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Suzuki Wind Instruments user reviews

  • Suzuki Basse 24

    Suzuki Basse 24 - " Amazing!"


    I bought this melodica internet Suzuki and use it for a few days. I have several melodicas (mélodions) whose Hammond HP44. The B-24 is the only bass melodica market unamplified. +: Good quality, easy on the hand, easy keyboard, amazing stamp b…

  • Suzuki Promaster MR-350

    Suzuki Promaster MR-350 - " Not bad"


    This is my sixth harmonica, I wanted to try a mattress metal. After several months of playing I feel that it is not super tapping sound is a little muffled, and a little cold. For it is against ultra precise overblows not go wrong and the grip is v…

  • Suzuki   MELODICA PRO 37 V.2

    Suzuki MELODICA PRO 37 V.2 - " great sound"


    I melodica this for over a year, I also suzuki alto 37 and I had 2 honer. Pro V2 closer an accordion sound different. I like the look, the design, it's costeau. The keyboard super easy to play compared to older melodicas. I love the sound in …

  • Suzuki   MELODICA PRO 37 V.2

    Suzuki MELODICA PRO 37 V.2 - " Melodica EST (finally) an instrument in its own right"


    I think Joe Bouc said it all! I said that the color of the keys is enough "ivory", which gives a whole a little fortification, and all serious cases. When you arrive with that person on stage not laugh:-D In terms of sound level flag: this is e…

  • Suzuki Overdrive

    Suzuki Overdrive - " A UFO!"


    Hello everyone! I play the harmonica for a lil while, my little favorite is the marine band crossover, for its power, because it ets a marine band, and especially for the best set of plants for overbends I've ever met. So much for the presentations…

  • Suzuki   MELODICA PRO 37 V.2

    Suzuki MELODICA PRO 37 V.2 - " Class!"


    I've had one month, and I am totally satisfied. The instrument is well done, it feels and sees. The grip with leather strap is fairly easy and is very convenient. The hull is not metal, like on the old Hohner upscale, but the plastic seems thi…

  • Suzuki Promaster MR-350

    Suzuki Promaster MR-350 - MrGambetta's review


    Nothing to say this model is perfect. Tight like a pair of boots, a design of the future, a beautiful sound, until the case class that we exchange plastoc boxes. Anyway, all this perfection it tends to intimidate me, I prefer a harmonica that was n…

  • Suzuki Blues Master

    Suzuki Blues Master - " Easy to play"


    when compared with marineband honner, changes are easier and gives a better seal: therefore easier to play for an amateur the sound is powerful, but less accurate "blues" that honner taken on an amp with good distortion it does! …

  • Suzuki Melodion Alto MX-32C

    Suzuki Melodion Alto MX-32C - Sebastien Goyet's review


    Let me add this product the database so I think he deserves! I Specifies that I MODEL green issue but it got very beautiful, I have some photos o the lagoon in rear plan we do not regret at all the color ;-) Basically, it is coarser than my Hohner…

  • Suzuki Melodion A-27

    Suzuki Melodion A-27 - barbes's review


    2 years Hohner yes the green and red:)) and also an old yamaha p-36 METAL pianica yes if I found one!! power metal case c always the least right-handed! :)) cool bought 12 euros in new condition from a garage sale area! …