Orange PPC112C
Orange PPC112C

PPC112C, 1x12 Guitar Cabinet from Orange in the PPC series.

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 16 reviews )
 9 reviews56 %
 6 reviews38 %
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Value For Money : Excellent
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drapeau_rouge's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" One of the best for the price"

Orange PPC112C
The PPC112 is a 1x12 cabinet birch plywood built around a Celestion Vintage 30 that can get up to 60W maximum power. The cab has an impedance of 16 Ohms and weighs 15 kgs.
The quality is very surprising for a cab that price. The Tolex is well posed, the cabinet is solid, the canvas before the HP is impeccable ... And then he has the look! Vintage to death!
Unfortunately, I could not compare to other 1x12 so I do not know his position in relation to the competition ... Mesa Boogie seems to be fine with 1x12 Celestion Classic 90 and if I had to change one day for this will surely thereof.
At home or in rehearsal, I never took the PPC 112 in default. Of course, I knew deeper bass but for such a low price, it is largely the work and allows a beautiful sound reproduction of the guitar. This is also currently the first prize for an HP Celestion Vintage 30.
In general, I adjoins the baffle to my Tiny Terror but I've had the opportunity to plug my VHT Pitbull (50 W in fashion of course). In both cases, it has always been there!
I think the boundary is the metal and high volumes. If you stay soft on the gain and master volume, the sound does not drool.

doodb's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Best money I've ever report"

Orange PPC112C
Here is a mind-blowing baffle. For its price refund is impressive, much better than a marshall 2x12 I owned.
The sound is still very mediums over a boogie 2x12 I have.
Tested on a roadster head (mesa), then a dual terror (orange), I think it is doing better with his orange (but that's mostly a matter of taste)
To budget and / or small size, look no further than this cabinet is really very good.

tarz200tdi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" it does the job and does it well."

Orange PPC112C
Purchased new at a price gun on the net in a flash sale of a well-known dealer.
connected either with AMT SS11 + EHX 44 or POD HD 400 + EHX 44.

Much to say right now, the finish is really light. I do not think the overall reliability suffers, but actually it's low-cost gear, assembled in a low-cost ... and it does not hide it! Tolex is IMHO the relative quality, with rather coarse cuts. So the edging is applied quickly ...

Good the moment you said that, but we also took the time to break quietly Vintage 30, it still works very well, with a punchy projection and a rather broad spectrum (although if you do not like the Vintage 30 ... do not buy it!) to be widely heard in repeats or small stage. After that, it remains a 1x12 ... having already played on 2x and 4x, for me the comparison does not really make sense.

8oris, who posted a notice here, has an excellent video that compares with my stuff Tech21 PE ... I encourage you to check it out!

In short: for the price I might even take two of ...

hen's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A practical and effective speaker."

Orange PPC112C
I use it for about 3 years with a head ORANGE ROCKER 30.
I play on a regular PPC 412 cab if my speakers are preferred NOS 2 x 12 8 OHM XL.
I use it for small gigs in bars, it is easy to carry. It's vintage 30 in 60W. The finish is to be desired compared to the NOS (but it's normal custom) the Tolex is not very well adjust the black and overflows a bit.
His side, if you want a heavy sound and powerful go your way. Otherwise the sound is very defined (that is, 16 ohm), clear. It was still a good depth on the bass without it being heavy. High mids out very well.
English sound (obviously) dry and very racy.
I admit that I use it more for its weight and also for his dry well suited to my new group. Transplanted with a microphone for bigger concerts it is perfect.
I would also add that they are pregnant when she really effective are connected to the 16 ohm ORANGE. With this configuration was the best brand.
The price / quality ratio is good. I would do this choice

yaphne's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Simply outstanding!"

Orange PPC112C
Used with a Dual Terror head from Orange in a rock style and Blies, I find perfectly and capabilities of the amp but very precise features guitars. Originally purchased for rehearsals, I use a PPC412 for concerts, I happened to use it for some concerts. His power is ample.
I strongly recommend this more than HP, it is extra and more ...... Look what!

Cosmicdead's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Cabinet okay"

Orange PPC112C
I use it from time to time to the home studio for a few months.
I also has a NOS 2x12 (obviously better quality).

The sound is less defined, more shrill, and less bass than the NOS.
The finishes are not top either, but it's still a cheap product.
Not great for playing metal. The interior finishes are a bit "in tears" (nothing to do with my NOS).

Q / p correct.

He serves and troubleshooting for répets, so I would do this choice with experience.

Seeya007's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Simple, robust and efficient"

Orange PPC112C
I use it for about 6 months for my little rig. It is equipped with Celestion Vintage 30 which are no longer present as they are present in many firms. I head a small torque Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister 18 (terrible as this little machine).
The HP it is a matter of taste which subjectivity is required. Personally, I've tried several brands of HP and I always come back to V30. Evolving in the pop-rock-electro they allow me to cover the range of the sound palette that I created. I use a lot of effects, among others, a POG2 (for bass octaves and a whammy which fetches higher notes). The Celestion always follow perfectly, and moreover, they can get angry (NOT DROOL) when they put a good amp head above.
In terms of build quality, nothing to say, is super sturdy, well built, very sturdy, yet light.
Having found secondhand 150 €, I think I have a good deal.
I had Brunetti 1x12 Mini Cab in the past, they also equipped V30, they were equivalent in terms of sound, but a little lighter because less strong.
After Orange, that go unnoticed but it is also a matter of taste.
A remake, I would do :-) This is a good product, well built, solid, simple and effective. What is asked, after all.
Good luck!

neofabsmash's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" angry, but lacks a bit of low"

Orange PPC112C
6 months of use with tiny terror. use loft I could never push too. Some people talk about break-in speaker can be mine was too new but it lacked bass, the sound was dry powerful angry but lacked low roundness. After the V 30 is still snarling.

I sold it to buy a 1912 marshall jvm to double a less angry but more down to a single speaker.

The cabinet is super nice well finished c is really quality.

laurent29's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Satisfied"

Orange PPC112C
I use two speakers for a few months ORANGE PPC112, I was actually looking to get a "light" Stereo sound with my AXE FX.

To do this I found a power amp PEAVEY Classic 50/50 and my 2 speakers Orange PcP.

The sound is pretty typical rock but for me this is what I seek I play as U2 (although a Vox cabinet would have been more logical but not found in 1x12, then I think I referred to a system over FR expensive to get the max of my AXE FX.

On Orange
> Beautiful finishes and craftsmanship
> Lightweight to carry
> Super clear sound, saturated etc ....

For me it is a good value for money.

rioli's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" great"

Orange PPC112C
I owned two, but one is enough for me with my head Rockerverb 50 mk2
its super powerful avex grain vintage, beautiful and very transportable
great value for money, a future collector