Yamaha HS50M
Yamaha HS50M

HS50M, Active Monitor from Yamaha in the HS series.

LeBohémien 08/13/2006

Yamaha HS50M : LeBohémien's user review


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What motivated my choice, first price, then it is to replace bouzes I had before, the Alesis Active Mone, I was intrigued by the comparison made with some NS10M, I listened store, I thought, and then I told myself that anyway, I would have to the bottom when she would be at home, in the sound environment of my piece ...
I use them to compose, create my beats, mixes of controlling when I come home from the studio.
Bcp are smaller than they appear, it's the size of a pair of 1029A or a pair of MSP3.
The HS80M were too powerful for my part that makes 12M2, so I selected the ones.


For me, neutrality is one of its greatest assets, as soon as the lights, we understand that we do not and the monitoring has a pair of high quality stereo speakers.
The stereo image is very correct, precise sound throughout the spectrum and what characterizes them is that it lets through some dynamic defects, if a drum kit does not ring, it will be ridiculous in it, it pushed me to raise my level of requirement, and it is rather very positive.
The big question is low because given the size of Boomer, there's something to ask where they could get out!
In fact they are well, and clean in addition, they are just more feeble in volume than in reality, that's my opinion, but the definition is the ...
What I love most is going to listen to my sounds on anything after work with on the 1030A taf, or stereo, every time I hallucinate the result, it sounds really good and j 'I was not that famous disappointment of the second listening ...
Another strong point, they are not at all tiring ...


It's been three weeks that I used is a little short to post a comment, but I lapped well at the beginning and since I bump above 5 or 6 hours a day ...
The low is a little lack of bass for me, I think a pair of intermediate pregnant between HS50M and HS80M would have been perfect, but ...
I Tafer on a lot of speakers, the Alesis Mone active and passive, active and passive Tannoy Reveal, Mackie HR824, Dynaudio Acoustics, Samson Resolv, Yamaha NS10M, MSP5, the JBL4311, Genelec 1029A, 1030A, 1037A, brief ...
Considering the price, this is a very good buy I think, they correspond to the use I made, I reposterais if I was reviewing my opinion.
PS: Attention to their room placement is important!