Warwick Blue Cab 30
Warwick Blue Cab 30

Blue Cab 30, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Warwick in the Blue Cab series.

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MGR/funkywhiteboy 10/10/2004

Warwick Blue Cab 30 : MGR/funkywhiteboy's user review

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i found this great amp on ebay and got it for $180. brand new! i think it retails for about $299 so i didn't save that much, but the amp is worth every bit if not more.

for a 30 wat combo, this thing rocks. this is a solid very well made little practice amp. i say little, but the thing has to weigh close to 50 pounds. even though it is only 30 wats its 12' speaker is louder than some 65 wat combos i tried out. great aux input to plug in cd player or rhythm machines. and a tilt back leg to angle amp upward is great for practicing. this is by far the best practice amp i have come across yet. i'm not sure how it will stand up to a full band practice situation. but i really don't think it was made for that anyway.

i really can't think of anything bad about this amp other than it only has 3 level controls, 4 if you count the aux volume.

very, very solidly built. strong frame with felt covering and a metal speaker cover. could easily handle a small toddler climbimg on it(it has).

best little practice amp i have ever seen. i origanially bought it because it was a good deal for $180. but even the $299. retail price is a great deal for this little tank.

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