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Fxpansion Virtual Drum Samplers user reviews

  • Fxpansion Geist

    Fxpansion Geist - "presets from Armin Van Burren is a plus!"


    FXspansion Geist is a virtual drum machine plug in that can be used on either Mac or PC. The step sequencer in Geist has really stepped up since previous models. The ability to create a full song and layout a song in Geist is as easy as it gets. It …

Translated user reviews
  • Fxpansion Geist

    Fxpansion Geist - " I was a fan of Guru, they made even harder!"


    No particular problem for installation. But having purchased the upgrade for users of special Guru, I have everything downloaded. So do not forget to make in order, first package containing the sound bank, and then updating the software. I have no…

  • Fxpansion DR-008

    Fxpansion DR-008 - Will Zégal's review


    Warning: This is a notice to hot: I just found the Bouzin. Update as soon as I went further. No problem to install: comes with Sonar, he kindly installed the software without making a fuss. Configuration fingers in ze nose with one exception: I…