TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3
TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3

VoiceLive 3, Vocal Processor from TC-Helicon in the VoiceLive series.

Public price: $799 VAT
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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 6 reviews )
 4 reviews67 %
 2 reviews33 %
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coockie's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Multi effects for great guitarist and singer"

TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3
Super harmonizer
Super multi guitar effects
Super Looper (I sold my RC30 and rc2)

Good connections (photo media in the voicelive3): I plug
in input mix my fx axis 2, my guitar and my synth multtipad SPD30 to record loops
My guitar via the GR55
A micro tc very well who does not take the sound from the speakers
An expression pedal that I was affected by patches voice, guitar (effects, wah, pan, volume ...)
A configurable switch pedal 3


General configuration simple and powerful.
Pretty simple editing except for the guitar part (interaction between amps and distortion ...) the easiest way is to use the software editor VoiceLive 3.
Manuel clear but not detailed enough, not including the latest enhancements.


Harmonizer sublime (the LV2 was well)
Super multi effects guitar (sounds sympaths amps but no phaser, medium distos simulations quite sure worse than the fx axis 2)
Looper great from the shift in May 2014

Another highlight for the axis as Fractal fx 2, the support and Update: Craig tc helicon responds quickly to questions and requests for improvements from users who have suddenly full of good ideas (but n have a developer for make these changes ... each generation of VoiceLive lasts about 4 years, I am optimistic for these improvements because Craig is listening to the see on facebook and YouTube)


I already had the Korg IH, a digitech vocalise, then at tc helicon VoicePrism the voiceprisme addition, VoiceLive 1 VoiceLive 2, VoiceLive Touch 2 that I sold to buy the VoiceLive 3 the day it Pigalles arrival late January 2014.

This is the heart of my config.

I love everything and would like some improvements:
. Synchro noon
. Steering Looper from the switch 3 or 6,
. increase from 10 to 100 loop stored in the limits of 45 minutes of memory for storing 3 loop variation battery by song
. Play memory card (loops)
that will surely staying patient.
Christophe GOUDOT07/08/2014

Christophe GOUDOT's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Top notch"

TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3
This is in fact a three machines, each having its own processor:
- 1 multi-effects voice, harmony, doubling, delay, reverb, HardTune, transducer, synth, modulation, choir, stutter.
- 1 multi-effects guitar, both electric and acoustic (Amp
- 1 looper 45mn on 3 tracks, unlimited overdubs

No missing parameter on each effect, eg true compressor (5 settings), 3-band parametric EQ pre-gain parametric eq + 3 post-gain bands. Each effect is fully editable on the pedal, on the other hand there is not (yet) software publisher and it lacks a bit but I think it is in the pipeline and soon. VoiceSupport free software manages the positioning of presets in banks, but does not allow access to their content. It also allows updates and download new presets on internet

- Guitar input jack 6.35
- 1 microphone XLR / jack combo (the machine generates 48v for static)
- 1 XLR monitor console for the return of other musicians along with his own headphone adjustment, all mixed in the pedal ...
- 1 Aux input jack for CD 3.5, Iphone, etc. (the harmonies can be controlled by guitar chords as well as any other incoming source, synths, CD, surround sound, etc.).
- 1 XLR L (mono) for voice + harmony
- 1 XLR R for guitar or voice + harmonies in stereo (so no need for DI guitar)
- 1 6.35 jack for optional pedal (remember that all switches pedal and the pedal are configurable and assignable at will)
- 1 6.35 jack for an expression pedal
- 2 USB ports for computer connection and updates
- 2 outputs 6.35 for the guitar amp to a mono or stereo
- 1 XLR Thru monitor to replenish another monitor with the same console back.
- 1 headphone jack 3.5, which can power ear monitors with all returns musicians mixed with his own voice / guitar back.
- 1 + 1 midi in midi out


It turns out that I am a musician (guitarist / vocalist) and also sound engineer, so that I know exactly what I want and how to get it. And for that, the machine is perfect, since everything is editable and you can do anything. But for a novice sound is always a bit of a gas plant if you want to go into the presets, although we can all made to use only the factory presets that are very well made, many (250 + plants 250 users) and categorized by genre and favorites, which greatly facilitates their access.

The manual is not badly done, although it does not always go into details, but it would amount to learn the craft of sound engineer, so there are things nested in this area.

Parameter editing is done easily with the large toothed wheel and the other 4 buttons notched too. As against the greenhouse effect in the passageway is preset with two arrows which touch the finger must be placed precisely, which is sometimes a little irritating.


There are in this pedal almost all the effects TC-Electronic, not just their imitation. The reverbs are many wonderful, very precise delays (there is even the famous TC 2290!), Etc. Everything is really good and totally editable and configurable to his own taste.

I used to voice a Neumann KMS 105, which loses none of its accuracy through the pedals. Plus: when the effects are mute, everything is cut except the voice which can adjust the level to talk to the public while they silently gives his guitar and we sailed in presets. Very, very helpful, without soundman.

I only use acoustic guitars (3-4 stage) that I go through a line-mixer for summing in the single guitar input (a folk DB dreadnaught (Fishman), a folk jumbo DB (Fishman), a Flamenco Alhambra ((Fishman Prefix ProBlend), a classic Alhambra (Fishman).) Each of these guitars is between 2,000 and 4,000 euros and it would have been silly to rot with a pedal sound for which I spent so much money. This is the first time I find a multi-effect Acoustic guitar that not only respects the sound, but also embellishes (especially since I'm really demanding it).

A major interest for me and not the least is to pass me Mixer for my solo concerts in small room as I go directly to the pedal back in HK speakers. The entire mix is ​​in the machine (and its levels of voice, harmonies, guitars, back, mute, etc.)


I've had 3 weeks and have used 2 times on stage, time to tame the beast.

I tried pedals ART, ZOOM, OBERHEIM and none has ever happened to the ankle Voicelive.

What I like most: quality TC effects, of course, but also the fact that nothing is missing and it has greatly relieved my back sound equipment. It was obviously made by musicians for musicians.

What I like least: the lack of editing software presets. Being very, very demanding, go, a small fourth parametric EQ band to reach nirvana.

€ 700 for all pedals TC + 1 real looper and a console and a rack of effects and less, it is almost a gift.

This is certainly one of my best investments

toche13's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a good tool for singer guitarist"

TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3
Vocal Effects
- ΜMod
- Echo & Delay
- Reverb
- Harmony
- Double
- Transducer
- Rhythmic
- HardTune & Correction
- Choir
- Stutter
- Vocoder
- Adaptive Tone
- Multi-track Looper
- Runs verse / chorus (B / C) on a loop
A basic with unlimited overdubs
- Memory for 10 loops x three tracks
- Total length of loop of 45 minutes
Guitar Effects
- Amp Modeling
- Drive
- Delay
- Reverb
- Compression
- Resonant Filter
- Wah
- ΜMod (Flange, Chorus, De-tune)
- Shifter
- Rhythmic / Tremolo
- Talkbox (Part Vocoder)
- 250 factory presets
- Memory for 500 presets
- 10 Steps by preset
- 10 foot switches
- 6 assignable switches preset to activate /
disabling effect blocks
- Detailed Edition
- Categories presets by Genre and Styles
- Height: 3 inches (76 mm)
- Width: 13.8 inches (350 mm)
- Depth: 8.5 inches (261 mm)
- Weight: 5 lbs. (2.3 kg)
- Frame in anodized extruded aluminum and
- Buttons edit / mix rubber
- Rubberized Recessed Handle
- Blue Screen 192 x 64 STN LCD backlight
- Ring light switch tricolor
- Controls Touch Edition with LED indication
USB backup on PC but not on the pc edition (damage)


The manual finally translated into French is quite clear and complete, plus it is a very active forum Tc Helicon where you can ask questions.
It is very easy to edit presets, especially starting from the provided presets that allow you to get an idea out.


This is the TC Helicon quality, so very good (but not pro anyway)


I hesitated to buy a VL2 + G Natural for a guitar, but this seemed too complicated,
the principle of preset guitar + voice is still more practical on stage, because he did not forget, this is a product made for live.
Note that when moving guitar tuner mode is bypassed but the song remains active micro really practice on stage.
the display is clear and legible both day and night.
I have not really tested the looper function, it is still too early, I will first master the beast.
The guitar cable jack headphone output is super convenient to work its sounds through headphones without rouse the whole neighborhood, but good before using a new preset on the PA must pay attention to is output level, because it is different from headphone.
VL is a bit pricey, but it is very tough, I installed it in a six shots NYC pedalboard pedal board for safe transport

Archy1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Well worth the investment"

TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3
The manager now update the firm are is good, a publisher is a plus.


After a week, I toured the owner and I realize opportunities.
The doc is available in French but it is not essential to read everything or learn it by heart.
Editing is intuitive, hit the footswitch, the steps are very good ideas. The amount parameter is a little scary at first but it leaves a sacred flexibility to tweak the sounds.


Nothing to say about the voice, if a minimum is ensured, the camera makes a hundredfold quality it receives.
The clean sounds or a little warmer guitar are bluffing, for saturation it will be less obvious, but I saw (in the ear) very good things


Of course some racks studio (costing several thousand euros) may be more effective on some effects. 3 or 4 acolytes sound more human, etc..
But live, we always have the means, the singers are not arranged, a 2 is not in place while VoiceLive is always reliable and will not work in the recording studio.

I will not repeat a complete test there is a very full on this site but I will complete this review in a few weeks / months

Makos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" 3 in 1 ... quality"

TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3
Please see overall opinion


Please see overall opinion


Please see overall opinion


The previous opinion, very comprehensive, very well describes the possibilities offered by this 3rd version of VoiceLive ... I would add:
VoiceLive this module is not reserved only for guitarists, although qu'orienté to them because of the presence of a true and very effective multi-effects. The speech processor and looper, merely two of them are worth seeing for other instrumentalists.
All vocal effects are no longer present, TC-Helicon has been for many years the leader in this type of processor. See what users think of the VoiceLive Series (2 rack, and others) ... add to that a more swift DSP and you'll get everything you might need to record, mix voices ... excellent.
The surprises of this 3rd version coming sections "guitar" and "looper".
Very demanding on the subject, I am convinced of the quality of services offered in these two areas in this unit. As discussed in previous reviews, the embedded multi-effects is not booked solid (no harmonizer, reverse-delay and some stuff yet) but the quality of treatment is the rendezvous. The amp models are excellent and presented in each section are numerous settings, sound, accurate, they would delight the pinailleur sounds No doubt the experience of TC-Electronic is present in 100% in this VoiceLive 3.
The looper is extremely well thought about him. It allows you to "mount" complete songs as simply having fun. The storage capacity is ample. I'm not talking about the quality of restitution ... TC-Helicon requires
The firmware updates will bring, no doubt, new features and fixes ergonomics.
A word on the general editing functions: All settings are made on the module via a few buttons and a clear display of good size. Without being flawless, with a little practice, everything goes well and helps achieve his ends. We can do without a software editor ... But ... The power of the machine, its possibilities, its multitude of settings such as a lack editor soft in my opinion. TC-Helicon has chosen to design a hardware processor and permitting to configure everything. No editor development house. Fortunately, for those who have back pain, someone got down to the task!
( According to the developer, publisher VoiceLive 3 for PC will be released shortly, an OSX version will follow. It will crack a little extra ticket to purchase this software, it is regrettable that TC is not made in soft load, it is.
Connectivity, the set is almost complete. Routing options outputs (vocals, guitar, headphones, back) are numerous, well designed. Conspicuously absent is digital. Or audio via USB or SPDIF ... economy? deliberate choice? An upgraded version can be released with this connection.
In conclusion: The 3rd installment in the series is a success. Studio or Live, the beast is very effective! The price in relation to benefits is not so high that it (vocal multi-effects processor + + looper, all pro quality). I predict it successful sales.

J.K.Dick's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"3 Voicelive ideal guitarists singers motivated by a project"

TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3
Device fully digital high class.
Multiple connections, but MORE DIGITAL!
it will "not be", they are not on at TC.
The SP.Dif I miss a lot, because it is necessary to connect not less than 4 cables, or through the headphone output (Mini-jack very average)
Effects available: too many to mention, see: <a rel="nofollow" href="" target="_blank"></a>
To voice the same categories as 2 plus a vocoder, and a few things, the effects of each class far more types of algorithms.
For the guitar, all the effects a sharp guitarist needs, with good surprises
(Multiple types of modulations) and one or two not so good: OBLIVION a PHASING, while 4 or 5 types of flanger and chorus are offered 5), an error which I think will be fixed in next update, NO REVERSE DELAY then we must have 10 kinds of delay has available, can be as a harmonizer of next update.PAS INTELLIGENT.Moi it does not bother me trop.On can transpose with the octave, but no effect " whammy "with a pedal (It will be on a future release.
No editor on computer, it is not the concept of the device. I thought it was funny, but ultimately, it&#39;s great, editing is done as if it were live long.
Finally a word on the microphone:
I have a KMS 105 neuman, a Seinheiser E835 and E935.Sans disputes the Neuman is better, but it can be hard to use given the width of capture, even if li is hypercardioid.
THE E seinheiser 835 is good, but not ... UNTOP microphone.
Remains the E935 that I use and seems fashionable, and the sound is very consistent with VoiceLive 3.Evidement it is expensive, but the sound has nothing to do with the E835.
After that, there are hundreds of micro, then ... at 935 but less than 835 cases, but more standard and can be difficult to use the 935.
A hyper cardioid, apart from the Neuman seems limited for a singer and guitarist who moves may be a little surprised by the volume declines nuisance due to its position in relation to his guitar and micro.Long I think about .. ..


Setup is simple to edit an effect on or see the guitar.
When it comes to organizing to make "step" (multiple changes in a preset), it must be used. When the looper, it is the second that I have (I had a rc 50 Roland, or was easy)
is simplified to the work directly, but requires several days or weeks before going on stage, and not change anything.
I recommend buying the Switch 3 that really changes nothing, the apparatus being really designed to operate autonomously. (Or you play as Robert Fripp sitting!)
The manual is really like came from another world: how to propose that the use of such a huge machine that you would learn in a way minnimun little serious!..
No details on the effects, amp models, not yet written Francais.Il should be 500 pages and in fact a hundred.
!! Warning! galley at this level for non-English speakers.
The output is provided in french, but it will take a much more detailed manual.
I&#39;m used machinery, and, I must say that I spend time.
No explanation or pattern on the signal path, which would be necessary given the extent of capacity of the machine.
Make no mistake: the wrong note is due to this very insufisant manual, and even not yet translated, this means that if you do not speak English, do all to the ear Otherwise, the edition of the sounds is easy. and ergonomics with the steps, the hit, and button remapping is really a rare intelligence.


Effects, nothing to say quality standpoint, on the other hand as I said above, some parameters will seem mystical, given the poverty of the manual, it&#39;s really not nice to bring to market a device with so little information.)
vocal effects: Really nothing dire.j I have the impression that the band is a bit more metallic than the VoiceLive 2, but I used the 2 S-PDIF, so no conversion, with an RME ADI 192 DD gives a sound or no digital sensation is heard.
The obliged to tap into my DIGI 003, and it is unlikely to be the différence.A see ... on stage!
whatever happens, we change the character of a little harmony, and no worries!
The vocoder is great (I had bought a Voice Synth for having with VoiceLive 2) and I must say that this is really the height compared to my old hardware. + + + + +!
Everything is fine, nothing to say, and my story metal side, I do not trust, I will surely a Rectified later when I&#39;ll really well tested.
Guitar effects: I do not understand all the drive acting on the volume of the amp, short, incomplete yet the damn manual!
In any case the simulations are very nice, very playable, with the boost, you can saturate a clear sound without changing universe, and ca is bien.On bit as well play with the guitar volume to go from clear the saturé.Je am more than surprised at the musicality of this section.
I have a preference for clean sounds, but have so many parameters that I do not say encore.J &#39;have compared with my Eleven Rack, and saturated sounds have need to be a little in the bass for an equivalent result (on saturated sounds). Most amps are typed, and the saturated, we must be careful not to end up on stage with sounds from the form of the court. (But this is a problem that all amp simulators may be) . The clean sounds are very easy result, whatever well-typed.
I must say that for now, I use a lot VoiceLive 3With my Telecaster or my Strato.
I work with my Lespaul sounds and begins to find.
For Jazz and acoustic guitar is a direct pleasure.
The looper: I&#39;m not expert, but do not understand tout.Apparement, the processed signal which is recorded as aivoulu I make a loop with arpeggios in a long reverb, and reverb to the endnotes is cut every time the loop is restarted.
There are the parameter, but no explanation in the manual, and it&#39;s a bit obscur.Peut it will be good to have the option to save a source in dry and apply the current effect the preset? I can not speak yet, not yet very seasoned in this function.


Finally, the least:
No delay or reverse phasing,
no digital output,
Headphone mini jack (I do not like it!)
usb mini USB (I do not like it!)
looper should see a few options in addition to the signal source.
I work on this instrument for 10 days I am a musician intensive business guitarist singer, and I have plans and only a trio.
I bought this unit as having a multi-effects guitar + a VoiceLive 2 + the + big Voicesynth vocoder looper, as I said earlier, I would have had to be sitting on a swivel chair with a cane and more a third foot.
So I decided to sell everything to have only this little device and do a concert watching the people and not the footswitch.
The challenge does not seem feasible with a very substantial work program.
VU opportunities remaping the switch, the colors change, and intelligence functions change sounds shipments loops, steps for radical changes in the blink of an eye, this product can change lives, but better plan a stay in a cottage on Mount Lozère to best utilize this beautiful unique tool of its kind.
I have only very little about the looper, because I am full dedans.Il seems designed intelligently to me a great intuitive, but it will acquire many controls for direct.
To send a sentence already made, nothing more simple.
After two or three update, it&#39;ll be an almost perfect device
Value: it&#39;s cheap if you sell your VoiceLive 2, your vocoder, your guitar multi effects, you can buy the 3 live voice!.
Now this unit is dedicated PEOPLE WHO NEED! This is a bias to make this purchase, and once purchased, the rear machine is dificult!
To conclude, it must be a very precise optical work, which is mainly related to the stage because this is where VoiceLive 3 is unbeatable .... once well in hand,