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Warwick Blue Cab user reviews

  • Warwick Blue Cab 30

    Warwick Blue Cab 30 - "Warwick Blue Cab 30"


    i found this great amp on ebay and got it for $180. brand new! i think it retails for about $299 so i didn't save that much, but the amp is worth every bit if not more. for a 30 wat combo, this thing rocks. this is a solid very well made little prac…

  • Warwick Blue Cab 30

    Warwick Blue Cab 30 - " Small? Strong!"


    I use the second version of the Blue Cab 30, the one with a 10 hp. "The old version was renamed Blue Cab 60 t. It dlivre 30 watts, CONTRL offers simple but effective: three knobs to legalization (B / M / T) and an output volume. Point. No fuss ki…

  • Warwick Blue Cab 60

    Warwick Blue Cab 60 - " The power at the lowest price!"


    60 watt combo Cooling Fan Loudspeaker 1 x 12 "(power 60W, max. 80W, 8 ohms, 97dB, resonant frequency: 70Hz, frequency range: 50Hz-5000Hz) Separate inputs for active and passive basses Adjustments: Volume, Bass, Mid, Treble Auxiliary input jack (…

  • Warwick Blue Cab 30

    Warwick Blue Cab 30 - " In a bundle? ... I paid 7 euros-^ ^"


    So first I must tell you that the advertised price is above that of the bundle (containing warwick streamer blackhawk, amp, bag, jack, strap, etc. ...). Knowing that the new low cost 366euros ... so I paid for-7 euros. ^ ^ "Now, notice ... So this …

  • Warwick Blue Cab 30

    Warwick Blue Cab 30 - Rastacouenne's review


    Are we talking about THE FIRST version of the Blue Cab 30 is - say the MODEL which has exactly the same dimensions as the current Blue Cab 60, and thus an HP 12 ";) (the new MODEL as close to the former Blue Cab 20, much smaller and with a simple HP …

  • Warwick Blue Cab 30

    Warwick Blue Cab 30 - Tooning's review


    -Combo Low BLUE CAB 30 Warwick announced at a power of 30W RMS (but beware it is very far from other manufacturers 30W). -In Connection level, one can dream better for an amp of this type and in this price range, since we find: 2 For among low (be…