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Yamaha Silent user reviews

  • Yamaha Silent Brass SB7X

    Yamaha Silent Brass SB7X - "Yamaha Silent Brass review"


    I bought the Trumpet Silent Brass system in 2003-4. This may not be the same model as the SB7X. The Silent Brass system provides a mute on the projecting qualities of the trumpet. As a practice tool, the Silent Brass is nifty for late practice sessio…

  • Yamaha SLG100N

    Yamaha SLG100N - phraseland's review


    I believe this guitar was made in Taiwan (as are most Yamaha products). If not then it was built in Japan. This is the nylon string version of the Yamaha Silent Guitar. It has a 50mm Nut and is built a little more ergonomic than it's cousin SLG100NW(…

  • Yamaha SLG100N

    Yamaha SLG100N - "Yamaha SLG-100N"


    Bought at Nusantik, Yamaha's Indonesian sole distributor Aug 2002. The Package include good quality gigbag, AC adptor and manual book. for about US$600 or 5,5 Billion Indonesian Rupiah. (I just realized this is too expensive should be about USD450) …

  • Yamaha A1S Silent

    Yamaha A1S Silent - " A very good piano"


    Living in a studio in Paris, I wanted a baby grand piano with a good muffler system to play without disturbing and make computer music. I have tried many pianos in a shop in Paris, near the Père Lachaise, and A1 has my full attention: among the lea…

  • Yamaha SLG120NW

    Yamaha SLG120NW - obi91's review


    Silent nylon guitar UTILIZATION Perfect SOUNDS Exceptional OVERALL OPINION This guitar is a gem ... It is beautiful, well finished, very nice and very easy to play. An exceptional and easy to adjust sound (tonalitée and effects). I climb …

  • Yamaha SLG100S



    SLG 110 S made in Indonesia .... and very well finished 14 frets, 1 bass control knob, 1 treble, 1 effects (5 positions: off, rev 1, rev 2, echo, chorus) It may be missing a micro independent volume control. One might think at first glance that…

  • Yamaha SLG100N

    Yamaha SLG100N - " Nice"


    Flat handle, finer than a true classical guitar. Rosewood fingerboard (ebony would have been better ...) Micro B-Band preamp including 2 levels of reverb (room and lobby), a volume, adjust bass, treble adjustment. An on / off button, a line in (3.5…

  • Yamaha SLG120NW

    Yamaha SLG120NW - " Perfectly fulfills its function"


    It is primarily an instrument for classical guitarists (width at nut similar to a classic), so we talk first violin. Say overall it's a very well thought out guitar, built with quality materials. Success of modern violin. SGL120NW model accounts for …

  • Yamaha SLG100N

    Yamaha SLG100N - " A real gem"


    Flat handle, B-Band pickups, maple wood used mainly rosewood. UTILIZATION Some people prefer the sleeves with a slight radius, this one does not have one but its use is really nice. Ease and high quality. The availability of high notes is much …

  • Yamaha Silent Brass SB7X

    Yamaha Silent Brass SB7X - " Very satisfactory"


    I use it a few times since 2 years, it's fine. Good sound but reproduces the Mute "silent brass" is not like other mutes, it blocks a little breath. I have not tried other electric muted trumpet because I offered it at Christmas and I am quite satisf…