on the neck also! The guitar itself has the same specs as a strat would, alder body (but neck through) and rosewood board so it should generally sound similar if that strat had a jb pickup in it.

I don't really need to comment too much on the sound as the JB pickups are rather versatile for a lot of applications. Though I wouldn't say they do too well for super low gain/bluesy stuff, although jeff beck HAS used these way back in the past for his stuff..just goes to show how versatile these pickups are!

Just the cleans would be lacking in my opinion. I've always loved the clean sounds of single coils and humbucker cleans just never seem to do it for me, too thick and dark!


RR5, best buy for the money. Hard tail for those who hate floyds. Awesome rock/metal shape to look great on stage, high quality construction since it's MIJ. Versatile set of pickups included. What else does anybody need??? Maybe a good case. That might be hard to come by, and sitting down playing needs getting used to. Otherwise, a great guitar, high quality and versatile sounding!! A great quality product from jackson!

MGR/MP's review"Jackson Pro Series RR5"

Jackson RR5 Randy Rhoads
I bought this beast at the local "Guitar Center." I paid around $1000 with tax.

The SOUND! I'm a big Randy Rhoads fan and WOW! This guitar is good for Heavy Metal and Rock music. Also it has a very thin neck which gives me a better reach and makes it easier to play faster. Finally the nice gold plated hard-ware

The odd shape makes it very difficult if not impossible to play while sitting down. thats about it.

When I first purchased it one of the volume knobs came undone. Which was easy to fix. Other than that everything is perfect.

Overall: I recommend this guitar to anyone. It is fun to play those screaming guitar solo's with this axe!

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

R2b2g51's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Sound as the amp versatile"

Jackson RR5 Randy Rhoads
Japan see site


Worthy, a Gibson Flying V, everything is perfect


Well, me and the metal that makes two .... I use it for blues and this amp is used to make all the difference:
st transistor amplifiers to ban except for its metal
the tube amps get a treat: I play on a Bugera 333 which I immediately changed the lamp for RCA NOS (new old stock) for 60 years and there was the sound you want


I recently needed a break like any microphones Seymour
It is very expensive in the normal price, thankfully, affordable ss import taxes subject to which I escaped
Note that the RR3 is much cheaper with Seymour "designed" made in Japan and the difference is not noticeable in use studio (I do not stage)
Gibson Flying V Jackson RR5 or it will depend on the use and reclamation Seymour with the tps ... it is certain that the wiring / capacitors / resistors Ceramic Gibson is the top ... I change all hifi cables for silver and gold plated tubes and tissue is the day and night

Lowayk's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson RR5 Randy Rhoads
The guitar was construiste in Japan in the factory they have set up Jackson there in the 80s.
It has 22 frets. Two Seymour Duncan humbuckers. Tune-o-matic.

Two volume knobs (one for each microphone) a tone knob, and a micro switch.

The handle is a "neck-through body."

I put 9 because there is no perfection, but it's not like I'm missing it to 10!


The neck is just perfect! I rarely had the opportunity to have one in both hands. It glides really well, and is very comfortable. A real treat!
The access to acute, the shape of the guitar, are of course very easy, you touch the strings without problems until the 22nd cargo.

In terms of ergonomics, again, it's pretty amazing, I was used to my old ex-50, which did not right at all, and that was heavier than a log, and when I went to RR5 ... a new world! The guitar remains stable, which is noteworthy for a guitar of this form. For cons, I noted that if the handle does not stung the nose, the guitar is a tendency to look from the inside, I mean not that the lower part of the body is closer to you than the upper. Nothing too annoying, but with such an instrument, it should be noted. I imagine that this concern can be adjusted with a very good strap, but I like mine, so what if it does not solve this problem, which, as I said, is quite minimal.
A frequently asked question, the game sat. If I was not able to play on sat at the beginning, I quickly retraced my ideas: it is very possible to play sitting down, you find a posture that suits you, but your left hand should rise high as that you play!

As for sound, do not be surprised to have the sick, the Seymour are there to remind us that the guitar is not a toy. I noticed that the microphone was a sharp bit of trouble when we went down a bit down the handle, the sound is slightly less accurate, but again, nothing terrible. I play mostly Metallica, and the trash, I have no desire to have its Dante. Same when I go to the metal higher, or more melodic. The settings very easily.


I play mostly metal, and the guitar is perfect for this, one suspects a little.
Whether Metallica, Trivium, System of a Down, Megadeth, Gamma Ray, Rhapsody ... It adapts to all styles of metal. I even tried the AC / DC, even then, she is doing really well.
I play on a Line6, Spider III 30 Watts ('ll be a better to honor the RR5: /), I use almost no effect when I play with distortion, so the distortion is self own. The sound is huge. By clean, I prefer to use some effects, such phazer, we get very, very nice things (I think I notament effects Combot to play Nothing Else Matters, Metallica, the sound is divine).
Depending on reglagles, the sound can be fatty, cold, crystalline, warm .. Brief. I did not try a different amp than my Line6, it is true that these amplifiers have an advantage when it comes apreciation enough to create sounds, play with the effects, It has a range of sounds which is very significant.

I'm not 10 for this small problem of acute sometimes a bit feeble level precision.


I use this guitar for a month, after having fantasized over for another month, and I am more than delighted to have this guitar in my possession.

I love the handle, which is really great, and the shape and even color (I have version ivory / gold). The guitar in form, is very aggressive, but nevertheless class, thanks to the ivory and gold.
The aspect I like least ... might be that I would have preferred less gold on the guitar, it shines a little even though ^ ^ I love it. I might be preferred rather than the EMG Seymour, but again, it's no big deal, the Seymour provide a max.

I hesitated between RR5, RR24 and which has only one EMG pickup. The sound was good, very good, but because of this configuration, the guitar is not as versatile as RR5.

Regarding the price, it is high, but I think the guitar is worth it. Originally sold at € 1,399, the small shop where I found it gave me a discount, I paid € 1230, and was offered a special cover Randy Rhoads, high quality, a value of € 90, all the same. In short, it is true that the guitar is cheap, but it deserves this award.

With experience, I will definitely this choice, whatever, if I sub, I will opt for the version USA Series, but it's more chic to have a guitar for the USA only difference between the two models.
If you are hesitating, then STOP, and whisked away to buy it;)

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson RR5 Randy Rhoads
Short story: In September 1977, Grover Jackson returns home as Wayne Charvel guitar rparateur. He bought the ailing company in November of the following ANNR continuing the work of Repair Tool and customization of guitars. End of 1980 he met the young Randy Rhoads, 24, and on the rise as a guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne. It will produce a first model inspired by the Gibson Flying V and the following year a more radical wing asymtriques. Jackson Charvel dmarque then productions, inspired by Fender and begins to put his name on some customiss MODELS. The brutal death of Rhoads in a plane crash revives the interest of the guitarists for the MODEL and Jackson is finally launching its first model under the name of SERIES: RR.

MODEL made in Japan
- Body Alder
- Channel driver Saddle
- Rosewood 22 frets
- Reprinted shark teeth inlays
- 2 humbucker pickups: Seymour Duncan SH4
- Rglages: 2 volumes + tonalitbr /> - 3 positions Slecteur
- Bridge Tunamatic
- Mcaniques oil bath
- Fittings dorbr />
Peru good quality and good finish overall. Especially what lgret.


Trs enjoyable round, thin, fast and prcis. Access in acute: they will jump on the treble! Ergonomics, guitar VERY balance (for a form type flying V when it is noted even!). Again: what lgret!


Oh it's heavy. Trsdfini and not elsewhere. A good noise gate with prvoir. For heavy riffs mtal is a joy. For a solo becomes dlicat. The Seymour Duncan do not show trs prcis in the treble, but you prciser aids they are not with the caliber of the strings above the factory montes: it is lightweight when same handicaps and the precision of play
Regardless, this guitar is captivating and his trs trs heavy grows the hair and tattoos eyes.
To Randy Rhoads, what c'tait guitarist with a taste for good guitars.


Nostalgia when you hold us ... Randy Rhoads died in 82 but his guitar "signature" remain NEWS. A REFERENCE what. Even if this guitar lacks a bit of precision in the treble I got is a real pleasure to play it, and rhythmical catches the ax this small default.

skatedav's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson RR5 Randy Rhoads
T say everything has previously


The handle is very pleasant, fine and fast while remaining pleasing to the riffs, a delight to handle.

access to the treble is simple thanks to the shape, the strap gene from time to time but all depends on your belt

Play sitting is really not a problem malfr everything that is said about his
The form is sublime (for my taste)

The sound is immediately saturated with it's magic.
The clean sound is super hot lorsquon Tone down the love.


This guitar is very versatile, even if it looks the limit in the metal, but they easily make the good old blues or rock with her: p

I play with a Randall RG 50 TC is the total Panard.
(Well it's still the same scratching the singer of bullet for my valentine 'attention ptdr)
I like everything with the scraper.



wildchild_'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson RR5 Randy Rhoads
Superb violin
Model Japan
22 frets
tunamatic easel
2 volumes + tonalitbr /> driver maple neck (through), alder body, 2 microphones seymiour duncan sh4, 3 position selector, a mechanical oil bath
Nothing to say it is beautifully done, and I know if it's worth knowing that for USA the finish is superb, no complaints!
(Maybe a little high ropes but it will rule!)


Channel Hyper nice, fine, fast, does not stick to your fingers!
access to the treble is so easy with a little practice (an hour or two out of nikel bends (jen will talk beautiful bend after)!
Level impeccable weight, it is neither gadget, nor too heavy, it looks no cot and stays in place.

Its level, it is obtained very easily, unless you too not know the system from position 2 (between the two microphones) which is very effective especially in his clear, THE sound in about 15 sec can be achieved. It's not very difficil enormously out of this guitar sounds GOOD!


It covient PARFATEMENT my style of music, and even to others!
I play with a Vortex H & K and it sounds really good !!!
I get quite a clear round (amp!) and between fat and heavy, I can get the sounds !!! even if the sound is not very fat (amp!), with a lamp jobtient has all kinds of sounds, and all sound really good!

In serious: although brutal rhythm Grosse, we know why the beast has made t !!! not to say it sounds!

The treble is out of bends crazy !!! the guitar face like crazy in the treble, it comes easily to me ^ m large palmut everywhere!
the boxes are nikels because the 12th is below the elbow, no need to do stunts !!!
not to say this guitar is really a pure marvel especially for the price !!!
jadore sonorits all, it's pretty clear nan ???


I use it makes about 8 months and it amazes me every day!
Jaime everything about this guitar, I have tried a lot of models before acquiring (Horizon, which also sounds good, PRS tremonti (beubeu ^^), Warlock BC Rich, etc .... and that is that I like THIS skyscraper the +!
Quelit report new price a bit expensive (1400 in Paris), but I got it in OCCAZ 650 then this is perfect !!!
I remake that choice about 20 000 times if I asked!

= Look over hell, His huge plain as saturation, weight, violin, etc ...
less = new price, which is removed by painting plates (small plates eh!), and the tips that tap anywhere if we do not atention, but it's just a matter of attention and do not buy this guitar if it is to yell it abyss, just a little attention and fair gonna nikel!

wildchild52's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson RR5 Randy Rhoads
Japan Model
22 frets
easel tunamatic
2 volumes + tonalitbr /> maple neck-through (through), alder body, 2 pickups duncan sh4 seymiour, 3 position selector, a mechanical oil bath


Channel HYPER nice, very thin and not wide, access to acute simplissime with a little practice, since the beginning o tjs a little trouble because it is rather to the 22nd pais box, but the shape of the guitar allows Accessibility assistive very easy! this one slip is that of happiness!!
ergonomics, the guitar does not look loose when the handle (eg RX10D, when you release the handle the guitar leans forward) weight too light nor too heavy, this is not a gadget more nn !
One of the industry, this is where we discover why bte Has made: Terrible saturated thanks to its two seymour duncan! its sound is quite clear lens, one must love! vr is that I put 9 because that's clearly not perfect, otherwise use ultra extremely simple, it gets the tt's away!


It is perfect for my style of music I play because I metal: you can spend big rock to heavy metal without any problems cashing the microphones rather well!
I play with a Hughes & Kettner Vortex, and the sound is perfect o to what I play!
This gives a fat when you put a low bottom, midrange and treble removes presqe has his. Again, the guitar made its Boulo
In his clear, we get a great sound on the mic serious for Balder, and his sharp in treble. celuici tjs a tendency to saturate a bit, but after the expense of the ke tt is seeing!
Jadore tt sounds, I can truly say that this scratching is quite versatile, but tt mm oriented metal cot, it will will probably seen the shape of the guitar!


I use it for 6 months, and I di it's not worth it to 1600 for the model of OCCAZ United States, certainly more perform the RR1 and KV2 Jackson, but I got my RR5 for only 650 (I think I made a deal). The new prices are too high against by the knowledge that you pay the brand name and signature.
Acquerire before, I tried a lot of scratches but only two have remained: the jackson RR5 and ESP Horizon, but have decided jme with the look of the RR5!
Excellent price to quality ratio occazion nine is too expensive, doi argued dan el 1000 o instead of the 1400 (yes the white is more expensive than black)
With experience, I do it again this choice without hesitate

wildchild52's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson RR5 Randy Rhoads
Beautiful violin
micro symour duncan sh4 (sleeve) and tb4 (bridge)
handle end and low action (typical sleeves jackson) NECK really pleasant
through tailpiece with tune o matic Chevalt
2potard volume
1potard of tone
even if it is not a US through the handle is great.


Channel super nice, thin and wide, it is perfect for sweeping tapping +.
access to the very simple thanks to the shape of the guitar and V NECK.
the weight is very light so far san talk about a gadget, the guitar stays in place and does not move in any direction. it is well balanced and does not address when the handle is loose.
we easily get a good (metal, of course !!!)


It is perfect for my style of music since I played as metal.
I play with a Marshall MG 100 DFX (which is nevertheless a transistor) and I get a big sound faiclement.
we get a very fat sound and crystal clear distortion. I heard the clean sound is very bad but I find it very well.
I love acute micro


I use it for 3 months
I like +: The look and sound
yes but I have tried but I prefer this one
good price quality ratio
I repeat that choice san hesiter