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Virtual Basses user reviews

  • Spectrasonics Trilogy

    Spectrasonics Trilogy - julian_r7's review


    Trilogy was introduced in 2002 by Spectrasonics and, since then, it has become the tool of choice of many musicians when it comes to sampled bass guitars. I first found it in 2010 and since then I have been unable to find any other tool that gives me…

  • Spectrasonics Trilian

    Spectrasonics Trilian - "The acoustic basses are the best!"


    Spectrasonics Trilian is a plug in that can be used on a Mac or a PC, it is a virtual bass instrument plug in with acoustic, synthesized and electric bass sounds that are perfect for any genre of music. Being that we make different styles of music fr…

  • Spectrasonics Trilogy

    Spectrasonics Trilogy - "A legacy product worth finding!"


    Spectrasonics Trilogy is a VST software plugin instrument that is a total solution for all bass sounds, both realistic and synth. It includes thousands of professional bass patches, with easily modifiable settings and parameters. For realistic basses…

  • Scarbee MM-Bass Amped

    Scarbee MM-Bass Amped - "Skeptical at first, but overall pleased"


    I run this on a Macbook Pro i7 core and an RME Fireface 800 and so far it runs pretty smoothly. I have had no glitches or dropped notes but I have experienced a little latency issue but I will go into that later. I have not needed to look at the ma…

  • Spectrasonics Trilian

    Spectrasonics Trilian - "The best Bass Virtual Instrument on the Market!"


    Trillian is a Acoustic/Electric/Electronic Bass Virtual Instrument from Spectrasonics with over 34 GB of samples. Over sixty different 4, 5, 6 and 8 string Electric basses are presented in fingered, picked, fretless, slapped, tapped, and muted tec…

  • Steinberg VB-1

    Steinberg VB-1 - " very bad"


    Easy SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE It works OVERALL OPINION can help as a temporary software but well below the quality of Spectrasonics Trilogy and East West Quantum Leap Hardcore Bass. Still has a realistic bass sound…

  • Native Instruments Essential Bass

    Native Instruments Essential Bass - moosers's review


    I didn't have any problems getting the Native Instruments Essential Bass up and running as it only took a matter of minutes.  There were no compatibility issues and since installing it I haven't had any problems related to installation whatsoever.  T…

  • Steinberg VB-1

    Steinberg VB-1 - moosers's review


    The Steinberg VB-1 Virtual Bassist plug-in came installed with Cubase SX when I was running that software, so the installation process was as easy as installing the sequencer software. Since both were made by the same company, I had no compatibly pro…

  • Manytone Music ManyBass

    Manytone Music ManyBass - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by LaGuibole/translated from Audiofanzine FR) I installed it on a notebook and a desktop PC (Pentium IV) without a problem. Just wait 5 min for the sample banks to load and that's it. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE No problem…

  • Spectrasonics Trilogy

    Spectrasonics Trilogy - FP User's review


    I can't think of anything missing. 349 usd Very easy to use, simple interface. Allows you to mix different bass sounds together to create some truly unique sounds. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Excellent sound quality. The number of bass sounds cannot …