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All user reviews for the Technics SH-DJ1200

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 8 reviews )
 3 reviews38 %
 3 reviews38 %
 2 reviews25 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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DEEJAY MY'Z04/08/2013

DEEJAY MY'Z's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" "The Mythic""

Technics SH-DJ1200

2 ports Line / Phono and RCA outputs

Equalizer complete and precise gear for this time

Headphone input ... Etc.


Very easy to use nothing complicated even for a beginner, especially when very stylish to spend time to watch the DMC World Championship ... I can tell you that even in the evening does!

on the other hand for me as fierce scratcheurs cross'fader held at 1 month, besides it is irreparable now I've got balls, I quickly realized that this is the only black c ... This is really a table for special occasions, at least if you start to scratch a table plan for the preserve scratch ... this is really a table that deserves to be taken care of and it becomes more more rare.


The sound is the strong point of this table! The molten bass / treble during Mixs is really accurate and mix your old LP to the old one damn screen Serato is still a real pleasure! I found a little sound without amplification as warm!


I used 2 years having screwed up the cross which is extremely fragile compared to Pro X Fade, today I'm looking for rarer models (gray, white). The sound is really his forte! I recommend it to all those who still LP Funk, Hip Hop, R & B etc to mix on special occasions or for pleasure connoisseurs and then it's Mythical table DMC! ... I'ma little like everyone else I wish to know the Technics did not continue today.

Dae2l-Ero's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Technics SH-DJ1200
It is rackable yes.


Then I'll be brief on this table Mix. But honestly, to this day, despite the efforts of manufacturers, the advanced technology etc.. etc..
I have so far (except Vestax PMC 05) not found a table with a view comfort, aesthetics, quality fabriquation (despite a hyper cross fragile but still super effective) table happens to him ankle.


And sound quality! Whoa!


I have one and I do not let go for anything. Bought new at DMC at the time.

What I regret most is that Technics did not continue his run. (I would have liked to see this and this quality today at a time of controllers and DVS - shame!)

Modam's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" oldschool :-)!!"

Technics SH-DJ1200
a lot of connections (booth, master, entry, etc.) to the size really
I ralais a little on that as n eq to bass and treble but the quality of the filters when you kill them is impressive


very simple


its crazy, a little out of breath but very few (must already pushing)


Of 6-month money impeccable, only problem already two cross of death, I have to disassemble the two and I did everything right, clean and fix (a bit less flexible it is) but since then no more worries (c is the strip of 0.2mm beneath the cross that shit that make contact often enough, a pote m as shown in the tip I'll make a tutorial to the next apart :-)) level but scratch .... No complaints, its crazy, clean and precise

Ff-@ms's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Technics SH-DJ1200
-Channel stereo line between x2 and vinyl
Auxiliary line-1x
Line and line-out recording heads in CAR
Equalizer 3-pitches-medium-severe Egue per track
Headphone jack and mic-in facade


Simple and strong!


Impecable! no saturation of the 1st edition lol
very good equalizer effective
no breath


Hello I ts I THE FIRST edition and this version has nothing to do with the second SERTE which is cheaper but also much less strong!

t mine has bought 600 and I sold it for 250 it is a matter I assure you!

arnaud35000's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Technics SH-DJ1200
2-way line, 2 phono-way
plus a mic input and an entry to / effects
only equalizer bass / treble, up-24db / +12 db ... enough!

Good grip, authentic cuisine that commands respect ...


Config ultra simple, you plug and go!
Get started immediately, intuitive, no need for manual! Anyway I bought OCCAZ, I was not ...


Console without breath, we feel the quality! However, I note a tendency to saturation, attention to the mix when there are too low!
The potentiometers have a proper life ... other than the gold paint the most beautiful effect that tends to come off ... shame!

The equalizer is sufficient for a mixed use, an equalizer would have preferred more for the media, in practice this house!

And-24db, some just find it a bit ...


I use it for leisure for 3 months I bought it used, it is a table that has already come a long way but it is solid!

I like the look, the fact that it's a Technics, whatever people may say this is THE reference table of the world championships anyway, it's not for nothing!

I had a Gemini UMX-5 before, though too, but less robust, and with features that do not serve me.

Good quality / price ratio ... on occasion! For € 420 for it, it hurts! Personal I got € 100 on Ebay, I am very happy! Put up to 200 €, no more, after turn to other brands ... The Numark Pro SM2 is also a reference ...

I would do this choice because it is a table that matches my expectations, simple functions, two inputs, perfect for mixed use house / r'n'b ... coupled with two Numark Axis-8, is smooth, easy and effective!

This table can really versatile; Technics respect to ...

dj.Anonym67's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Technics SH-DJ1200
Rackable with an auxiliary, while the RCA ... A must for this release ...
It is important to remember what changed everything for Dj's, replacing the pmx-2 in DMC.


I had the ais OCCAZ with a lot of repairs to do, but I do not regret, it is simple, intuitive and offers a basic configuration that all dj's address without problems


Good sound quality and especially a équalizeur giving a filter effect that I found on these tables sh-dj, dx, ex ... No wind, nothing to repprocher short on that side.


I use it only for 1 year and I have other tables, so I do not beat a dead horse over often, but it remains my favorite! Équalizeur love her and feel, but unfortunately the faders and crossfader are not robust and lacks the reverse cross of his little sister, so that there is no adjustment curve ...
I find it a bit expensive and that it no longer follows the face of these competing, but it is easily affordable OCCAZ me ... I had a sh, I actually preferred a sh-ex

psiike's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Technics SH-DJ1200
Ben the problem with this (old) table is there
Only 2 equalizer
No-adjustment of the cross fader curve


Crossfader not very strong (but not put a pcv), personally I do not like the rain hit. else if nan is quite suitable


So far so good!


For small exchange, auccaz not bad if it is exceeded nan
dj skredy11/26/2004

dj skredy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Technics SH-DJ1200
Very good food hip hop


Tre simple to use


Very good quality of its


It's been 6 years since I l ai.elles too well set apart this cross too fragile for my taste.
May good replaced with a Vestax is c is good .on has a table that dechirre.