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Arturia Virtual Synths user reviews

  • Arturia Hip-Hop Producer

    Arturia Hip-Hop Producer - "For the first timers"


    This software is great for a beginner who just wants to get their feet wet in producing. It is called hip hop producer but it does not have to be for hip hop music. It does come with some great sample based drums and loops, it actually has more than…

  • Arturia Analog Factory

    Arturia Analog Factory - "try it first"


    Arturia analog Factory was very easy to use and to understand. I had no initial issues with using the program. I think there are a few things that can be changed about it though but they are minor things. First off, the program could be a little more…

  • Arturia CS-80V v2

    Arturia CS-80V v2 - "A classic synth, unchanged"


    Arturia's CS-80V 2 is their plugin synth that accurately copies the Yamaha CS-80, without the need of having to carry that bulky keyboard around. It has all the original parameters of the Yamaha CS-80: 2 oscillators, 4 filters (high pass, low pass), …

  • Arturia Moog Modular V

    Arturia Moog Modular V - "Moog-Tacular"


    This is a Digital version of a Analog piece of gear that has been around for ages. If you are into analog sounds and synths and you love vintage gear then the Arturia Moog Modular V will be perfect for you. I really don’t use it that much and never r…

  • Arturia Analog Player

    Arturia Analog Player - "could be better"


    The Arturia Analog Player is a virtual synth that is very light on your cpu. You will also have zero issues trying to install and use it with whatever software it is that you use. Most of the sounds are pretty good to be analog, but im just not a bi…

  • Arturia MiniMoog V v2

    Arturia MiniMoog V v2 - "Classic sounds, in software?"


    I've wanted a mini-moog since they were 1st produced. This was an innexpensive way to enjoy a moog. An optional midi keyboard is a must for real playing. The sound reproduction is outstanding. Very intuitive interface. One needs to use a light and ca…

  • Arturia CS-80V

    Arturia CS-80V - moosers's review


    The Arturia CS-80V is a software synthesizer that is a virtual version of the Yamaha CS-80 from the late 1970's. You can get the software for all formats as far as I'm aware of, but I've only used it on a Mac based system. I don't own this software…

  • Arturia ARP 2600V

    Arturia ARP 2600V - moosers's review


    The Arturia ARP2600 V is a software synthesizer that aims to emulate the original ARP 2600 modular synthesizer. There is a second version of this synthesizer that is out now, but this review is for the original as it's the only one that I've used to…

  • Arturia Analog Factory v2

    Arturia Analog Factory v2 - moosers's review


    The Arturia Analog Factory 2 was a quick piece of software to install as it only took a few minutes in total.  The interface of the plug-in took even quicker to figure out as everything is easy to understand and the basic features are easily located.…

  • Arturia ARP 2600V

    Arturia ARP 2600V - songboy's review


    I use a Macbook with Logic 9 and Ableton 7.  So far it functions perfectly, no compatibility issues.  I have not used the manual for this unit yet.  These Arturia plugins are modeled physically after the real unit, so it would be best to study up on …