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Yamaha MOTIF user reviews

  • Yamaha MOTIF ES6

    Yamaha MOTIF ES6 - "Love it despite some latency"


    Yamaha workstation, 61 keys, purchased 2 additional sound cards. See product descriptions with lots of details elsewhere. UTILIZATION For getting around the keyboard and doing the basic stuff for recording and performing, editing on this level i…

  • Yamaha MOTIF XF6

    Yamaha MOTIF XF6 - "Amazing sound engine"


    The Motif XF6 is a 61 key workstation synth that has some of the best sounds that you will ever hear. I have heard some of the basic presets that it offers in mainstream top 40 music on a regular basis. I am an owner of the original Motif that came o…

  • Yamaha MOTIF XF7

    Yamaha MOTIF XF7 - "Expensive and worth it, for giggin or studio use"


    The XF7 is a 76 key music production synth. It is very expensive, but after you get the chance to use it for a few minutes you will be hooked and have to have it. All of the sounds in the XF7 are amazing, they are well designed. The presets have just…

  • Yamaha Motif-Rack XS

    Yamaha Motif-Rack XS - "Good sounding presets"


    The Yamaha Motif line of keyboards are all good and well made, the rack version is right with them. The disappointing thing to me with this rack is that editing sounds and adding effects are so difficult like they are with all rack modules. You have …

  • Yamaha MOTIF XF8

    Yamaha MOTIF XF8 - "left me speechless"


    The Yamaha XF8 is a workstation that can do it all, it can do anything that your computer can do. Though I do not personally own this board but one of my band members does own it so I get the chance to use it a lot like it really is mine and one of t…

  • Yamaha MOTIF ES7

    Yamaha MOTIF ES7 - "i love my es 7"


    The Motif ES 7 was a high end board a few years back and I still feel that It is today. There are so many keyboards and workstations on the market today its hard to pick one that you can really stick with. I love having he Motif ES in my arsenal it p…

  • Yamaha MOTIF 7

    Yamaha MOTIF 7 - "pro sounds"


    The Yamaha Motif 7 blew me away when I was in guitar center playing around with it. I knew I had to get it. The Yamaha Motif 7 has 6octaves and a ton of options and presets for you to explore around with. You can pretty much build a sound from scratc…

  • Yamaha MOTIF ES6

    Yamaha MOTIF ES6 - "Very good sounds"


    Yamaha really created a good product with the Motif ES6 , I think it's pretty user-friendly and you can literally spend days on trying to figure out all of it features because there's too many to mess with. You can change waveforms, add just about an…

  • Yamaha MOTIF ES8

    Yamaha MOTIF ES8 - ericthegreat's review


    I have many years of experience in the music field. I started to learn music when I was a kid using YAMAHA PSS680. Then I changed my keyboard several times(PSR 500-PSR 740). In 2005 I went for total software solution( DAW- VSI). During the last 5 ye…

  • Yamaha MOTIF ES8

    Yamaha MOTIF ES8 - "Used by pros.."


    This is a great workstation, with enough octaves for a pro keyboard player. The Yamaha Motif es 8 is the industry standard as far as quality sounds go. The board is really easy to understand and navigate through, you will get the hang of it after a w…