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Vox Night Train user reviews

  • Vox V112NT

    Vox V112NT - "A nice and compact 12" cab"


    I have been using it for several months to replace the smaller V110nt. It's a good cabinet and, given its sound and looks, it's a perfect match for the Night Train and Lil Night Train amp heads, obviously... The pros: - Good finish - Very compa…

  • Vox V112NT

    Vox V112NT - "All right"


    I've been using it for a year but have tested many cabs before. It's small, pretty light and with a sturdy construction, I find the design pretty neat. I believe the greenback inside has a very good sound and with its nice open cab it sounds ve…

  • Vox NT15H Night Train

    Vox NT15H Night Train - "Low wattage, High quality"


    The Vox Night Train is Vox's answer to the low wattage game. Offering a reasonable mixture of portability and sound quality, the Night Train is one of the nicest low cost tube amps on the market as of 2012. The Night train's front panel is adorned wi…

  • Vox NT15H Night Train

    Vox NT15H Night Train - "its ok, nothings special"


    I've paired this with a 1x12 avatar cab with an alnico blue in it and it just sings. Even drove a 2x12 avatar cab with it last weekend and it was easily loud enough to be heard over a full band turned up loud at just half volume! (running on pentode …

  • Vox NT15H Night Train

    Vox NT15H Night Train - "I'm on the Night Train!"


    The VOX NT15 is one of the earliest additions to the "lunch box" family of amps that has been a popular fad. It begun with the Orange Tiny Terror and progressed to further amps like the Egnater Tweaker, the Traynor DarkHorse, the Mesa Transatlantic, …

  • Vox NT2H Lil' Night Train Head

    Vox NT2H Lil' Night Train Head - " The all-tube at home"


    All-tube amp: 2 lamps preamp 12AX7, 12AU7 power a lamp. 4 controls: gain, bass, treble and volume. And a switch that allows you to switch from one mode to another: - Bright: vox typed, clear sound very Chimmy - Thick more typical English / m…

  • Vox NT50H Night Train 50

    Vox NT50H Night Train 50 - " A very good lamp 50w Amp"


    I replaced the bulbs with EHX to improve its but it is not really needed is a good amp rock & roll the loop is effective and it takes good effects UTILIZATION it is a tube amp plugs are playing it seeks its it explodes SOUNDS Clean better…

  • Vox NT2H Lil' Night Train Head

    Vox NT2H Lil' Night Train Head - " Great"


    2 watts lamp head while giving a volume as a lamp or 15 watt 5watt Transistor, 1 input, 1 output 8Ohms, Power switch, knobs, volume, bass, trebble, gain switch Bright / Thick: equalizer does not act Thick mode that gives its boosted and warmer …

  • Vox NT2H Lil' Night Train Head

    Vox NT2H Lil' Night Train Head - " Disappointing"


    Small head 2 or 1.5 watts according to imped to be connected (8 or 16 ohms). Knobs treble, bass, gain and volumetric no medium but a bright switch / thick which acts on the mids and adds body. The knobs are gentle to use, it's a good point. The swi…

  • Vox NT2H Lil' Night Train Head

    Vox NT2H Lil' Night Train Head - " Brilliant!"


    Amp 2W lamps. See specifications on the manufacturer's website. It really is super small, especially with his tiny cab 10 inches. It's pretty impressive. The finish is upscale: it exudes quality, it is even more beautiful in person than on the …