Novation Remote 25 SL
Novation Remote 25 SL

Remote 25 SL, 25-Key MIDI Keyboard from Novation in the Remote series.

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 6 reviews )
 4 reviews67 %
 1 user review17 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Will Zégal02/01/2011

Will Zégal's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Expensive, but interesting"

Novation Remote 25 SL
I bought it after testing the Nocturn (

I was, despite its limitations, rather attracted by the Automap. Having the experience of Behringer BCF and BCR that lack, I wanted a controller with screens that recalls the settings.

Also, I wanted a controller with a small keyboard for failing to turn me into one of my great master controller for a beat when I work on a sound.


The touch keyboard is quite nice. Sometimes I record some stuff with. Given its size, even when I use primarily in research / work sounds and I use a larger keyboard when it comes to recording.

The manual is clear, from what I remember.

The Automap configuration is very simple. However, there are gaps very stupid, like failing to reassign a button to another by simple copy / paste or drag and drop.


I use it for about two years. I have several teachers and other keyboards I have tested poorly.

What I like most:
- Overall quality
- Presence of screens
- Intelligent operation
- Ease of Automap once properly set (which still takes time)
- USB powered
- Two MIDI ports

What I dislike:
- The viewing angle is limited screens when the keyboard is placed on a table and not in front of you. It then requires to raise and turn a bit toward you. Less aesthetic than keep it aligned with its control surface for example.
- Endless knobs knobs: I hate it, preferring the non-serrated. But not notched endless, it's expensive.
- Automap not "universal" functions essentially about plug-ins. Do not work on the integrated effects of sequencers that are not plug-ins.

The quality / price is burdened by the price. It's still expensive. But the presence of screens, the quality (rather than at the top of what is generally found on the keyboards of this size), rich connectivity, the Automap ... All that ends justify the price compared to the rest of the market.

As for the choice again, I think so. It probably does not meet all needs or all awards, but when it does, hard to find a replacement.

In addition, with the purchase of dedicated bag (damn good and solid) which can also pick up my laptop and some accessories, it makes me a config portable and powerful enough jam or go for a holiday.

tarfoufi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Novation Remote 25 SL
I bought this machine because it has many controllers (pads, faders, and potentiomtres master keyboard), for use in home studio.
The pads are hard, Drout is the beginners but you get done (especially since you can rgler the sensitivity), other controllers are just that good. It is true that the faders would motoriss a class (but more expensive) because lorqu'on attack a new project must submit the controllers at the right levels ... Sometimes it's heavy ...

I also chose this keyboard / controller for automaping, which on paper looked gnial ... As beginners in the afternoon, I thought that a machine that adapts herself to the software and plug-ins would be a piece of cake!


The touch keyboard is good for me who am not a pianist. Well, it's not the feel of a real piano, but better than a bad synth.
Installation is fairly simple (a walk ds connection) and install the complte you end up with three programs on his computer (plugin manager, remote sl editor and audio control panel), I think that an all-in-one would have t ... more

The automap is just dcevant on the other hand: The camera recognizes the software or plugin (but not all: I work with Samplitude 10 and no recognition!) And automatically assigns the physical controllers, the knobs and other buttons on the formulation. The problem is that often it is not logical trs at the rpartition (or so I have not the same logic as programmers). In short, it is often necessary to reconfigure ... And l. .. No choice, we must fader manual is in French on the installation CD (unlike what is described in a notice), but this one is well done.
As beginners in an afternoon, it took me several hours searching the internet to understand how couraging for MIDI and a patch noon. Ben actually it's not super complicated ... In addition, the "plugin manager" allows you to change your plugins for it to be "AutoMapper" directly: Basically you click a button on the plugin, then moves a controller and hop it is assign ( has not work on everything, but a large majority of plugin).


I use this keyboard / controller for a month in home studio and a friend takes me to play live with "live"
What I like most is the number and quality of controllers
What I like least is the fact that we should redo the levels of its controllers (and yes it is not motorized and if we change the program or plgin, must do his level ...)
This is my first vritable keyboard / controller, therefore, no comparison ...
The report price is trs good quality (bought from thomann 230)
We'll see how long this old machine

Off topic:
Just something that makes me Hrissi hair ... A versatile means "unstable, which easily changes of opinion, Synonyms: uncertain". Arrtez to use this word for "multifunction" ...
espace.art08/25/2007's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Novation Remote 25 SL
Keyboard Controller


Manuel succinct


Our association has offered to its 25 years of keyboard Controller Remote SL 25 for "modest" sum of 465. The IMMEDIATE prlvement is performed while the unit is not in stock.
The amount of the association would inquite by softphone from the supplier. It will be sent to the balls by an employee without cause (silent tone courteous if somewhat dry) changes its communication collgue saying pointedly, "is a patient who rclame his order" without taking the trouble to hide the handset with one hand.

For a first contact, a bad start to the point that we dcidons to cancel the transaction. A few hours later an official apology to remember the attitude of the young salesman inexpriment and confirm the transaction as valid, the process can be canceled.
Two weeks later comes the keyboard tracking ... DPOS another keyboard on the same day by another carrier.

Is this a gift? Nay, it is wrong but the two keyboards as dballe, we return one vrifier without their proper functioning. Worth to be honnte better sleep at night except that the keyboard that we maintain a - on - one outage display: it is the wrong keyboard we returned.
A week later the failure worsens and the display becomes erratic flashes s'teint, turns back, flashes etc.. back to the vendor by registered mail mid May

The day before the weekend of August 15 is - say three months later, the maintenance is bote Lyon contacts us to inform us that failure is due a liquid that would t in contact with the keyboard, that incident can not be imput since we came out of the box when the failure occurred. He tells us that it is not covered under warranty. It took them a full quarter to make the diagnosis.
The technician then suggested to change the motherboard 200 for what we refuse. Request is made to send back the machine in the state, he promises to do before the bridge on 15 August. We are still waiting for that day, on 26 August and will be ending for a four months that the package is gone. Vive la VPC!

I do not know if there is an appeal but I will constantly the vrifier.
In the meantime, this will be our exprience leon: always vrifier the validity of the contents of a package and never buy from Music Distribution.

Space Art Pluriel @

amundsen2's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Novation Remote 25 SL
I bought this keyboard / control surface on the one hand because of all assignable controls, on the other because of their diversity (linear sliders and rotary, rotary encoders, many buttons, pads, joystick , trackpad), and finally because of the good reputable Novation. In addition, each order can be associated a name appearing in one of two notches LCD.

Cot MIDI, the device can also serve as an interface to a second device. It can draw its electrical power from batteries (useful when you have experienced the problem of USB ports can not power a device), what is more can be recharged via a mains transformer. There are also connections for pedals and switch.

In short, many assets.

On the other hand has a reputable Novation superior quality compared to brand Roland keyboards (I have read several messages on key breaks Roland devices, cheaper it is true). It is true that the feel is better (more solid without being heavy).
I thought it could not send messages to high-resolution (> 7-bit), but it's actually possible with the rotary encoder (16 bits). Novation has told me that it's impossible with potentiomtres (whether linear or rotary), because their physical RESOLUTION limit, no need to wait for an update.

To be perfect, it lacks attnuateurs long run. The engine on attnuateurs would have been the icing on the cake, but the price would probably Grimp


The key is good trs.

Although the device has many commands, programming is easy, either directly on the unit or via software Mac / Windows. Each command enables the programming of multiple messages. However, no one Libet total programming, which is one less from my old Peavey PC-1600x (10 years old yet!). For example, it is impossible to schedule the transport buttons to send MIDI messages real time.

The manual is well done (although the French version has no MIDI implmentation of the table, yet indicated to the summary of the manual, but it does not matter is found in the English version). Precisely, this picture seems wrong because it indicates that the unit can not receive program change messages to change the template, then it is possible in practice (which seems obvious).


I use it now for six months, but not the bottom. It has great potential and is versatile trs, even if I regret the lack of engines on attnuateurs.

The report qualitprix is ​​excellent and the unit should probably lots of people but for people like me who require freedom complte programming, there are some gaps (very limits). At first I think even purchase the 61 keys a day on the other, or a version deuxime 25 keys, I would have a keyboard hand! Naked

JPhBoiteux's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Novation Remote 25 SL
Determines have my choice:
- Buttons assignable shooting larigot
- The mod wheel / pitch Novation
- The touch pad X / Y
- The 2 LCD display


The automap (although Retailer by Nakra-x) is very enjoyable to use
super simple paramtrer with Live and Reason
pc mac compatible mac-intel ...
found on the website of the explanation in English vidos


The price of this keyboard is correct, however, be given as
I took off 1 point because after 3 months of use "quiet"
the spring that brings back the wheel mod / pitch was dtendu and (less severe)
faders in the peintoche s'crase and sticky fingers
I would do this choice because its touch the quality of its matrial, the automap, are presqu'oublier that this is a keyboard instrument and not a matre ...

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Novation Remote 25 SL
What technical specifications motivated your choice?

The number of pots, encoders, faders and assignable button and above the band has cntrolleur X / Y

What connector (MIDI pedals ...)?...


In + USB 3 port IN / OUT, USB cable and MIDI cable CMME 3


Configuration gnrale Is it easy?

I test mode and it really gnial automap just play with the buttons a cot of the screen to select the right one wants VSTI controller

The way of a template CRER is amazing thanks to the editor software, you can control what you want, with the controller you want:
For each controller you can choose:
-The message sent (CC, RPN, NRPN, SYSEX, etc.)
-It affects the range (63 -63, 0127, etc.)
-The way so it works (normal, momentura, step, toggle)
The channel-twelve o'clock
Nomer-it control (the name is displayed on the screens that ds is selected the line of the controller)

The select MIDI channels, patches is easy?

Nothing is easier for the templates, you just press the central pot, until the mode's template is selected and then turn it to select the desired template
The manual is clear and sufficient?
The manual is atlcharger I printed board and link to learn has used the Beast


How long have you use it?

2 months, I well controlled, easy to understand and utilisbr />
PS: Student of the species Shma block page 2.2 of the manual to understand the routing

What is the particular feature you like best and least?

I love the number of controller and button available, the automap mode trs really nice (like a small c + mackie control a master keyboard), the ability to assign everything anything
Have you tried many other models before acqurir?

I had the KORG microKONTROL and it's night and day, everything is extra easy and more enjoyable, the screen allows a quick and prcise edition

How do you report qualitprix?

Excellent!! A meter in everybody's hands, it's the controller

Exprience with, you will do again this choice?

Yes Yes Yes! I take can be the ReMOTE Zero, because the function Calvier master do I use almost no

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