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William'Son user reviews

  • William'Son WWST-Guitar

    William'Son WWST-Guitar - " Wilkinson is not a brand of razor :)"


    china, set France; fittings such Epiphone, bridge very average (but it's even on Current guitars + 3 times expensive) kind Groover correct key; nice fast neck, 21 frets, 2 Wilkinson Humbucking without hoods quality! (But the same size, surely the sam…

  • William'Son WWLP-Guitar

    William'Son WWLP-Guitar - " My last baby"


    Made in Korea, on a very strict specifications (see on the site wha.com-wha) The configuration of a conventional LP, with two humbuckers WILKINSON, two volumes, two tones and a three position selector switch ... Configuration according to the origin…

  • William'Son WWTV-Guitar

    William'Son WWTV-Guitar - " Good investment"


    Telecaster Deluxe Made in China Easel hard trail -Maple neck with maple fingerboard 22 frets Mechanical oil-bath noname Alder body-painted in black -2x humbucker Wilkinson -1x volume and 1x tone for each pickup. 1x-3 position toggle There is…

  • William'Son WWHB-Guitar BLACK SATAN

    William'Son WWHB-Guitar BLACK SATAN - Guitarihno's review


    Chinese -Fabrication -Vibrato Licensed under Floyd Rose -Manche Bolt-on maple (+ rosewood), 24 cases -2 Brand Wilkinson humbucker (High Output Humbucking) -1 3 position -1 Volume knob and another tone. In general aspect: Very well f…

  • William'Son WWHJ-Guitar

    William'Son WWHJ-Guitar - Pain Crusher's review


    Flying V 22 frets, 2 humbucking pickups Wilkinson, Sunburst. A 3-position selector, a volume knob and a tone. The assembly is pretty good bill. The matt black and chrome hardware on this model are really very sleek metal and whose shape is re…

  • William'Son WWTV-Guitar SUN BIRD

    William'Son WWTV-Guitar SUN BIRD - sebdiou's review


    Guitar factory in China, handle a pice screwed 22 boxes A slecteur three positions (neck, n + b, bridge) A rglage of volume, tonality. Fixed bridge-type tl. Two single coil brand Wilkinson. The work is done properly rather, even if we see …

  • William'Son WWGR-Guitar

    William'Son WWGR-Guitar - Jacquou's review


    It is a guitar manufacturer in China, we must admit she is beautiful! The price is very honnte for 300 Euros for 350 with the same see tui, it would be a shame to deny it. Cot and violin varnish, I think it Plutt well, the handle is enjoyable to …

  • William'Son WWHI-Guitar

    William'Son WWHI-Guitar - Falco 56's review


    Made in China (in "CHINESE", they dcidment gazent). 24 frets to the microphones there are 2 double and 1 single brand Wilkinson (also excellent). Licensed Floyd vibrato very handsome in his black finish, the ensemble of the mouth. 1 Volume, 1 R…

  • William'Son WWLP-Guitar CHERRY "demon hand"

    William'Son WWLP-Guitar CHERRY "demon hand" - seugon's review


    For the Left, the "hand of the devil" is a double punishment for not being able to play on the guitar buddies and missed selection in the stores ... The WWLP-Guitar CHERRY "demon hand" is a veritable "solid body" (full body) that gives everything …

  • William'Son WSTX-Guitar PlexiST

    William'Son WSTX-Guitar PlexiST - seugon's review


    The WSTX PlexiST-Guitar is a veritable "solid body" with a body of clear acrylic, clear as water. It's really great class, you can mount on stage and shine this guitar "Crystal" in the spotlight! However, your kin forbid you to do the show with…