EastWest Voices Of The Apocalypse
EastWest Voices Of The Apocalypse

Voices Of The Apocalypse, Vocal Sample from EastWest.

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All user reviews for the EastWest Voices Of The Apocalypse

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Average Score:3.3( 3.3/5 based on 3 reviews )
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 1 user review33 %
 1 user review33 %
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julian_r7's review"For very particular uses only"

EastWest Voices Of The Apocalypse
The general configuration is as easy as it gets: a very straightforward install and then you just load Kontakt and drop the program in it. Then select the types of voices. You will probably take some time to get acquainted with the tool and develop a good workflow. You get to pick and choose consonants and wovels to build your words, which makes for a tiresome process. Actually some users developed utilities to solve this.


I've run Voices on an i5 with 6gb RAM, and it has never caused the slightest trouble. I use an M Audio Fastrack Pro card. The samples are not really that varied. There is for basic choirs, named Angels, Men, Woman, and Demons. Angels and Demons are just another set of Woman/Men choirs. Each one of these selections contains a number of preset sounds which you get to control via mod wheel. The samples are, in general, meant for a dramatic use (I do not see this software suiting mellow choral music). There are percussive effects and clusters.


I like the simplicity of Voices. I prefer to use it very sparingly, to create a particular effect in music. I did not try any other choral library before getting this one, but today I know for sure there is nothing in choral VST technology that approaches a realistic sound, even though VOXOS is fairly good and would probably be a better investment. Even knowing that, I prefer to stick with Voices because it suits my purposes. Voices is meant for a very specific use: create powerful choral backings and a bombastic sound.

songboy's review"An older sample set that still has some good life to it."

EastWest Voices Of The Apocalypse
This is a Multi-sampled instrument. The configuration and setup is very simple. The GUI offers no actual parameters to tweak and the setup is as simple as dropping the files on your hdd, opening Kontakt and pointing the browser to them. Once loaded, just pick the choir or choirs you want and you are off.


In my opinion, the samples are not varied much. You get four choirs (angels, demons, men, women) and each contains a few presets like "ohs" or "ahs" or effected or mod wheel controlled. Having those options does increase the flexibility of the set, but I honestly don't find much character difference between men choirs and demon choirs or the Angels and the women. In fact, the demon choir doesn't sound demonic even in the slightest. It just sounds like another male choir. I run this on a Macbook Pro i7 with 8gb ram with a RME FireFace 800 running Kontakt as standalone or in Ableton/Logic. Although not varied as much as I would like, the samples do sound pretty good and would fit decently with most styles of music.


What I like most about it was back in the day, this was a very solid choir sample set. As it stands now, it just doesn't have the flexibility or the options that I need. What I do't like about it is the fact that the Demon choir doesn't sound demonic. I didn't do any research when I bought it in "07, so I was disappointed with that. I believe I paid something around 80 or $100 for this, but I can't remember. At this point, I wouldn't buy this as there are so many better options out there. I give it a 8 out of 10 for sound quality. The samples sound good, but slightly dated. I now use Voxos Epic choir which is unbelievable and puts this set to shame, of course it costs a heck of a lot more. I don't recommend this sample set to anyone. I am not sure if it is for sale anymore anyway, but there are a lot better options out there so pass this one by.
Jean-Pierre Nouvel08/09/2004

Jean-Pierre Nouvel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

EastWest Voices Of The Apocalypse
"Voices of the Apocalypse" is a database of sampled speech sounds and GigaStudio formats Esx 24. A chorus U.S. led by Nick Phoenix, recorded every note of the key ranges for men and women. This principle has already been applied, certainly, but what makes the most extraordinary and originality of the product was this: each recording was made under each vowel. Each consonant, which is tonal (pitch consonant) or not (not pitch consonant) was also recorded. You then, have long dreamed of the means to really "sing" your vocals. If the principle is more than attractive, the implementation is not always easy, you will see a little further.
The recording of two CDs on your computer, is curious; along the way (the second CD), you must re-introduce the first in the drive .... probably to verify that you are still the proud owner of the sound bank. Do not expect either one with anyone in French (or even English). You will be alone (e).
If you want to run, an advice: do not buy it in France, it's cheaper in Germany)


The sounds are simply amazing. I am a classically trained musician and, before dialing, a former opera singer myself, it's more than stunning! It's almost perfect. But every coin has two sides. Recorded by American singers, it is clear that the design of vowels and consonants Anglo-Saxon is not quite ours, it's the least we can say. The choirs to sing in a language other than English (which already requires a lot of work) is within the 12 labors of Hercules. Of course, two utilities, one free and one $ 50, are normally there to help. But be aware that the first named requires, in my opinion, a level of computer engineer, the second ... I never succeeded, despite extensive correspondence with the designer Nuno Fonseca, to learn something valuable. But if you take courage in both hands and agree any rebuild her by her, vowel by vowel, consonant with consonant with much trial and error, swearing, and fits of despair, yes, after several weeks you get something extraordinary: a mixed choir that sings, that lives, a true! right now I finish the composition of a symphonic poem with chorus (singing in Latin. The "real" are no better, I assure you).
In seeking the little beast (and not including the reservations above), I could also say that the recordings have won several short blasts to integrate (as a "" back "). This is lacking and certainly predestined the bank sounds to classical music as hip hop! Note also: there are no aa in this bank, individual voices (as is beginning to be - see banks Vocaloid "Lola" and "Miriam").

Last Moreover, in this (necessarily) short section: containing a bonus votes "celestial" two vowels in melting tenderness all the angels of creation.


I have this bank for two good months. I think I know, to have heard at least once, all the good banks vocal choruses of the market. "Voices of the Apocalypse" crush them all. It is not cheap (about 400 euros in Germany), but it's worth. I repeat, however, not to disappoint you: it is you who have the most "trouble"! As such, the sample set will not give you much. You will need to devote a lot of time and find tricks (which seems, the designer seems not to have thought) to achieve a true record. But if you do, what happiness for you. If I were asked: "Are you happy with your purchase?" I would answer to myself is, like all of us, a thousand times roll with products promising much and giving little this, a thousand times "yes" I am happy! JPN