Virtual instruments for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad
Music software for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad Virtual instruments for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad
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Virtual instruments for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad user reviews

  • Korg iPolysix

    Korg iPolysix - "Pure analog tone without the maintenance!"


    "I hear you're buying a synthesizer and an arpeggiator and are throwing your computer out the window because you want to make something real!" So goes the line in James Murphy's disco rant on LCD Soundsystem's first album. Ironically in an age whe…

  • IK Multimedia Sampletank for iOS

    IK Multimedia Sampletank for iOS - "Practical"


    Nearly 1 GB of different sounds, from piano to moog, wooden instruments and strings, it includes everything...when you buy the complete pack ($20). Which means it's a full expander for less than $30. Coupled with Mobile Keys from Line 6 for live u…

  • BeepStreet Sunrizer synth

    BeepStreet Sunrizer synth - "A superb Virtual Synth!"


    Good Very good It's a very good Virtual synthsize for iPad, for great price.…

  • iZotope iDrum

    iZotope iDrum - "Good for electronica"


    iZotope's iDrum is a program set up for those who need a solid electronica drum kit. It's set up to be easy to use, compatible with tons of devices (including the iPad) and sound fairly solid. I should mention right now that I deal with mostly heav…

  • iZotope iDrum

    iZotope iDrum - spiritfingers's review


    I installed iDrum without any problems and had the program making drum beats in minutes. There were no compatibility issues because I was running the program on a Mac. This program is Mac only, will not work for PC. The general configuration is simpl…

Translated user reviews
  • Korg Gadget

    Korg Gadget - " Fascinating !!!"


    I use it for 1 year soon, he served as dozens of applications into a single unified and ergonomic. Korg has answered many of the objections made by the users (landscape mode pattern 16 measures, support midi controllers and CC, CC edition) Leve…

  • Laurent Colson ChordPolyPad

    Laurent Colson ChordPolyPad - " Chordpolypad for Mac & Ipad"


    I use this app for a month Hello Is there a video or tutorial in French for a very interesting application? I bought it and I practice with the universal elements of reading agreements but I did not practice for all other features Cordially …

  • Korg Gadget

    Korg Gadget - " Shame ..."


    I use it for two days intensively. I love the collection and the amount of synth I hate lag whatsoever with midi keyboard or touch screen. The value for money is good, now if I have to change my iPad to use it fully so it will not do. Lim…

  • Apple DM1

    Apple DM1 - " Super"


    For some months I use quite regularly I would like to test the app to compare MPC I remake the same choice without hesitation! I used on ipad 2 to produce sounds and transfer them to GarageBand As a percussionist I needed an app with a libr…

  • Agile Partners GuitarToolkit 2.0

    Agile Partners GuitarToolkit 2.0 - " An application to have"


    It is an ideal companion for the guitarist who does not want to bother with a metronome and a tuner. This is accurate enough to agree quickly without being either at the high end tuners. I have long been used to give my ukulele before a dedicated tun…