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Yamaha HS user reviews

  • Yamaha HS50M

    Yamaha HS50M - "Pure, Unbiased Sound"


    I needed a good studio monitor to fit on a smaller desk. My main studio is limited in space and I was careful to find smaller monitors that would still deliver a perfect sound. I went to a local music store and a trusted salesman told me I won't find…

  • Yamaha HS50M

    Yamaha HS50M - "An honest performer in its class"


    When I was in need of a small footprint monitor system for my home studio I needed to blend my space restrictions with a solution that would provide a decent real world transition. After much research, I decided upon the Yamaha HS50M monitors. …

  • Yamaha HS50M

    Yamaha HS50M - "NOT A NS10 M" has images


    Great for the new style monitor but not an NS10M. No comparison. They are a bit more colored and a bit more unreal on the low end. They have a great rating and some great reviews but for the money why would you not get a more realistic speaker. De…

  • Yamaha HS50M

    Yamaha HS50M - "Very Good for the class"


    The Yamaha HS50M's are a (sort-of) newer version of Yamaha's very famous and sought after NS-10's. This may sound odd, why try to re-create what is arguably one of the better nearfield monitors ever made? I suppose Yamaha simply decided, "Hey, we've …

  • Yamaha HS50M

    Yamaha HS50M - "best for the price range"


    These are Active Studio monitors that can be used for home or in a major studio setting. But I recommend using them at home. I have them going through my maudio interface running with my pc. For some reason any time I use these I get a clean mix. Eve…

  • Yamaha HS80M

    Yamaha HS80M - "very clean sound"


    The Yamaha HS80M have been sitting on my workstation desk several times. I purchased these and then didn’t like them at first just because the sound didn’t “thump” enough for me. At first I was very disappointed in them especially after paying all th…

  • Yamaha HS80M

    Yamaha HS80M - moosers's review


    The Yamaha HS80M's a set of recording studio monitors. Don't be fooled by the look, as these are no NS-10m's, and although they are modeled to look like them they don't have the same kind of sound at all. These are much more precise and full freque…

  • Yamaha HS50M

    Yamaha HS50M - "great flat sound"


    I've been using the Yamaha HS50M’s since August 2006. In my experience HS50Ms are very interesting speakers. I can say they have the most realistic sounding bass I've ever heard, period! The timber of the bass instruments are so real there is nothing…

  • Yamaha HS80M

    Yamaha HS80M - "Good Quality Monitors.."


    I used the Yamaha HS80M’s for about a year and a half total, I loved them and they have a very good crystal clear sound. Great range, from hi’s to low end. But during my mixing I couldn’t get a clean mix with them. So that’s why I didn’t keep them lo…

  • Yamaha HS10W

    Yamaha HS10W - " Very well for home studio applications"


    home studio utilization SOUNDS It's comfortable and precise OVERALL OPINION However I believe that after years of using it, it is difficult to place the switch in a worst position. Except to put it under the speaker. And even this may not be w…