Yamaha Motif-Rack
Yamaha Motif-Rack
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Docteur Frog 06/04/2003

Yamaha Motif-Rack : Docteur Frog's user review


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Through the full range of sound modules gnralistes existing, it is actually difficult to make a choice: Roland, Yamaha, Kurzweil, E-mu, Korg? So many brands, both of references, but 2003 will be crowned by the arrival of the Motif Rack. As a 1 U rack, the Motif Rack contains the glossary of the technical specifications in terms SERIES Keyboards and Sound edition of synthse. Be forgotten so the sampler and that squenceur quipent versions keyboards. However, APRS be compared with a Motif 6 Motif R, the rack version appears to be more VLOC, through a more dynamic and personal studio set, more scrolls. This is the night deuxime intgrale I spend it and god knows I am pro Kurzweil but the Yamaha thank you!


In a simple approach, the Motif Rack possde trs ergonomic architecture is even more simplified by using the buttons "View Categories", "Shortcuts", "Voice", "Multi". Menus can select sounds intuitively or by CATEGORY or by similarity algorithms, etc.. Everything is clear. He who has set foot in a JV or XV THE FIRST stone throw myself PC2R but until I had found so simple. Comes with a manual in French, that I needed to open the particularity of the Motif Rack is that possde 128-voice polyphony, while the keyboard version only pr feel 64.


Gnraliste, the Motif Rack is not provided multi-specialist in because beyond the new preset pianos Intgr-samples, as they are optional for versions with keyboards PLG150PF card, which are falling, all sonoritsdfient a one on the Ides reues Yamaha sound modules. Entire range of sound by a t dveloppe Sound Designers amricains what he Confre standard sound and away from the freshness of SY or sries Ex Sounds are standards and j prompt anyone to walk into banks Guitars, Basses, Drums (Terribles!) and percussion. Some new users even hover on the wind instruments and it is true that the attack modlisation (string clamps, scrub, reeds, mouthpieces, etc.). Is extraordinary. All the technology VL is at the heart of the Reason rack. Even if a card is available to optimize PLG150VL cot matrix is, the sounds are trs pro, with no effect or effects that will delight professional and amateur musicians in the process of self-production o the effects are not quacks Consulta s. Multi Mode allows me to work directly with 16 sounds accessible layers - splits - cross / layers - and assign up to 16 arpgiateurs synchronous or asynchronous according to his taste and settings desired. Pilot an Evolution UC-33 and a O1V to control the assignment of control changes is one of rgal edition. There are "Multis" tape that will really work with those who will. Test, the sets Brass / Strings / Percussion, The Motif Rack is directly a straw while Virtuoso 2000 or XV3080.


The Motif Rack possde 6 analog outputs (2 Main + 4 subs mono) + 1 + 1 output Stereo Optical SPDIF coax output Stereo, USB and MIDI In / Out / Thru. With all its extensions sound while the sound bank key is terribly satisfactory, its paramtres and its price (1390 euros indicative and observation around 1190 euros in store), I hardly see how one could not at least s' INTERESTED what "fuck" in sound module, please excuse my enthusiasm but what module, which module ...