Yamaha MOTIF 8
Yamaha MOTIF 8

MOTIF 8, Workstation from Yamaha in the MOTIF series.

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 2 reviews )
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 1 user review50 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Poor
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FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

Yamaha MOTIF 8
Im very satsfied with all of the features of the board, but i do think the strings couldve been a little better(nothin a few upgrades wont fix)

Price paid

I paid about 2,800 for my motif 8


Its a pretty straight forward synthisizer if youve been producing for a minute, but it would be hard for a begginner to learn how to sample and use the external voice recorder to intergrade with the tracks you produce as well as make and save your own drum patterns.

ive never contacted customer service, and its a pretty durable board especially when your traveling and you have to carry it from one state to the next going to different studios. the keys are very lightweight but not easy to break.


The sound quality on the motif is excellent the sounds are focused for hip hop users actually the sound f/x couldve been better.


My motif 8 is my main production synth besides my synclavier. i love it...... it goes whereever i go, or i make sure i have about 20 of my smart media cards with me in-case i end up where a motif 6,7, or 8 might be in another record labels studio

Originally posted on FutureProducers.com
Posted by: Unknown (January 2-, 2002)

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha MOTIF 8
The pattern 8 is what Yamaha calls a workstation ISS (integrated sampling sequencer) is to say a synth and sampler squenceur Intgr.
Ct keyboard, there are 88 keys hammer mcanisme non-progressive, this means that unlike a real piano, the keys are all the same sensitivity (on a piano, a reminder, the keys in grves ncessitent more firepower)
in addition to conventional wheels and pitch of speech, there is an area of ​​CONTRL consists of 4 knobs and 4 faders. If this is not enough, it is also possible to connect a Controller of breath, 2 pedals and 2 analog pedals sustain. Each of the Controller may well be rassign Obviously any effect as needed
CT Connect, it also has 4 output jack mono 1 / 4 "analog (2 + 2 standard outputs assignable outputs, all in a 24bit 128x oversampling), 1 headphone out, optical output and 2 numrique mono jack inputs 1 / 4 "for the sampler (20 bit, 64x oversampling). There are three expansion slots for sound cards synthse additonnelles and a slot for a plug-in i / o (or mLAN is aieb2) For storage, there is a drive connector and a smartmedia Intgr scsi to connect hard drives, cd roms, zip's orb's, Jaz's ... etc ... It is noted that ct cd's, the pattern is compatible with CD's AKAI S1000 and S3000
Ct synthse the motif8 (without extensions) works with samples that can be added a number of effects and CONTRL (everything is editable).
Finally, the synth is fitted classic midi in / out / thru, and a USB connector mulant these same MIDI x3 (which allows Exceeds 16 MIDI channel and the CONTRL expansion cards of the pattern from the collection's outdoor)

Ct sounds, there are 512 sound prconfigures (including GM) + 49 drum kits that you can add 128 user sounds 16 user drum kits.
The effects are not to be outdone (12xreverb, 25xchorus, 25xinsertion 1.104 xinsertion 2, 25xvariations) + 5-band equalizer.
Ditables banks can be called via software on both PC and Mac.

Question Polyphony, the pattern does not fly, unfortunately, not rev up with 62 sounds simultaneously (I will return it)


Gnrale configuration is very simple and we find ourselves quickly perform almost instinctively most basic opration, unfortunately the whole plot thickens when it comes to things and srieuses manual, if it is full trs may be somewhat stunned for beginners (but the pattern 8 is not really orient beginners considering the price). For owners of PC's or Macs, the sound editor of the book on cd is a must (although it is more planks to work directly on the synth that can hear the changes in time rel).


Question basic sound, there is a little bit of everything, you will find a large number of sounds used directly in the majority of musical genres. As everything is ditable, it is all fawns ais correct sound to fit the needs of a song (or import a sample of a CD, or sample directly). The working methods are voice (one instrument), Performance (up to 4 instruments with splits and / or layers), Song / pattern (16 squenceur track, reproduction noon) and Master (combination song / pattern and Performance)
As I said prcdemment, the pattern is equipped with a sampler Intgr and can use up to 64 MB of samples supplmentaires (if one reaches 64Mb memory of 4MB of course)
Ct arpggiateur nothing wrong (except that it is not a Korg Karma)
The keyboard has a great touch, good management and aftertouch VLOC trs is correct.


I bought my pattern there are about a month now.
The highlights are:
The sampler-(excellent, especially for the phrase sampling)
It CONNECTIVITY / volutivit,
It squenceur,
The AKAI-compatibility,
-The digital output,
It support (upgrades available bone on the web site + forums www.motifator.com)

The weaknesses are
- Polyphony: 62 notes is really too low. Besides "notes" is not suitable for if trs using an instrument Stereo 4 layers (fortunately extreme cases) it is 8 units of polyphony to be monopolistic es by key presses. Song mode / Pattern, I dj clash painfully these limitations several times in this case the only solution is to adjust the partition so as not to collapse polyphony (ae) ( There seems there any other options but to pay the cards plug-ins)
-The weight of some opration: some manipulations really need to be simplified (as a tool to choose a track in the squenceur)
-The weight of motif8 (attention not to dmettre a shoulder)
-Mix a few bugs
-The instability of opration usb

I tried a couple of synth before making the purchase and I think I can say this is by far one of the best in qualitprix (the Korg Triton is too expensive for its capabilities and samples Sometimes mdiocres, Karma idem (arpggiateur good, bad sound, rotten keyboard), the Fantom Roland is really way too expensive given its potential rev limit). Aside from polyphony (but all synthsrcents with only 62 or 64-note polyphony seem to suffer the same problem or dgradent their instruments to the use of polyphony rduire Mode song) there really good and good trs. A synth for home studio par excellence.