Korg Krome 61
Korg Krome 61

Krome 61, Workstation from Korg in the Krome series.

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Average Score:3.7( 3.7/5 based on 8 reviews )
 3 reviews38 %
 1 user review13 %
 1 user review13 %
 2 reviews25 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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sonic75's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Super price / quality ratio!"

Korg Krome 61
All is said ...


Very good ergonomics, allows to work with logic and without taking the head, very intuitive for a synth / workstation ... Certainly incomparable with virtual analog with all the knobs that can work in real time.


The sounds are good to excellent, Korg excels in sound called "synthetic" in recent years as well as pianos. The Krome confirms this trend.

Pianos: 10
Electric pianos: 10
Organs: 8
Pad / lead: 10
Strings: 9
Guitars: 9
Winds: 8
Low: 9

Obviously touch is pretty average in this price range but is by far not the worst compared to its competitors ...


For me it is a mid-range workstation and not input range. I find it very well built and with good overall finishes, two different aluminum finishes on the front are great, it changes ALL the plastic of its Japanese competitors 2. Its large clear and readable touch screen is a real asset and can work quickly and logically. With its very low price, this synth / workstation has everything you need and more! When I read some reviews that compare Krome with its big brother the Kronos or Yamaha XF I find it completely irrelevant and ridiculous, when comparing a product is done with objectivity and especially in the price category EVEN ...

TontonFunk's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Really means"

Korg Krome 61
Referer is on the manufacturer's website, a lot of features on paper but not very present when playing dessus.Jamais uses a computer with no need even though it is rather ergonomic.


The use and edition of the sounds are not all that difficult thanks to the screen of krome is flashy, the manual is clear especially as I worked on a lot of Korg so I'm quickly spotted me .


It is well known that the organ sound good but in korg pianos, rhodes and organs sound really good no worries on that side of the drum kits are realistic but too realistic too rock to me I prefer the analog kits that this synth does not sound tout.Les kits hip hop are also means the company does still percussion and rhythms pas.Les interested me drumtrack are catastrophic, there are too many and there are few who turn to the square because most are breaks, I would prefer the opposite. The rest I did not like it at all, the synth sounds are zero, means pads, such redundant but inaudible in a set and that is why I sold it ... quickly.


I used about 6 months and I was happy to buy and happy to sell after being spotted me at the level it was a flop synth as bizzare M50 I had more grip with the Micro x like what is happening ca ..
But the quality of krome and these predecessors is currently reviewing everything is plastic it is disappointing that a strength plastok throughout their products.
I really like the ergonomics finally the screen is bright and colorful can easily compose pieces around noon and connect with other synths as a North lead 2x that I was then. This is simple.Les effects it has tons but many sea. fanciful as some sounds of world music or other, we listen to them once, but not both.
Rather disappointed with this keyboard that has a good design, beautiful color again a beautiful screen sounds good to very good but the rest of rhodes unusable.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" AN WORKSTATION OWN FOR PRO"

Korg Krome 61
I can say rsultat clean synth

the strings as all i and and I have listening ears that are in search of a pure these well my Yamaha those old and those of its dating and now the sound of the Yamaha you can buy directly a good plugin vau better than a synth that has no guts the Korg krome has everything a sequencer track with 16 korg these new product and for the price these are the top and then they can import the full range of its KORG M -50 AND ALSO THE TRITON can not dream about better synth from Korg.

Korg has 10 years ahead, for those who's not working the beast.

look what is in the belly before criticizing, I lie for a purchase spare more lver my home studio setup if I could keep it I will keep its going to take me too much space so these is to I also sold and I need this money to invest on the Korg KRONOS.

like the drums clean and more can be modified with the effects

I rachterais of that I have a great home studio has the certainty, and those he has not resell these pro novice he seeks most of its all too quickly prs, the sound is done with patience I also noted most of the great ITS LOW COST is also KORG TRITON AND WITH M-50 and KORG KROME IN SD CARD YOU AND HIM integrates OF TRITON M-50 SA ARRACHE EARS
and revived the KORG TRITON AND M-50 with effects




FOR PROFESSIONAL AND THOSE spineless intresser is a pro music.
fans who nearly all spineless sound samples buy its going faster for you






Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" No top"

Korg Krome 61
A strong sense of finding my Korg Tr 61 5 years ago with a new engine and a color display .... it is beautiful and well presented and it is.


screen inutactile very annoying ...
We do not choose what kind of synth to Mr. Audiofanzine editing has to be a little less sadistic and love to complicate things ... There's really better now for it.


no potatoes, no originality and no personality is old, it does not want
what bored ... The guitar section is simply to remove ...


used 6 months and gradually I did not used it at all so I got rid of it and what a relief. with this advice I expect a max of people finding it useless course, I know that some among erect Korg hear nothing ... I have toured their products and apart from a few good animals there is a lot of bluff anyway ...

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The best!!"

Korg Krome 61
See the features because the list is too long and see test synthwalker!


Config is easy on the arm of good speakers and the fact ca., The manual explains it well no worries we dive into the book a few hours and a few hours we get a practically use a good part of potential, surf synthe all know most of the pages, build your own arpeggios, manufacturing sequences, and use the splitter etctera effects the rest is practice.
The use of simple effects when using but when you enter the heart of the beast is more complex as to modulate the sounds but not too much because it is intended analogique.Dans not all the Krome is ready to use.


I love the soul funk and electro and I think the electric pianos are the best that I had in my hands, but I've had quite a fall are the rhodes floor and is I prefer that as organs and they are very realistic drum kits nothing to say there is a choice in most synthesizers styles.Les sounds are great for those who love the soul and rock to techno trance and it will delve into the heart of her womb to make péter.Les low acoustic and synthetic sonnet also good but it is better to stand out a good sound to enjoy the islands richesse.Les instruments such as marimba and spend company but it is not my style musique.Les violins and brass is way better I've heard elsewhere, but they are perfectly passable.Quand to ca pads is very well the case when a few key effects and parameters to modulate it comes out sounds impressive that have nothing to do with the original sound while remaining propre.Mention special for combis there sounds a drop floor, engineers have to korg Taffer well as Most of the machines I find that there are always sounds well built that make me a slap.


I use it for a few weeks and the fun is always, I admire what design it is beautiful ... for me it is the most beautiful of all the series of arranger keyboards korg synthesizers analog of . It is a very modern black suits better the m50 that I already had in my mains.Son brush is black and shiny and its shape is not impressive mini gabarit.En more what I 'like most is its display brightness is a fantastic it shines it gives all the info you need time réel.Les additions piano roll mode and sequence as sequencers general synthe makes more clean . And the fact that you can decaler a note a semitone or a place before or after promising accurate is this is the only one ca expertise on all synthesizers that are running on the same roland g6 ca do not know yet it is one of the few to have a good séquenceur.Mais of the sequencer Krome is very powerful to create its own morceuax as its arpeggios.
One thing I do not like (and yes it must be the negative) is all of these patterns you can put on every preset there are hundreds and hundreds impossible to listen to all the hours I would lose has the écouter.Avant this kind of synthe had 100 rhythms and pacing had half that were based on the bossanova music Russian music and the other was OITE dispatches between rock and dance music so we exploited them thoroughly that there are hundreds and hundreds but it's too because there are plenty that are zero, as a North lead with 2x 1000 sound board to know parcoeur bah courage.Toujours good spirited to complain. :) ..
That said the sequencer panel and sounds very modern design accompanies a hell actually a very good synthesizer workstation, I used the roland yamaha but this one is the battle in the stars it carries our ideas with confounding effects, it is this is not jupiter m3 or motif but Krome has no reason to be ashamed he is in the semi pro category as I can throw it in your own sounds not many current styles, make concerts semi pro! I already turned in groups and performed concerts with synthesizers and rotten people liked! Then a workstation such as this can wreak havoc if you feel like grooving ...
Dr Dawsound12/23/2012

Dr Dawsound's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good and bad!"

Korg Krome 61
61-key touch correct. No aftertouch. 128-voice polyphony. Lightweight 7kg Superb touch screen. A global mode for general settings. A program mode, a mode combinations (program) mode sequencer. Drum track. usb midi. 1 midi in, midi out 1, 2 analog outputs, 3 inputs pedals. one power supply with transformer provided. 1-port and SD Card SDHC (up to 32GB). Manual français.Editeur vst.


Easy navigation thanks to the touch screen and buttons. Access to programs or combined by banks or by type of sounds (pianos, strings etc. ..).
Installing the driver and editor on my pc windows 7 64bit does not work either in standalone or vst in cubase 6.5 32bit under neither vst in cubase 7 64bit. The synth does not communicate with the PC while the driver is installed. So I uninstalled everything and I use the midi in and out that work without vst editor. Mode combination has easy editing except for the effects, then it becomes very tedious! because when copy mode programs combined effects are simply ignored (except for equalization is taken into account. Suddenly everything must be programmed effects and routing and sounds are worse than the originals! This for me is the black spot of Krome.


Sounds are generally very good and quite realistic except that I find through brass (but it is generally valid on any keyboard. There was never official demo brass) and acoustic guitars I find mediocre. The expressiveness of the keyboard is quite good and the effects are very good in program mode. Combinations of backgrounds are also quite good, but some effects are common to all the sounds of a combination. I do not use the sequencer mode or arpeggios or the drum track, so I can not say anything about that.


I use it since November 2012, I find it better than juno aujoud'hui internship is exceeded and as good as yamaha mox with more screen and mode combination against 16 programs and 4 for mox double the polyphony. this keyboard fit my use for my group rehearsals (except effects) and for use in complement mode program in my home studio. To this day I referrai choice for these reasons Laet because for that price there is no better in my opinion although I think buy kronos as a central tool in my home studio.

lemaitre1953's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" For the price very good synth"

Korg Krome 61
I will not here the description of many features of KROME but overall we can say that he has everything to be classified as a good workstation.
The keyboard is pleasant to the touch. The touch screen is easy to read and responds very well. The control panel is simple but complete. Despite its light weight the Krome is strong.


For those who have used different synths, there is no need to refer to the user manual to start having fun. It will then go through the documentation to begin working on many different parameters and integrated KROME but again everything is simple (it is not a gas plant)


Regarding the instruments it sounds there's a very good and less good.

In the "very good"

All pianos, organs, ground synths, bass, guitars electiques, drum kits, percussion, special effects

In the "good"

Violins, voices, brass (except sax that my taste is not good at all)

In the "less good"

Acoustic guitars lacking volume (they are better on my yamaha s90 es)


I tested all the instruments that we part and it is generally very satisfactory Krome It is versatile and can be used in a group home and as a workstation using the internal sequencer. You can also use the interface supplied with the Krome for cubase or other software of this type.

I had in the past a lot of synths korg, yamaha, roland.

Compared to other workstations much more onerous, the quality is very good and we already ... What more evolved in the same brand it there's the Kronos but now it costs you an arm like the looks pub!!

chris0058's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A great surprise"

Korg Krome 61
Features on the Korg website, it is a workstation, I took the 61 keys version.
The Krome comes with an editor ... I have not yet tested.
I find the synth very snazzy, it has the mouth. I had one M50 workstation and a Fantom X6 and I have just sold my Motif XF again so I'll give you my first impressions.
Even the keyboard is of good quality, much better than the M50


The large color touch screen is a definite plus and it seems better quality than the M50. Navigation and editing are thereby much improved and it becomes very simple. I have not yet had to open the manual ... and I hope I never have to do! We will


Here is the part that I think needs to be expanded a bit ... Sounds ... What is it???
I can slightly compare with the hardware I've owned, I would not refer to virtual instruments, I do not see the point because often the advantage goes to them
 OK, let's start ...
The piano: Superb, better than the Motif XF to my ears, and there are quite a few and for all tastes.
The EP: Very convincing, nothing to say
The organ sounds very good in all styles with a special mention for the church organ which I taped ... Nothing to do with the MOTIF
The strings: very good also, good presence, as good as those from fantom or motif to me.
Brass defend themselves well throughout, the sax of the MOTIF is a little better but the difference is minor.
Guitars ... I was a little scared remembering those of M50 and there ... pleasant surprise for acoustic tzing tzing do not have a good record, but it is easy to further improve by adding some reverb and playing with the sustain and release. In the electrical korg are generally of good quality, again it is a success.
The choirs: They defend very well and are 100 times better than those of my XF which were actually  ... non-existent!
Bass are striking at will, of good quality and varied.
Cloths, pads, synth sounds are excellent as always from korg, good electro sounds.
Finally, Drums, all excellent and much better defined for me the XF or the Fantom, but again this is a personal opinion


For three days I have the Krome and I confess that I am not conquered this machine. She plays her role perfectly general workstation, with sounds that are generally all very good, clear and crystalline suspicion. There are certainly fewer sounds than on the XF but at least they are all different. The Krome is perhaps what I was looking for a while, a workstation easy to use thanks to its particular screen, sounds very good generalist covering all styles of music, a correct keyboard in this price range .. . Yes I think Korg has succeeded ... To see the time!
Of course I've tried other model and I chose the Krome for all these reasons. The value for money is excellent and I have made this choice before if the Krome was released ... before.

I would put a second opinion I think when I toured the beast!