Zeck Club 15/2
Zeck Club 15/2

Club 15/2, Subwoofer from Zeck.

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Herve v.63 04/02/2005

Zeck Club 15/2 : Herve v.63's user review


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I possde these speakers since 1994 (1500 pair) these are two ways an HP 15 "+ 1 FCR motor B & C 1". Not content to have an excellent they are indestructible.
The sound is trs equilibrated (with the extreme highs can be somewhat removed) these speakers are given a power of 200 W RMS into 8 ohms I use active mode with a 7 amp Zeck PT ass (2 x 450 W) n and they have never bronches.Monseul regret is that Zeck has disappeared (at least in France).
These speakers have worked in a lot of difficult conditions and are still. Once again the Germans have been solid.