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Workstations user reviews

  • Korg Kronos 73 (2015)

    Korg Kronos 73 (2015) - "An exceptional instrument"


    I use the Kronos in a context where I'm getting back to making music after stopping it for many years. In the past, I’ve played many keyboards of all kinds, including a Korg MS-20 in 1979. The Kronos is the first keyboard I’ve bought since return…

  • Kurzweil PC3X

    Kurzweil PC3X - "Kurzweil PC3X"


    Its main features -at least those that caught my attention- are as follows : *the heavy touch type keyboard: -the keyboard is pleasant to use with a quick rebound (quicker than on Yamaha heavy touch keyboards) -it seems the Fatar mechanical part…

  • GEM Equinox 61

    GEM Equinox 61 - "Great instrument, brilliant sounds, excellent synth engine"


    This workstation (synthesizer, sequencer, sample-reader) is a joy to use. The sounds are really great and definately take after GEM's predecessors (the S-series synths). The only two little nags are in the display (waaaay too small) and the lack of p…

  • Yamaha MOX8

    Yamaha MOX8 - "THE keyboard for gigs"


    Do you want an affordable keyboard with top features for gigs? This is the one. If you decided to buy the MOX8, so you're glad of it, because it has anything. I mean, literally. It works perfectly as synthesizer, workstation, master controller and d…

  • Roland FA-08

    Roland FA-08 - "A simple yet powerful workstation for the EDM Market"


    The Roland FA-08 is an 88-weighted key synthesizer workstation. It is equipped with sounds from both Roland's XV series of sound modules and the newer SuperNatural sounds. Additionally, there is a complete Virtual Analog Synthesis engine on-board…

  • Roland Fantom X8

    Roland Fantom X8 - ""A perfect workstation Monster!""


    The Roland Fantom X Series is one of the best Audio/Midi Workstation series developed by Roland. With three options, i.e., X6 (61 keys), X7 (76 keys) and the X8 that I am having with 88 keys, this 29.5 Kg weighing machine is one of the best workstati…

  • Yamaha MOTIF ES6

    Yamaha MOTIF ES6 - "Love it despite some latency"


    Yamaha workstation, 61 keys, purchased 2 additional sound cards. See product descriptions with lots of details elsewhere. UTILIZATION For getting around the keyboard and doing the basic stuff for recording and performing, editing on this level i…

  • Roland Fantom X8

    Roland Fantom X8 - "A POWERFUL MACHINE"


    Features worthy of a modern piano. It came out in 2004 but it is still a well-respected workstation due to the quality of its manufacturing, sounds, interface, but especially due to its SRX 01 to 12 expansion cards, which can be found at very good pr…

  • Yamaha MM6

    Yamaha MM6 - "Nice, Affordable, Quality Synth"


    The Yamaha MM6 is Yamaha's 'baby' version of the company's flagship keyboard, the Motif. The MM6 offers a wide variety of sounds, most of which are strictly taken from the Motif. It also has a wide variety of ways of creating new sounds and editing t…

  • Wersi Pegasus Wing v2

    Wersi Pegasus Wing v2 - "Wersi Pegasus wing" has images


    76 keyboard profissional Processor AMD Athalon II 3.0 GHz Harddisk: 64 GB SSD RAM : 4 GB S.O.: Windows 7 32 bits LCD 10" touch Drawbars for upper and lower Polyphony: up 1074 voices UTILIZATION Super Sounds Super styles Great keyb…