Roland Fantom Xa
Roland Fantom Xa

Fantom Xa, Workstation from Roland in the Fantom series.

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 6 reviews )
 4 reviews67 %
 1 user review17 %
 1 user review17 %
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aj01's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland Fantom Xa
I want to share my opinion on my first workstation that I had to use for ten years I make music but I've had it about 3 years in hand.
for characteristics, see sheet roland xa.
I like his touch and in addition it features 128-voice polyphony, it's the bomb.
There are good are like us used roland but I would say frankly that there are good: piano (roland c), but the guitar layers are for me too just and sound for a unitization musicians.
but having programmed with the studio, I said to all the people I handed out prog heard sounds good.


Easy to use no manual for me, it is so clear
The sampler is easy enough but I do not like to edit sounds


Sounds right for me but the tablecloths are not overloaded sometimes playing live solo, I cry my old korg n5ex.
But ls pianos, huwa! but happiness
The velocity is good and a good very good aftertouch
The acoustic guitars to try.


I have 3 years but I have to go on separate korg tr I'll write a review very prochenement.
with test pattern, I can not make the mistake of comparing it to what I call pattern 6ES (development system), but it approaches the sound characteristics (personal).
I bought it but with a rack for the ground since I also play live.
Good quality to price ratio by RAPORT x6

airdee's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland Fantom Xa
See more advice, but in any case he is everything you need where you need it!


The manual is not clear enough in my opinion but the synth is not too complex to use anyway. In addition there are data sheets in PDF format on the website of Roland even easier using the keyboard ( -> tab " support ").


The sounds are for the most part very good, a true source of inspiration (it's roland, we like it or not ... I love me ...).


I was abitué to compound on a computer with 4 octaves midi keyboard. With the Fantom I find all the basic functions of a sequencer software. While it is not as advanced and ergonomically but you learn very quickly to use it. Do not forget that it has more of a sampler and effects of good quality. And those who want new sounds, the sounds are editable and there is possibility of adding an SRX. What happiness! I can finally concentrate on my compositions!
In short I do not regret my purchase at the cost that I paid! € 700, not a scratch !!!!!!

elka1988's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland Fantom Xa
See more reviews


The manual is not clear is the least can say k'on


Not really sure how the sounds are mixed as to say

there biensur but they are not all Special features 50/100

the effects are quite positive impacts on certain sounds are clearly good

Very good aftertouch is a real plus, the average velocity is


I use it for a full me a true disappointment to say there's nothing more and Sequencer mode when you record the sounds are more like it looks like it is all the same especially for the guitar very bad taste in my !!
not knowing what to play guitar synth Deplus bcp I had to buy a roland exr-5s (+ / - 500 euros) a year before and xa sounds clearly better but I regret not having enough to try synth This now changed and I lost money but at least I am now happy!! negative opinion

Can be found quickly enough good ideas of compounds, but it is not obvious what the polyphony synth just to justify its range!!



certainly not

jonnyr9's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland Fantom Xa
The features are very good for the price. This is a great synth to start personally in my case I have some time to understand all the possibilities of Fantom XA.


This synth is very easy to use from the time you master it. It took me a year to master and almost completely as a beginner I think it's a great synth for its price. on the other hand I think there are a few too many sounds that are useless musically. The French manual is not very clear but it is very comprehensive.


With this synth is very easy to make techno, hip hop etc. ... especially with the rhythms. Against by the sounds I use most are the ones I created with the waveforms mals that are used in the original sounds.


It's been almost a year and a half that I have this synth and I find it very good in the end for what I can do with. It really taught me how to make the well-known musicians to create songs or pieces tehnos. If it again I think I will buy this synth for beginners, but only because I think the Fantom X6 should have better sound card and then I will buy with supreme dance.

alexandre93's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland Fantom Xa
Keyboard 61 notes good touch I had a little scared for that I'm really rassurbr /> Controller classic pedals, potentiomtres, and the d-beam home roland and pads handy.
Level connectivity is complete (USB, audio in, microphone, audio out 4)
3 reverb effect insert + + + chorus mastering its performance mode
128-note poly, good finish gnrale, arpgiateur, sampling, RPS, pattern, SRX, squenceur compact flash etc ... I lack nothing for my use it I come from a top GEM equinox what diffrence.


Super intuitive synth this for all the basic function I did not need the manual, everything is well thought good To create sounds, sampling the other I'm fine having to open the pav . The manual air well.


The sound suits me perfectly, there's gots all, I love acoustic pianos, electric, and roland pads made in the battery pack are effective, less like the brass, but hey I do use them and then if something does not please you or the SRX slot sampler and you're jou.
The effects are really good too.


I use it for one week and I'm over the moon, all this wearing of fingers is too small, no more mouse and catch up and head to the music, I tried a x6 and I do not think such a cart MRIT price avex xa.Rapport the top quality price, I wait for the hsit juno G CHARACTERISTICS very close, but appears if you look over the prs juno 4 audio tracks but will not know the grate multisamples or patterns, two key things for me more than the AudioTrack. The XA of the bomb finally for me.

dookieW's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland Fantom Xa
Small precision: THIS IS the same sound engine as the X6 (same quality) Although there have less sound!

Just click here-a versatile workstation 5 octaves
In-wheel controller it is pitch-modulation, two types of pedals are connected: Hold (sustain) and the control of volume.Le D-beam, an IR laser assignable knobs 4 (default cutoff, R resonance, Attak and release) and of course volume gnral
-Connection for 2 pedals (dja cit, noon DIN (in-out-thru), USB, PC CARD (for memory, audio input for the sampler, for example (L mono / mic and R, level) and finally output the PHONO jack for headphones and 4 outputs (mono and Stereo)
I do not know how he did his yen but as a package, they can be more crs, all styles, because there ditables biensur.en Reverb, chorus, distortion (3), rotary, EQ, compressor etc. ...
We can conect to the PC
128-voice polyphony
I put 9 because he did not like the X6 color screens and dynamic pads


-The setup is simple when you know it, but after one week (if you have the manual in french) we dbrouille
-The edition of the sounds is complicated, you need quite a bone up the book, when the effect is quite simple
-The manual provides silent in English for me, but strong Luckily it can be found in french on the french site of ROLAND, otherwise it is clear.


-Noise level, we have a wide choice, the piano sounds are exlents (piano pad and E-piano), with all the sounds I think about my foot shoe (for a sample based in a rock band)
Ralistes-sounds are piano, violin, guitar exlent, but the top brass are not to my taste
-Effects not to say they are perfect but not so editable
-The keyboard is dynamic and I have nothing else to say, except that it is a touching piano synth and not (come on X8)
"I love the piano Pad, sound FX ambience are great,''Music Box''sounds exlent; kit drums also sounds less like brass


I use it for three weeks, this synth is versatile, great for a base sample in my rock band, we approach the possibility of almost YAMAHA MOTIF ES but for a lower cost! I, who have for years jou on a keyboard arranger GEM (1992) I see all the Difference! The value for money is a vrment case, because with all the possibilities we are not dcu I think, against the memory is rstreinte, but you can add the RAM
I remake that choice without hsit is all I need! not asked for more except maybe a little more memory for samples
The X6 (or x8) are better now because there have the color display and more opportunities but it has vrment key CHARACTERISTICS them and then he vrment cheaper!