Fxpansion Geist
Fxpansion Geist

Geist, Virtual Drum Sampler from Fxpansion.

Virtual Decadence 05/21/2011

Fxpansion Geist : Virtual Decadence's user review

«  I was a fan of Guru, they made even harder! »

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No particular problem for installation. But having purchased the upgrade for users of special Guru, I have everything downloaded. So do not forget to make in order, first package containing the sound bank, and then updating the software.

I have no manual in French. It is better to be English. And the videos on the site are top FXpansion to understand very quickly what brings the software as long as you already have a culture of sampling, the slicing and programming in step sequencer.

User GURU ancestor of Geist, it took me half an hour to tour the new features. Apart from the Song mode that I have not tried it yet.

I use a Korg NANOKONTROL Geist for the blender, and an Akai NANOPAD LPD8 for live or programming.


Used on a Macbook Pro 2.53 GHz, 4 MB of RAM. For now standalone. J4ai seen on the FXpansion forum that people had problems in Logic 9.1.x, I have not tried it yet. Be said that with the addition of the sampler from GURU (and song mode), I did not need to open Logic to complete my instrumentals as I am to the composition.

Standalone, the app is not too greedy.


I use it for about a month. Previously it was more than 4 years I used GURU which he is the major development. A test of the free downloadable demo and I cracked.

Excluding new features compared to Guru, the workflow is slightly different, faster, but always in mind. Control of the slicing is finally at the very best.
Compatibility with old files Guru did not ask any specific question.

So by focusing on inputs from Guru:

- The sampler. With a different management made super convenient. It can record live audio sound card, leaving a portion of the DAW via a plugin or an outright resampler outputs Geist himself.
- Editor slicing very easy to use.
- Effects of very high quality.
- The general workflow improvements.
- The pattern editor in multi-tool, a treat to go fast (when you come to this level of Logic is required). Small details such as how REMIX make this software has a "Wow" even when you're used to brand products. The thing that amazed me most in terms of improved usability is perhaps the new management of automation, much more convenient than before.
- To see: the SONG that was sorely lacking in Guru.

Otherwise the qualities of guru are still there: management layers quite creative, self-assignment of pads depending on the type of sounds (Kick, Snare, HiHat, Percu), scene management MIDI triggerable, many parameters MIDI controllable.
And they have erased the defects and fill the gaps. BRAVO!

- A little disappointed with the operation of the Midi Out. True, if one wants to say replace MPC must think about the people who would use it as a sequencer plug-ins. And there it is possible but complex and limited. It should load a sample that is going to transfer audio. Otherwise, the sequencer does not send a NOTE OFF. And so the duration of maximum score that can send MIDI Gesit will be the length of the sample. Not very practical. Hopefully an update (fairly common in FXpansion) will improve it. The day they do that, I will not hesitate to claim that they have finally exceeded the MPC.

- The bank provided a collection of premium provided less than the first Guru (the good news is that the former is compatible with Geist). And it is classified according to the authors, not very practical. I preferred the style classification of Guru.
Many sounds are included in REX2 loop format. But with the slicer great, it's not really a problem.

- The sequencer is the only step sequencer, it can interfere with some.

- This software allows so much that after we must be creative and imagine what we can do with all these cool features. But is it really a software defect?

Anyway, this software is addictive. And it becomes a production tool with the sampler and the Song mode.