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Importing sounds into NanoStudio

By Tilden02 on 01/21/2013 - (Anyone)
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Blip Interactive NanoStudio App
Blip Interactive NanoStudio App

Workstation, DAW or sequencer for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad from Blip Interactive

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cry The most valuable thing I learned using NanoStudio for IPAD 2 was how it handles the importing of sounds using user-created banks. Keep in mind that when you import a bank (16 pads) of samples/sounds then you are copying all 16 samples to that project folder whether you actually use any of those sounds or not. I found that when you're in the creativity/creation phase of your production, you can quickly begin using up valuable storage space. The only way of cleaning up these files is my either individually deleting these files using the app or using NanoSync from a PC - risking deleting files that you may actually be using. It would be nice if Blip had a mechanism in place to help alleviate this issue. 


Besides that, I'm truly happy with this feature filled product. I use this in conjunction with the Auria mixing app. I've been able to produce 2 high quality CD's using these 2 apps on my IPAD 2. 



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