Arturia ARP 2600V Next Generation
Arturia ARP 2600V Next Generation

ARP 2600V Next Generation, Virtual Modular Synth from Arturia.

Linn Sondek 04/29/2013

Arturia ARP 2600V Next Generation : Linn Sondek's user review


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Easy installation, configuration accessible and therefore manual packed with information.


See my config in my profile.
Trouble-free operation.


Amateur progressive rock, I was looking for a plugin for the most used in this musical style synths. The ARP 2600 was one of the essential keyboards or large groups of Prog Rock (Genesis particularly good up to 1977) age. I researched my choice then hesitated and finally settled on offering the Arturia emulation algorithms the most successful analog synths. Say that I am satisfied is an understatement! Really, I'm amazed by the quality of sounds you can get. Although I have not yet taken the measure of the infinite possibilities of this emulation, I can easily build a sound. Obviously, presets are available and classification by type of instruments (strings, brass, bass, sequence etc ...) can start slowly. But it flies to more serious things and more personal. It is of course from a sound already present in one of the banks established to carve its own sound and save it in the bank "User" (factory preset can not be overwritten) with the name that you want to assign. The ARP 2600 is still, if we stick to the basic settings when it starts, relatively easy to handle. As I wrote above, the potential of this synth are endless and accurate picture for controls, filters, envelopes, modulations etc ... historical synth. The sounds seem very realistic, I mean very close to those produced with the original, judging by what I hear on recordings made in the 70s with this model. I am fully satisfied with my choice. Icing on the cake: the presence of the famous sequencer sold shortly after the synth itself as an independent and complementary module. Arturia has had the good idea to make a totally integrated and successful. This software can be used in stand-alone and / or plug-in any recording software. I use, for my part, Pro Tools MP-9 and everything works perfectly (even happy!). This software is also part of the "Analog Laboratory" allowing full access to all parameters settings when you want to edit a sound basic set. "The Analog Laboratory" becomes the main plug-in from which we may recall, if you have the full versions, all Arturia virtual instruments that make up the range "Analog Synthesizer" Mini Moog, Moog Modular V, Arp 2600, CS80, Prophet V, Jupiter 8V and Oberheim SEM V. A solution that offers flexibility and ease of use. But, of course, everything works perfectly without "The analog laboratry". I have also the Moog Modular and just ordering the developer of the Mini Moog. Note that I am not a keyboardist training but that does not prevent me from getting excellent (my level!) Results with this software. Compared to the available plug-ins by default with Pro Tools (Xpand, Vacuum), sounds obtained with the ARP 2600 emulation is incommensurate in terms of flexibility, adjustments, general opportunities and stamps. To my taste, this software is perfect.