Yamaha SLG100N
Yamaha SLG100N
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MGR/Nangkorasia 12/15/2002

Yamaha SLG100N : MGR/Nangkorasia's user review

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Bought at Nusantik, Yamaha's Indonesian sole distributor Aug 2002. The Package include good quality gigbag, AC adptor and manual book. for about US$600 or 5,5 Billion Indonesian Rupiah. (I just realized this is too expensive should be about USD450)
I really want a guitar I can play or practice at night without disturbing other. Yamaha's quality reputations is good, coz I also had other yamaha products (CG,FG-jr & Guitalele)which I'm also satisfied.

It just really works for me.
First of all the sound quality is good some how Yamaha is succeed in eliminating the typical "Piezo" sound I think it's good for recording.
The intonation is good very easy to tune and consistent all along the fingerboard. The on board The action is very light all along the fretboard I still can play the same licks effortlessly in high position. Headphone Amp is great this is exactly what I need for practice or play without disturbing other. This unit also equipped with digital reverb this is also a plus. Well it's not really that silent most of the times I'm playing it without headphones particularly at night where the environtment is relatively silent.

One reason I bought this unit is to be functioned as travel guitar but this guitar is not very suitable for travel, even in dissassemled form SLG100N is not small enough, still have the same length of ordinary (classical) guitar only a bit thinner. The Battery consumption is only 2 hours if reverb is activated this is really not practical....(how many 9 volt battery we should carry for a trip????) so in reality i'm forced to use AC adaptor (included)
The reverb is very noisy so I'm not recommending to use it in the stage or in the recording.
This unit is only can be operated with battery or AC adaptor for headphone operation or directly plugged in to the amp/mixer.

Design is really really cool I'd give 10 for this it has cute detachable side frame, the ergonomic aspect is also good the feel is just like playing ordinary guitar but very light.
The craftmanship is beatiful esppescially the neck & the headstock.
The black side frame is also good but it seems to be litlle bit fragile (not sturdy)I think it's made from light wood should be handled with care.

Nylon strings/clasical
Good Sound quality (without reverb), Good for practice, Awesome design.

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