Behringer DX1000
Behringer DX1000

DX1000, 4+ Channel Mixer from Behringer in the Pro Mixer series.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Behringer DX1000

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 7 reviews )
 3 reviews43 %
 3 reviews43 %
 1 user review14 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Dj sdf08/11/2006

Dj sdf's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer DX1000
Symtriques outputs required for active speakers often moves away, the sound quality and is gaining momentum.

Currently using a Crown MT2400, 2 Yorville Elite EX1000, and a pack FCR ART322A (* 2) + sub ART705-AS, your exact is explosive!

1 output symtrique SUB outputs symtriques Hands on Jacks and XLR outputs on symtriques Zone Jacks and XLR outputs on symtriques Monitors Jacks, 2 mic inputs on XLR and jacks, RCA or 9, a jack, effects loop, its output for lighting adjustable steering ...

Cross-fader assignable all entries, according to "Main Boost" and so on ...

And it all works perfectly.

Price / equipment unbeatable!


Rackable, spacious, ergonomic and clear.

Orders enjoyable and not "hardware store", all functions available.

The faders are not trs linear, exponential curves lgrement, but the habit is going well trs.

I confirm the other reviews that the manual is not empty for novices, there's nothing like direct contact to the final table very easy to take in hand: even I myself Russian!


Breath almost zero.
The sound is clean trs, without being perfect, but hard to beat that price the.
The qualiseurs are effective, but the bass attnuation the kill limit is insufficient.
9 / 10, -1 for the kill.


I use this table for 8 months every weekend.

Just before I was using a Behringer DJX700 of me, then the DX1000 has re-brand the brand my eyes.

I love this table, and it surprised a lot of my friends!

Unfortunately it is no longer in the catalog, the proper hardware for small budget is no longer fashionable ... If I could I Rasht the mold!
The saint11/02/2005

The saint's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer DX1000
Console 19 "with removable rack ears.
Multiple connectors (RCA jack-to-XLR inputs and outputs)
Equa-parametric (med-Bass-Treble)
No effect ...
but good all the same console.
Weakness: faders
The opening is a 70% limit, that is to say that the 100mm fader, the sound is low from 0 to 60-65mm and 65 to 80 (the point 0dB), the sound is open to 3 / 4.
Little help has taken, or when mixing with the gains.


Easy to use, i had my one hour pr tt manage, going after his
the limit not need the manual, but it is not clear enough pr a beginner.
Function very easily accessible.


Its ok, neither perfect nor yucky
Not too much background noise, using equa, kill on the lower ...
The Equasis do not cut the entire selected range.
The faders are starting to sizzle a bit but it's not very audible (1 year and a half bourinage above)
It's not a super class that comes out of this machine but for that price it's going.


I have been using for 3 months +
Strengths: it works
Weaknesses: the console a little when heated mm, and I have not found the button "on-off" :-)
But exellente console on all points, for a very affordable price (260 € on

--- Correction, after a night: ---
I used a pre party with friends last night and I was very pleasantly surprised by Behringer:
the sound going pretty well (we connected avai 2 turntables, 2 CD players and PC)
No problem for connections
It has withstood everything:
hands full of chips, cake, beer and Coke ...
the evening lasted 5 hours kan even a full
it was stored outside at night and this morning I imagined the récupéran although several faders went crack, or the power supply went Lacher (behringer behringer IS) ...
And not ben no problemen I reconnect and 5 minutes the sound Resort as the first day, after a small quantity even cleaning the console (my fingers were still stuck on it)
So in conclusion I totally happy with this console, even if it's behringer at least I have no problem with me ...

On 02/11/05 a 22h, the bulb of the behringer logo above the VU meter just cracked, but nothing major is used to having a lighting this point it's been empty now.

frase's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer DX1000
I do not spend my time (re) numrer that the DX1000 does or does not. The others before me it enough prcis ts. My opinion on the issue: 9 / 10.

The only BMOL, for me, but you get used to rev quickly, the power supply is external.


It's extremely simple to use a table, it would happen in the manual.
The main functions are all Submitted and suitable for all types of mix.
The design is simple and clear, no problem on that.
Question manual, it is certainly clear trs in English, and French version is the bare minimum Reduces (something normal in Behringer), which is more than enough for this product.


In terms of sound, trs is correct. I do not think that the design of the table that the main objective is t, and yet it leaves a good sound trs. Personally, I never had to worry about this cot.


prs has now 6 years that this table we all follow me. She did everything. It happened a few times the rent, and nobody ever complained. Neither the sound nor the operation nor of anything.
Matter of personal choice, what I like most is its versatility. Extremely flexible, clear prcise, quiet, clean, ...
I tried a lot of tables before and during. JB systems, through Rodec, Pioneer, Denon and others, but I'm always went back to my little DX1000.
has been a while we turned it we APRS, and one day he'll have to, it will make me.
MODEL if it no longer exists ... sincrement, I do not know now to what I will turn table.

Joking apart, let's be serious, it is certainly not the best table in the market. But the one she has never lach. It's been six years since I push its buttons and the faders, I pushed her cards, she undergoes voltage drops and power outages, ... And nothing, nada, it does not move, and continues to do what it does best, mixing

The price, frankly I do not know, but c'tait not that bad. APRS while the price is the price, but in any case I have no retrogression. If I had known I'll have maybe two well taken.

"If one day" ...........( I dare not even think about it). I take back one of it, even if not all functions can have the tables now ...

100% satisfied!