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Zoom Video & VJing user reviews

  • Zoom Q3HD

    Zoom Q3HD - "Great recorder"


    Q3HD is smaller in person than I expected. Much like the Korg MicroX orange case looks a lot bigger once you have it sitting on your table for the first time. This ZOOM little wonder is pretty much like the TARDIS: it's got a lot more talent packed i…

Translated user reviews
  • Zoom Q4

    Zoom Q4 - " ZOOM sound, video 1st prize."


    I use it for one week I was very attracted to the pub made around Q4 knowing the ZOOM H4 stereo I trusted in her, and I'm not disappointed. However the characteristics of the image, type hd 1080 720 ... trust me on set but what do you except that…

  • Zoom Q2HD

    Zoom Q2HD - " Too light pickups ..."


    Well, I tested the Q2HD on his part, that is the main reason why I bought it. The breath is enough in this way volume: I'm pretty disappointed about that. on the other hand on the bottom, despite disabling the low-cut, the bass are not present. …

  • Zoom Q3HD

    Zoom Q3HD - " Most and Least!"


    Cons: Objective unprotected / Rechargeable Batteries therefore low autonomy / Bonnette ridiculous and outdoor ineficace Pros: excellent / Image Quality / Ease of Use / Size …

  • Zoom Q3HD

    Zoom Q3HD - " Great product!"


    Purchased primarily for: Sound: very good stereo, beautiful stunning clarity and vibrant! The level can be adjusted easily between modes HIGH / LOW / AUTO and format can either be saved in WAV or AAC compressed. The low cut allows a clearer record…

  • Zoom Q3HD

    Zoom Q3HD - " Practice but limited compatibility"


    I love: - The sound - The picture - The low pass filter which eliminates handling noise and low parasite when taking a related speech. - The possibility of the HD I hate: - Grave problem when the SD card supported! only a very limited nu…

  • Zoom Q3HD

    Zoom Q3HD - " Practice is for musicians"


    The + Ergonomic Intuitive Good sound HD image Can be used only in audio Connections Can be screwed up camera The - Chow battery! Optional adapter …

  • Zoom Q3HD

    Zoom Q3HD - " First impressions"


    Zoom Q3-HD First Impressions Original English version from Vardaro Zoom Q3-HD: first impressions. Why the Q3? Reviews showed disappointment in the video, but the initial bugs seem to have been corrected in the 2010 firmware, (v.1.15), and …

  • Zoom Q3

    Zoom Q3 - " Not bad at all"


    How long have you use it? 2 years ago What is so special that you like most and least? Lse as his least the image quality a bit limited Have you tried many other models before buying it? Not How would you rate the quality / price? Very good all…

  • Zoom Q3HD

    Zoom Q3HD - " To film at home"


    * How long have you use it? A few months ago. I could shoot some demos of stuff, a few repetitions. * What is so special that you like most and least? Plus: - Video quality, - The audio quality, - Storage on SD cards, - Getting started…