Arturia CS-80V
Arturia CS-80V

CS-80V, Virtual subtractive synth from Arturia.

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 8 reviews )
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moosers's review

Arturia CS-80V
The Arturia CS-80V is a software synthesizer that is a virtual version of the Yamaha CS-80 from the late 1970's. You can get the software for all formats as far as I'm aware of, but I've only used it on a Mac based system. I don't own this software, so I wouldn't be able to speak about the installation process. Learning how to use the software isn't too difficult if you're just looking to get some basic sounds from it, but it's incredibly in depth. There are so many parameters on here it's almost hard to fathom! I haven't used an original CS-80V myself, so I can't say how it compares exactly, but it seems to be a pretty good emulation of the interface just by judging from pictures of the original. In my time using the CS-80V I've generally stuck to using the presets, but obviously you can get pretty deep with it if you spend the time learning what everything does. A manual would definitely be a good idea if you're serious about learning how to use everything in this soft synth.


We have the Arturia CS-80V synthesizer running at the studio where I'm working, which has it on a Pro Tools HD based system. It won't usually get used in Pro Tools however, as mostly it's used in Logic on this system. We have a few different studios, but it generally gets used in the smaller productions suites rather than the main room. Either way, all our systems are pretty sturdy and can handle running this software no matter what it's running with.


There's a ton of different sounds that are possible with the Arturia CS-80V, which are valuable to have regardless of if you're looking for sounds like the Yamaha CS-80 or not. I haven't delved into the CS-80V as much as is possible at all, but I've used it enough I think to get a good feel of the different sounds possible here, which are certainly vast. It's definitely got the sound of a 70's into the 80's synthesizer, which is great if you're going for that sort of vibe as I often am. If you're interested in this software at all, it's not too expensive as far as high quality software synths go, so definitely do yourself a favor and check it out.

songboy's review

Arturia CS-80V
This program installed without any problems. I have a hard time getting some of my stand alone programs to recognize my Presonus Firebox, but all of Arturia's stuff is great for compatibility. I haven't gotten into assigning midi controls from my midi keyboards yet, but it works great in Logic as well as stand alone. This is a copy of a real synth, incase thats not known, so it is fairly complex and tricky to figure out if you are the button pushing type (like me) as opposed to reading a manual type. Obviously this is not the programs fault. Moving through patches is fairly easy, but again, there are so many knobs that it will take some time to really get a grasp of this unit. Thats not necessarily a bad thing, in fact I like the idea of a lot of knobs and whistles, more of those equals more sounds and customization. I have not open the manual yet, as I got a couple software synths at the same time and have been playing around more than learning, but other arturia manuals have been clear and well written, so I would expect the same.


I have a MacBook ( 2.2 ghz, 120 gb hd, 4gb ram, generally use either a presonus firepod/firebox)
So far, the software has never had a problem opening, running, saving and performing.
As for performance, the sound quality is great, nice and rich pads, 80's esq. leads and nice fuzzy/strong basses.
I have never crashed or lost any sound or anything with this program and my setup.


I have been using the CS-80v for about three months now. I love the fact that it has never had any compatibility problems, has great sounds (I don't know exactly what an original CS sounds like) and has some killer pads ( I love pads!). I have other software synths made my Arturia as well as other brands. This one holds its own against all of them. I bought mine off of ebay in a package deal (moog modular and minimoog also) for about $250. I think it was a great deal. I would definitely buy this item again, especially if you like pads.

lolodilolo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Arturia CS-80V
Very easy install. May be used as stand alone or with fruity loops (I use).


All is well with my little setup.


The goal is to give an opinion on the sound quality of the product.
is the most important right?

I find crtion sound a bit complicated compared to a prophet or a v jupiter.
We talk too much here Vangelis. The sound is brilliant and any lack of punch, so if you hack the machine always found the sounds of Greek musician.
A synthesizer is to create these own presets and thus to invent and not copied.
I use it for typical aquifers. Terrific vibrato.
BPS but I lack all power, punch, it's soft.
A unison mode exists but the synth is monophonic.
I prfre my jp 6.
Having all the synths. I can only advise the pro 53.
the minimoog arturia. and Jupiter.

sjl's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Arturia CS-80V
The last day is finally set to delete a number of problems and other software incompatibilities.


CPU intensive, at least proc. 2.5gh, 1 gigs of RAM.
careful what we read about advertising! (even on the website of the brand)


I am fortunate to have an acquisition recently CS60, which starts the second line of the synthesis and polyphonic aftertouch (wholesale), has the same circuits as the original CS80, and therefore sounds the same fawn .
in fact, possess before, I had "ruquot; on CS80V Arturia, and I said to myself" ouhaou ", piloted by a kurzweil midiboard with 2ms latency, short, beautiful!
But then also the fact that the CS80V is a beautiful soft, it does not react at all in the same fawn (but then not at all) despite their updates, and bugs still Submitted (it must indeed pass through the modulation matrix for the control of the LFO rate via the pressure polyphonic while indicating knob touch response speed sub, is not recognized by the polyphonic pressure ...).
vangelis the famous copper is obtained by using the sustain mode in the down position with the stroke of knob about halfway, giving effect to all voices unison
In any case, the CS60, but nothing about the software.
this is so, also for envelopes, and the filter that frankly, do not have the same result either.
Now you tell me, what matters is what is done with, and there are what, with one as with the other, but remember, the use of a keyboard aftertouch Polyphonic remains essential even if the CS60 itself remains monaural.

ostrovitch's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Arturia CS-80V
I'm talking about version 1.5.

trs simple install on mac I do not know, but not PC specific problem.
The manual is well done, in French, English and Japanese


I personally run XP Pro with a P4 3.4GHz config enough muscle 2GB of DDR2.
The software arturia often consume a lot of CPU, but the quality is l.
In any case, the 1.5 seems to be less greedy than the previous ones, and even that
their other VST's, and it seems stable trs.


A special effort was made in this release does, to stick as much as possible
the original CS80. I think they have strong trs. The chorus and the ring modulator
are much like the previous version, and sounds as well.
The VCO also have t amliors. They have even given the possibility of dtuner
as the voices on the right. (Except that the true c'tait not really a choice but a default
it also gave his characters).
Nothing digital can never replace the original CS80, but considering the price (4500 to RL Music)
and the difficulty to find one, let alone the weight and takes the place has, I could
you advise the CS80V. Even if one day I could afford the original, I would continue
even when used as one of Arturia.

5312's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Arturia CS-80V
Bugs, bugs and bugs ... deprecated to the owners of the new G5 2Ghz, Kernel plant systmatiquement!

Precision: APRS Arturia have contact me confirm a bug, I have a new file reu VST arsolu the bp. So now all is well!


This synth is gnial, if in addition we use an expression pedals. We can thus raprocher the original CS80.
To report a bug that does not now record their own patches. That should be the next time rsolu days


Once the installation rsolus pbs (specially in panther) this synth is one of the best I know.

Vangelia's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Arturia CS-80V
No problem for installation
not to conflict


No I must change my sound card May I suggest an external device to
motu eg or other
yes no problem of software


3 months as I use it
for me the log is not expensive
yes I do it again this election and in addition I have the true Yamaha CS80, the Ftiche Vangelis.

SampleHunter's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Arturia CS-80V
Problem-free installation


Athlon 1.2 GHz, 512MB Ram
Stable software but consumes a lot of CPU


Dcidemment, they are really strong in Arturia. Those with AIM V Moog will not.

Although the CS-80 is not a "true modular", the possibilities of sound are amazing ... Fast Fashion

I am always fascinated at the sounds that you get from a basic waveform. I do not know the original, but its worth a clone numrique dtour.

The pros: the rich sound (dynamics, frquence), CHAC easy programming

The -: Some potentiomtres are difficult to change the mouse as a kid.