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Zeck user reviews

  • Zeck ASP 12.1

    Zeck ASP 12.1 - " TOP!"


    Super pregnant equipped for PHL AUDIO 12 "B & C engine Nothing to say! Its super nice level voice, sharp and precise end of happiness ... Pregnant rather compact and lightweight hull for wood .. 23kg Very pro .... …

  • Zeck ASP

    Zeck ASP - nikolay's review


    I will post a notice on ASP baffles 12.1, and not on the system ASP (which is a modular system) ◦ For how long have you been using it? I own a pair of ASP ° 12.1 (2-way speakers 400W/8ohms) for about 1 year. Speakers very well made, solid, ide…

  • Zeck PT 7

    Zeck PT 7 - sono06's review


    I use this amp for 10 years, perfect! high power handling, very good dynamics are only defect noted was its weight (21kg) is a bit heavy it is, but we quickly forget that it is more défaut.En amp super beefy scenes after scenes it's not moving! After…

  • Zeck PA 215

    Zeck PA 215 - sergiosergio01's review


    These are 3-way speakers, passive, 4ohms, 1Kw DC / pregnant. I use an amp with Amcron MT 1201. The sound is balanced, powerful. It can even add sound in the bass (bass drum) where most full-range speakers do not follow. Indeed, equipped with 2 …

  • Zeck GF 230

    Zeck GF 230 - Nick Zefish's review


    This is an 2x30 band equalizer (25Hz-20kHz) all that has classic, 3U rack format. Fader 45mm +/- 12dB, 40Hz low-cut filter and level rglage. Small VU meter whose First diode is "rgle very low" to dtecter signal presence. Jack and XLR connectors…

  • Zeck PM 24/8/4/2

    Zeck PM 24/8/4/2 - r délire's review


    With rack / 24 / 8 to 8 in groups 2 masters jack. Xlr. Parametric equalizer + insert on each slice. UTILIZATION Configuration is very simple SOUNDS Good general OVERALL OPINION Since 10 years. evolution to digital, so console me redundant…

  • Zeck

    Zeck - Anonyme's review


    Excellent diversity. Can transform any dynamic or electret microphone in HF. Very good range. Excellent sound quality. Very reliable. A product Zeck what!! …

  • Zeck

    Zeck - à Chaud's review


    I use a transmitter / receiver Zeck Daysy for 8 years. Bought used for a cheap price because it had problems. I repaired myself and since it's OK. At first I used it mainly as a tool for micro sound with my violin connected to a small electret mic…

  • Zeck PT 7

    Zeck PT 7 - Anonyme's review


    The PT series drives now speaker range Zeck FOCUS (say it!) 2-channel amplifier in class AB is nevertheless excellent on SUB. 2x 435W RMS / 8 Ohms 2 x 702W RMS / 4 Ohms 2x 1048W RMS / 2ohm 1x 1367W RMS / 8 Ohm bridge. Damping factor: 178 S…

  • Zeck CA 1600

    Zeck CA 1600 - Anonyme's review


    The CA series pushed the speaker range Focus before it was replaced by the PT series (that say). DESCRIPTION: 2-channel amplifier in class H. Transistors 12 listed by TO3 case. 2x 850W RMS / channel at 4 Ohms. Warning: it does not go down…