Yamaha MOTIF 6
Yamaha MOTIF 6

MOTIF 6, Workstation from Yamaha in the MOTIF series.

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Pc68 04/20/2003

Yamaha MOTIF 6 : Pc68's user review


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I will not repeat the CHARACTERISTICS of the keyboard you can get on the sites ad hoc, but primarily on testing previous ones.
I would say that the quality of the keyboard is good for both games faster than the sensitivity. The Controller is the average precision (knob and fader) but sufficient for most uses. I, ds the acquis complt connectivity option by AIEB2. The sounds are many good quality. The polyphony is adequate, nothing more.
An edition is possible via USB to a PC thanks utility of good quality. A backup is possible via SCSI (HD it is even possible to mount internally, but the warranty goodbye) or by the card Smartmdia.


Yeah, well I is the FCHE! I just prs for a year, and it is also necessary that I tape record for certain operations. The logic operation does not suit me at all, and I quickly lost in the Mandres edition. I rcapitule: Edit custom settings with the instructions on the knees!
The machine comes with a manual in English, one German and one in French. Throw away the one in French because the translation is really ... doubtful. I rcapitule: Edit custom settings with instructions in English on the knees!
Research is also folk sound (but we love has in Alsace): I have a habit of starting in 0999 (on my K2500) and I must account translated into hexadecimal decimal (the man in the service of the computer, what!) So you are looking for a sound? This is the A15, D11, or H16? I think so! I rcapitule: Edit custom settings with instructions in English on the knees and a notepad cot! Do not forget the pen!
Fortunately, one can not look like ... PHEW! I agree, I'm a slacker.
When you leave the Fast Fashion your own sounds, do not forget the calculator to Defines custom settings, not because the physical units, but in most cases, a value of 0127. I rcapitule: Edit custom settings with instructions in English on the knees and a notepad cot! Do not forget the pen! And think of the calculator!
Finally, when you go to save Creations (sound, performance, effects, patterns, songs), do not be too hard. The extensions are multiple records and you have to wire to hold the head is what - I still think the ad shows a CRNE o with a USB - Taking the top, what! ! I rcapitule?


The sounds are good and ... current. The range is supplied with a high quality comprehensive bill. Although sr, not everything is top. Bulk: I like the guitars, especially electric and saturated, percussion and other batteries. I am not speaking of synthetic sounds (analog, FM piano, etc) that I find good ... on most synths (Ae, I'll make friends!) I like least sounds of violins, and wind.
The performances are well done, and remain playable despite a keyboard 61 notes.
The arpgiateur is good, but it would be more than AIM in original patterns (these clients are boring!)


It's going to prs a year since I possde this synth. In the era, j'hsitais between Triton and MOTIF, which had just come out. The sounds are good on both machines. I opt for the reason because of its USB connection and PC editor (I'm more comfortable in front of a computer keyboard ...).
During testing, I had not foreseen that this machine was suffering from an ergonomic Ambiga. Frankly, I can not m'imprgner of philosophy that programmers BCAN! While few will forget the sweets big gap? A sampler in the synth but with this ergonomic ... The possibility of placing cards plugins, but with this ergonomic ...
If c'tait again, in this day, I would take the rack version. Because the sounds are his biggest assets. I use it as bote music, with the registration of certain Controller (including pots) in Cake and sometimes for a quick game of keyboard. J'hsite ds that sagit to enter the bowels of the instrument To create a sound, and that's a shame because the possibilities are l. ..