Yamaha Motif-Rack
Yamaha Motif-Rack
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lo33 07/11/2004

Yamaha Motif-Rack : lo33's user review


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Large variety of sounds, very "big" for most purposes, prcis, Fidler (pianos are bluffing), in short more than 800 sounds, drum kits as you want in voila, the effects still effects, splendid reverbbs, a USB connection to edit and tweak all this from the PC (it is always better than to kill a blind eye to screen LCD two cm ..), SPDIF .. and the top view.


Configuration very simple, especially when we had in hand an adjacent or 7 EX5, Yamaha is cohrent its interfaces. I have not opened the doc yet, but it is in french, clear, and seems t be enough to complete what I saw, but I rpeter, the implementation of the pattern is so simple, zicos warned that some did not even need the manual.


I make the trip hop and ambient, the sounds are beautiful, ditables infinity, anything.
The brass is crap, but that tt the world knows, if you want ralistes brass, brass need REAL! but I is not, so for me it is not a problem. The pianos, rhodes, strings are standard, ground spellbinding, deep bass, a great job.
The effects are numerous quality (yamaha forces), and the expression is really high.
Overall, the pattern is really excellent and comprehensive


I use it for a week, I love its simple interface, the menu navigation is instinctive after one hour of use, and not end up with thousands of buttons we do not know what to do! most can be managed with a dozen buttons, diodes can rebuked those who are active a glance ..
1000 euro !!!!!!! it has the strongest!! be seen to be believed, the beginners we say "a flaw should print some c not possible!" b No, nothing, nada, no fault, simply a tool pro, half price a newt! and frankly there's no picture .. the really quality price report IM-BA-TTA-BLEUU ...
Whether to buy it? yes yes yes and re .. plutt twice that. Even if Yamaha has long been subject to criticism on some points, the hat .. Thank you Yamaha.